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2008-10-26, 06:58 PM
This is a modification to a bard, mostly reflavor, but somewhat of recrunch to it. You could call it an Alternate Class Feature, but it isn't (and really shouldn't need to be) written up in the same level of detail as the usual ACF set.

This was inspired when I was making a macro for the wereskunk character I play. I used the flavor text "I'm not the spell-caster, I'm the SMELL-caster!" for his flurry of sprays. The phrase got stuck in my head, and eventually I had the idea for this...

Combat Aroma-Therapists are a very rare breed, saying with the highly evocative language of scent what bards communicate with sound. They produce their effects by mixing and dispersing perfumes. They use Profession(Perfumer) in place of Perform ranks, checks, etc. The effects are, of course, limited by the range the scent can be smelled, rather than where a sound can be heard, but the effects, including duration, are otherwise identical in most cases. Raw materials for perfuming cost the same as for a musical instrument of similar quality, and replacement costs are 2 cp for each use of an Aroma ability, and 1 sp per spell level for spell casting. A given set can usually last 10/class level days of maximum use before becoming depleted of enough ingredients that Aroma effects and Spells can no longer be produced from that set. Replace Summon Instrument with an equivalent Summon Perfumer's Kit

Instead of (almost) always having verbal components and not being able to be cast silently, Combat Aroma-Therapists spells (almost) always have material components (raw perfume ingredients, in addition to any other) somatic components (mixing and disbursing the perfume), and may not be cast as Stilled spells, nor are they affected by the "Eschew Material Components" or "Ignore Material Components" feats. They have a verbal component (which may be Silenced by appropriate metamagic) if the spell requires verbal components for a Sor/Wiz or Cleric, if it can't be cast by at least one of those classes then the GM should use his discretion, but spells that are naturally without verbal components should be rare.

Instead of being able to Counter-Song sonic effects, Combat Aroma-Therapists can Counter-Smell olfactory effects, such as pheromones, trogolodite and ghoul stench, and skunk musk. The rules are otherwise the same.

2008-11-01, 03:45 PM
Bumping for feedback

2008-11-02, 09:29 PM
a kind of strange idea, they'd have to prepare the scents ahead of time wouldn't they

2008-11-03, 05:44 AM
They mix them up from the basic ingredients on the fly...