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2008-10-24, 09:55 PM
The People of the Sea

"I thought he was just a normal chap, like all the others in the fair city. That was, until he came near. His face was angled back and his hair was the color of seaweed, but the strangest thing was his skin. He was covered in scales from head to foot, and when he moved he looked like a shimmering rainbow..." -Aust Liadon, citizen of Ristyn.

Half-Mer are among one of the stranger creatures of the world.

Personality: Half-Mer are one of the most trusting races of the world, accepting the most perfect strangers with open arms. They generally work well with others, and can't hold grudges for very long. Though half-mer live in the seas for the most part, when they move to the land their curiosity often overwhelms them, and can lead them into prickly situations. Half-Mer hold a large priority for physical appearence, sometimes to an obsessive extent. Many half-mer may judge each other at first glance base on the color and lustor of their scales.

Physical Description: Half-Mer stand a bit shorter than humans, about 4' 7" on average, and weigh roughly 110 pounds. Their body is covered from neck to toes light scales, which can appear in all colors, and most half-mer have several colors. Their heads are shaped rather like elves: slighly pointed and angled. They typically have long dark hair and very little facial hair. Their fingers and feet are much longer than those of others, which help them to swim. Small gills lie on the sides of their neck. They typically favor colorful, loose fitting clothes that allow them to move freely. Their clothes are usually adorned with patters of sea creatures, such as seahorses, octopi, and eel. They try to match their clothing designs with their personality.

Relations: Half-Mer typically get along very well with others, though have pity for the smaller, bulkier races, like dwarves. They value grace and ease as one of the most important things. They naturally feel most comfortable among the elves, who value nature as much as they due.

Alignment: Half-Mer have a wide variety of personalities and ideals, so they can be of any alignment, although typically move twards chaotic, due to their wily nature.

Lands: Half-Mer always are born in the seas, and spend most of their days in it. When fully grown, Half-Mer may sometimes choose to live in a coastal city. However far they may travel from it, they always remember the seas as their rightful home, and often refer to it in stories and songs as their 'mother of mothers'.

Religion: Since Half-Mer have an affinity for elves, they typically pick up their religion, although the vast majority of Half-Mer worship Erysta Fuyai, the patron diety of Merfolk and Half-Mer.

Language: Half-Mer often pick up many of the native toungs, though all Half-Mer speak Oyriean, their native language.

Names: Half-Mer choose names based on how they sound, rather than any actual meanings in their language.
Male Names: Thyros, Jyion, Cetrao, Gyarin, Orise.
Female Names: Nasoa, Shyna, Fewayl, Opyta, Luras.
Family Names: Bersit, Dasyus, Jyaen, Lison, Medianus.

Adventures: Due to their fey heritage, many Half-Mer have a natural nack for arcane magic, and prefer to take up the roll of a caster. Their penalties to strength and constitution prevent them from being main melee fighters. Half-Mer typically adventure to see more of the world and to make connections with terrestrial inhabitants.

Half-Mer Racial Traits
Medium Humanoid (Half-Mer)
Natural Armor +1
Racial Modifiers: +2 Dexterity, +4 Charisma, -2 Strength, -2 Consititution.
Weapon Proficiency: Half-Mer have automatic proficiency with nets and tridents.
Water Dependent: Every 5 days, a Half-Mer must return to the water for at least 4 straight hours to rehydrate their body. Failure to do so makes a Half-Mer fatigued until they do. Every day in extreamly hot environments acts as 2 days out of the 5, instead of one.
Speed: 30 ft. Land, 20 ft. Swim
LA +0

So that's what I have so far. I really want honest input on balancing things, and fluff-stuff. I'm hoping they can stay at +0 LA.

2008-10-25, 01:39 AM
I'm not an expert on balancing, so I may be wrong, but I think you may have to increase them to LA+1. They have an overall positive ability score adjustment and they have natural armour. These are both good. What might offset this is the fact that they are water dependant and the fact that their highest ability score is charisma (useful to very few classes) and take a penalty to constitution (useful to all classes). However, they also have a positive modifier to dexterity (useful to most classes).

2008-10-25, 01:43 AM
in my opinion it looks a little overpowered for a +0. because if you look at the regular mer-folk they do not have natural armor and there racial bonus's arent that high

+2 CON, -2 STR, -2 INT
swim speed 20ft
low light vision
Holding breadth (forget what they actually call it) can hold breath for a number of round equal to CON modifier x 4.
+4 racial bonus to swim checks.

this might be overpowered as well for a +0 but in the end its up to you.