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2008-10-26, 02:41 PM
I am looking for some help with an Arcane caster specializing in Divination. This will be a character that most of the characters in my current group have met and adventured with before, however due to some DM changing and pretty unexpected story twists, this character left and will be rejoining them after doing quite a bit of "adventuring" on his own.

Leyton Carnassus is a short unassuming looking fellow who was employed for many years as bookeeper/inventory manager/artifact cataloger (sp?) by a rich mercantile trading family with many blackmarket connections. Leyton is fascinated by knowledge and its aquisition and carries a leather folio with sheets and sheets of parchment full of "secret" knowledge. Leyton left his employers suddenly and while they are not actively searching for him, they definately do not like the idea of someone with so much knowledge of their dealings out from under their control.

Leyton will be rejoining a party that he has adventured with before, the party as he left it (therefore the ones who made impressions on him) were an archery focused ranger, an illusionist wizard, and an exceptionally curious priest (later was statted out as a cleric/church inquisitor)

Leyton tends to view knowledge and secrets he has discovered as his own, he doesn't like to share unless he thinks he will be able to garner more useful or secretive knowledge by doing so.

I initially was thinking Wiz/Loremaster and would like to stick with that at least somewhat, but am open to other arcane options.

Human, will be level 15 when rejoining the group, intend to go to 20. Core books, Phb2, and all Completes, other material playable upon review

I would like some help with classes, spells, and feats and skill sets. Combat isn't really a worry as the party can handle things pretty well anyway. I am very interested in out of combat abilities and utility spells. Languages are a must, while there are Div spells like Comprehend Languages and Tongues, I would prefer that the character know them innately (through skill ranks spent or class abilities or however else)

Thanks in advance for the good ideas.

2008-10-26, 03:52 PM
Read this. It'll come in handy. (http://forums.gleemax.com/showthread.php?t=969772)

2008-10-26, 04:05 PM
Thanks for the link, I have actually been over that a few times looking at different spells

2008-10-26, 04:14 PM
For Prestige classes, my first impulse is to tell you to look at Master Specialist from Complete Mage and Paragnostic Disciple from Complete Champion. Both have all sorts of generally useful abilities. Divine Oracle from Complete Divine might also fit.

Unseen Seer might be worthwhile, even if you don't care about sneak attack. It will provide a +3 CL boost on Divine spells, 6 skill points per level and spell access from other class spell lists.

I might recommend Improved Initiative, Quick Reconnoiter and Craft Contingent Spell for this character even more than in most other cases--all would support the fluff of the character. I think there's a Diviner-only feat in Complete Mage that boosts Initiative too.

Keld Denar
2008-10-26, 04:25 PM
Wizard5/Divine Oracle2/Lormaster8 would be ok. The neato thing about DO into LM is that DO requires Skill Focus: Knowledge (Religion) and LM requies Skill Focus: Knowledge (Any). So, take SF:KR and you can count it as a prereq to both DO and LM, and then you take the secred from LM that gives you a bonus feat, and you've just recouped the cost of the entry into these 2 nice PrCs. DO gives you the Oracle Domain, so you can add all of the spells on there to YOUR wizard casting, giving you access to the ever fun Commune. It also gives you Prescience Sense, which is a form of evasion. LM gives you 4+int skill points and a few features that are pretty decent. One that you really need to abuse is the secret language at 4. The book specifies ANY language, with no restrictions, so nothing keeps you from learning Druidic. Nothing like going up to a druid and saying "yo momma was a Treant, and you father WAS an Elderberry" in druid, only to get a blank WTF look back. If you've got it, flaunt it!

2008-10-26, 04:45 PM
Thanks alot,

I like Unseen Seer quite a bit, and I had never even looked at Divine Oracle, it is perfect!

Are there any equipment or items that I should look at?

2008-10-26, 04:48 PM
Spontaneous divination alternate class feature (I think complete champion, not 100% sure). No arcane diviner should be without. Depending on how you read it, its either great or awesome.