View Full Version : Awesome Skill Challenges In Combat

2008-10-24, 09:18 PM
So! Let's put our imaginations together and come up with some badass skill challenges to do in-combat. Here are a few I've come up with:

- A huge golem-like demon has a weak point on the back of it's neck. Players can jump onto it's back and climb up (athletics), keep their balance (acrobatics) OR resist the heat from its body (endurance) and then make an attack vs. AC to damage it and cancel it's damage reduction/high defenses.

- In a golem assembly area fighting - you guessed it - a golem, a PC can make an Arcana check to activate the runes on spare golem parts (such as a cannon arm) to make them work/fire when positioned correctly.

- Arcana check to fight conjuration/summoning spells the enemy is trying to cast.

- Thievery check to activate an elemental-powered mechanical cannon and basic ranged attack to position and fire.

and etc. etc. Skill checks are definitely a great way to spice up combat. What have you used or what do you think a good situation would be?

2008-10-24, 09:20 PM
Hide and Move Silently to set up a siege weapon and sneak attack someone at a bar.