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2008-10-31, 12:00 AM
So, I was leafing through Libris Mortis and I saw this metamagic feat. Is there any point to taking it? Empower Spell does the exact same thing, only without being limited to only damage spells and adding the extra 50% to all targets.

2008-10-31, 12:10 AM
Because it allows you to maximise spells and get 150% spell damage as Maximise Spell (http://realmshelps.dandello.net/cgi-bin/feats.pl?Maximize_Spell,PH) specifically mentions only empower spell. And because the Enervate Spell stacks with Empower giving potentially 200% spell damage with a spell.?

Magnor Criol
2008-10-31, 12:13 AM
Perhaps the benefit (albeit a weak one, I think) is that Empower and Enervate can be stacked, allowing an essential +100% damage (or even +125%, depending on how generous your DM was feeling)?

That seems like a bit of a stretch though. Maybe it's really just useful for flavor. Baddies whose special connection with undeath makes their spells hurt living people more than undead, and the like.

-E- Ninja'd!

2008-10-31, 10:42 PM
So the only reason you'd take this is to synergize with Maximize Spell? Laaame.

2008-11-01, 02:13 AM
I assume it adds +50% damage at the cost of +2 levels, with the additional damage being negative energy? Well there's the obvious mitigate collateral damage to/heal undead minions.

2008-11-01, 12:20 PM
Actually, no. All it does is add 50% damage to a damage spell against living things but subtracts 50% damage against nonliving things.

Which is laaaame.

2008-11-01, 02:29 PM
If you have the spell levels to spare, you can use this to create a spell dealing 150% max + 50% of dice rolled damage. Part of this maxed damage is negative energy. Of course, this adds several spell levels to the original spell, but with careful tweaking, I guess it could mean that you get something like 139.75 damage (average) out of a 7th level spell slot, at 13th level. I'm sure more dedicated metamagicians can do even better.

Edit: Using fireball as the base spell here.

2008-11-01, 02:40 PM
Yeah, but can't Orbs of X already be tweaked a lot better, and with no save at that?

Emperor Tippy
2008-11-01, 03:30 PM
Yeah, but can't Orbs of X already be tweaked a lot better, and with no save at that?

Yeah, but throwing enervate spell on an orb of death will only make it better. It will add another couple hundred damage.

And with Improved Meta + Arcane Thesis it doesn't add any levels. So basically, another feat for another few hundred damage.