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2008-10-30, 07:57 PM
I have been thinking about this for the last few days for one of my players.

His PC is a warforged with both levels in juggernaut and warforged paragon.

His background is tied into my homebrewed setting's fluff/past, which relates to a ruined human empire/city state which invented warforged as soldiers and to fight the other humans in their "Last Great War" (humans are now near extinction), and as different forms of servants (another PC obtained a "pleasure unit" warforged model...this PC almost killed him when he knocked her up.....). So, it seems that this PC/player has been purposefully looking for other surviving warforged (there was a cliche "final battle" before the city state fell to another city state, where he was deactivated for 73 years) to "reform the "Iron Fist Squad" for the multiracial kingdom he is helping in it's infancy (another PC pulled a Thrones card form a Deck of Many Things. Go figure).

So, this has gotten me thinking of allowing him a Warfroged Charger as cohort, so he could use it as a mount.

Would this work? With the warforged paragon/juggernaut's weight could the charger even mannage the load?

Also, as a DM who has to plan and manage encounters and battles, how would this affect me and my planning? Now that I think about it, how does a PC having any for of mount affect my job as a DM?

2008-10-31, 12:14 AM
Well it's always easy to fluff monsters around and work mounts to be stronger.
But as a warforged, you'll now have a monster playing against your game. So you basically need to prepare you games as though another player were present.

2008-10-31, 04:33 AM
This thread (http://forums.gleemax.com/wotc_archive/index.php/t-855485), post #10.

Warforged Goblin's *forged template allows you to make almost anything into a 'forged. Perfect for all your robo-horse needs (I'd call mine Lawmaster - cookie for the ref.).

2008-10-31, 08:22 AM
Judge Dredd of course. Now if the charger can fly and has a tendency to drop suddenly then it's very true.