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2008-10-27, 10:18 PM
These are some magical items adapted from a Fudge game I am running. For those that don't know its an exceptionally simple system, that is basically a tool kit to make a game, meaning that it is really easy to adapt stuff on the fly. Thats what these two items are, in D&D terms.

Quicksilver Pool-The quicksilver pool is a major artifact, found only in one location(although mobile), and incredibly powerful. It consists of a deep, curving basin, a good four feet in diameter and 3 feet deep. In the center is a crystal shard, which slowly oozes special mercury. A single ounce is created per year, although there may be ways to accelerate this. The mercury pool is estimated to have 40 gallons currently. Each ounce can hold 5 spell levels, which are gained whenever a spell is fired into the pool. This can be used to fuel spontaneous casting, arcane or divine. However there is also a suicidal tactic seen twice before, that is far more dangerous(nicknamed the Quicksilver Nuke by my players). The current owner of an amount of the special mercury can choose to detonate it, turning it into energy, dealing 20 damage per spell level in a 20 foot radius, reflex 50 half, ignores evasion and improved evasion. The last detonation was of 3 ounces holding a nearly full charge(300 damage). Furthermore any poison added to the pool becomes a part of the naturally growing mercury, and affects any weapons coated in mercury(takes 1 ounce). It takes 10 doses to affect the crystal in any way, and only three poisons may work at once. Other affects(hell fire for example) work at GM discretion. Furthermore a body pushed into the pool gives as many spell levels as half the hit dice of its form. Outsiders give full hit dice as spells, undead don't do anything.

Burning Tatoo-The burning tatoo does not exist in the game, and is actually based off of a character which has one to suppress natural fire abilities. As an item a tatoo is drawn in someones hand, causing anything that person grabs to take a set amount of fire damage per round. This can also be used for many creative uses, touching a tree to create a smoke shield, holding a handful of sand in the hand then throwing it at an enemy, making marks on metal shaped like the tatoo, etc. The damage it deals depends on the cost.
4 pointed star-2,000 gp, 1d6+cha damage, burns wood, melts sand.
5 pointed star-4,000 gp, 2d6+cha damage, melts brass, quickly heats iron.
6 pointed star-18,000 gp, 3d6+cha damage, melts iron, quickly heats stone.
7 pointed star-32,000 gp, 4d6+cha damage, melts stone, quickly heats mithral.
8 pointed star-50,000 gp, 5d6+cha damage, melts mithral quickly heats adamantine.

Notes. Right now in my campaign the mercury pool is in the hands of an extremely childish spirit known only as the Servant, who typically inhabits a human body. The pool currently holds the healing repression function of hell fire, and should contain a magic draining poison, although there have been interruptions. Lightning bolts and such fired into the pool just give it magic, as the hell fire came from pushing three people who basically boiled down to clerics of a demon in, and the poison was going to be deliberately added. Make it take effort to change the pool much.

2008-10-27, 10:35 PM
The current quicksilver pool, along with its user:

2008-10-27, 10:46 PM
I have an urge to give this to a BVile emperor with the Legendary commander, and an ass load of epic feats just to funnel warriors, and POW's into the Quicksilver pool.
20 gallons holding a ful charge.... There goes a small contry!

2008-10-27, 10:53 PM
Lets just say its a really good thing that the guy who currently has it is, while irresponsible, as well as very powerful(as in perfected the art of drawing power from the mercury pool), not malicious or ambitious. Otherwise havok could be wreaked. This is also why, while by far the most dangerous of the PCs enemies they have to leave it alive, and it leaves them mostly alone, misinterpreting orders allowing it to put off orders to kill the PCs for example. If this fell into the hands of say, Xykon and his lot, people would die.