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Jolly Steve
2008-10-26, 06:23 PM

2008-10-26, 07:59 PM
Am I ever using this to create monsters for Snakepipe Hollow in my RuneQuest campaign.

"This creature looks like a strong, handsome youth on one side of its body, a beautiful woman on the other."

Yes sir I am.

"This creature looks like a bear, wearing a mask of a crow."

... my players are going to be freaked out.

Jolly Steve
2008-10-27, 12:32 AM
:smallbiggrin: Thanks!

I've also got a set of systemless random tables which will let you do the same thing 'by hand' if you want - www.apolitical.info/webgame/tables (go to 'Creating Creatures').

2008-10-27, 12:41 AM
They sell Tunnels & Trolls these days?

Jolly Steve
2008-10-27, 12:59 AM
Yeah...there's a box set being sold by Fiery Dragon.


2008-10-27, 04:02 PM
Sweet, might try.

Jolly Steve
2008-10-27, 05:42 PM
You can also still get 5.5 edition from Flying Buffalo.