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2008-11-01, 07:06 PM
In a DnD game with vampires, I was quite bored with the DnD vampires always having the same abilities and the players knowing what those abilities were. I decided to import a character from another story as a BBEG so here is a WoDesque vampire transferred into DnD. I'm more concerned on the mechanics and how well they'd work for a DnD monster. Does the "disciplines" system work for a DnD game? Is anything not working? Also, at what CR would you place her?

A very tall, striking woman with long silver hair, angular face, pale skin, wide shoulders and enticing curves walks towards you. She's dressed in form-fitting black robes and little else. Suddenly, her eyes turn into black pools of emptiness, the flesh on her face peels away leaving behind a twisted skeletal visage, her hands turn into claws and a terrible aura threatens to shatter your mind and erode your sanity...

Erika, Vampire Master (Lilim)

Size/Type: Medium Undead
Hit Dice: 16d12+144 (248 hp)
Abilities: Str 31, Dex 26, Con , Int 17, Wis 16, Cha 30
Initiative: +12
Speed: 30 ft. (6 squares)
Armor Class: 33 (+8 Dex, +16 natural, elude touch 10, -1 vulnerable), touch 27, flat-footed 25
Base Attack/Grapple: +11/+21
Attack: Claw +21 melee (2d6+15 plus 1 negative level), Bite +21 meele (1d8+10 plus blood drain), Draining Touch +21 meele touch (3 negative levels)
Full Attack: 2 claws + bite
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks: blood drain, energy drain, blood sorcery (see below)
Special Qualities: cannot be turned, damage reduction 14/silver, undead traits, vampire master powers, vampire skills (see below)
Saves: Fort +24, Ref +30, Will +25
Skills: Bluff +10, Climb +37, Diplomacy +10, Hide +35, Jump +37, Listen +30, Move Silently +35, Search +8, Sense Motive +22, Spot +30
Feats/Flaws: Alertness*, Combat Reflexes*, Dodge*, Improved Initiative*, Lightning Reflexes*, Iron WIll*, Sculpt Spell, Reach Spell, Chain Spell, Widen Spell, Enlarge Spell, Split Ray, Quicken Spell, Easy Split Ray, Lifesight, Vulnerable, Shaky
Environment: Any
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 18?
Treasure: Standard
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Advancement: by race and skills

Vampire: Erika is a vampire. She has some abilities and weaknesses appearing in many vampire legends.
Undead: Undead type and immunities. Is not immune to critical hits.
Blood Drain (Ex) : 1d4+2 constitution drain per round of pinning. Does not gain temporary HP but gains blood points equal to the constitution drained.
Energy Drain (Su) : Claws deal 1 negative level. Touch attack deals 3 negative levels.
Vampire Weaknesses (Su) : Cannot enter a private residence unless invited (will DC 20 + owner's level negates). Paralyzed if staked with living wood (fortitude DC 32 negates). Cannot cross barriers of salt (will DC 32 negates). Sunlight prevents use of Blood Sorcery and Vampire Powers-using such abilities in daylight causes 1d6 pts of damage per level of the ability used.
Spawn (Su) : Erika always creates vampires by draining a humanoid victim completely then spending at least 12 blood points per victim level to turn them. Spawn are free-willed unless Erika uses the Master's Bond power to discern their location.
Breath of Beliar (Su) : Like all Lilim, Erika is a horrifying animated corpse with pale, lifeless skin, scythe-like claws, a demonic skull for a face, empty eyes and shark-like fangs. That fearsome appearance is enhanced by a powerful curse. Creatures with an intelligence score within 45 ft must make a will save DC 26 every round or panic for 1d4 rounds. Creatures within 20 feet must make a will save DC 26 every round or cower for 1d4 rounds and take 1 negative level per round. This effect is a powerful curse, not a mind-affecting ability.
Erika can cover both the aura and her true face by shifting around her physical form. This works similar to alter self only it merely alters appearance, not any stats, and it can only make Erika look like as she did when alive.
Racial Skills (Ex) : +8 to climb, jump, move silently, hide, spot, listen, search.

Master Vampire: As vampires go, Erika is a pretty powerful master. This gives her additional abilities.
Overcome weakness: Vampire masters are not as limited as common vampires. They have fewer weaknesses and they are not absolute; they can be overcome. Master weaknesses depend on bloodline (see above)
Unholy Toughness (Su) : Vampire masters get their charisma modifier to all saving throws and +2 HP per HD.
Blood Sorcery: Vampire masters can employ spells and otherworldly powers through the use of stolen life-force. The powers of each master vary. See below for Erika's exact powers.

Blood Sorcery:
Erika can store up to level x charisma modifier (160) blood points. She can then use that stolen life-force to use a variety of supernatural powers much like a wizard casts spells.
She uses blood points instead of spell slots. Some skills below are constant (always active) and need no blood points to activate. Others have a blood point cost indicating the cost to use them once (if instantaneous) or for 1 minute/skill level if they have a duration.
Blood Sorcery powers require a standard action to use unless otherwise noted in the spell/power description. Caster level equals HD, as with all supernatural abilities. DC equals 10 + charisma modifier + skill level.
Up until the skill rank indicated, the cost is paid in a 1 to 1 basis. For costs exceeding the skill rank, 2 to 1 basis. Max points that can be spent is 2x skill level.
Metamagic Feats can be used with Blood Sorcery. Blood Point cost equals the feat's spell level increase. Max blood point costs still apply. Feats that only increase number of targets/range/AoE can be applied more than once.

Blood Sorcery powers that mimick spells are Spell-Like. All other powers are supernatural.

Potency 6: Free action to use, cost 6/minute; +12 to strength, further +6 to strength checks and strength skills for the duration.
Celerity 5: Free action to use, cost 5/minute; +10 to dexterity. Roll initiative 5 additional times; Erika acts on those additional 5 initiative counts but can only take purely physical actions.
Fortitude 7: Constant +7 to fortitude save, hp/level, DR 14/silver, heal 7 HP/minute. Free action to use, cost 7/minute; choose one at every round-gain fast healing 7 OR 14 temporary HP.
Scorn Earth 3: Constant Spiderclimb. Can use Levitation (2), Fly (3)
Earthmover 6: Can reshape up to six 10-ft cubes of earth or stone per minute within 100 ft at will. Can use Shatter (1), Meld to Stone (2), Spike Stones (3), Impale (4), Wall of Stone (5), Repel Metal or Stone (6)
Hand of Nyx 7: Constant Devil Sight. Can use Deeper Darkness 70 ft radius (1), Silence 70 ft radius (2), Warp Spell (3), Wraithform (4), Devour Magic (5), Greater Shadow Conjuration (6)
Beliar's Will 6: Can Speak with Dead at will. Can use Command Undead (2), Animate Dead (3), Enervation (4), Slay Living (5), Disinegrate (6)
Compulsion 3: Can control emotions (as per fear spell but for any emotion) at will and use Modify Memory (2), Suggestion (3)
Farseeing 5: Range of senses increased 5 times. Constant Danger Sense and See Magic. Can use Know Thoughts (as per detect thoughts, no delay, 3), Master's Bond (as per telepathic bond, permanent, only with minions, 4)

2008-11-01, 07:22 PM
You might want to look at this (http://dicefreaks.forumz.cc/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=13), seeing how it's already tried and tested.

Also, this is a bit complicated.:smalleek:

My first thought for CR is 15-16.

2008-11-02, 11:28 AM
"Anyone seeing her from closer than 45 ft must make a will save DC 26 every round or flee in terror for 1d4 rounds. Anyone seeing her from closer than 20 feet must make a will save DC 26 every round or cower for 1d4 rounds and take 1 negative level per round. This effect is a powerful curse, not a mind-affecting ability."

The effects of fear in Dnd are encompassed in 3 states: shaken, frightened, and panicked. I believe the state you want is panicked. It actually contains a clause in its description that states that a panicked creature which becomes cornered (i.e. it cannot flee, when it otherwise would) cowers instead, which is the second part of your vampire's fear aura. Therefore, you can save yourself some words by changing it to this:

"A creature that comes within 45 feet of Erika must make a DC 26 Will save every round or become panicked for 1d4 rounds. A creature that comes within 20 feet of Erika that fails its save becomes panicked, imagines that it has become cornered, and gains 1 negative level each round it remains panicked. This effect is a powerful and fast acting curse, not a mind-affecting ability."

P.S. Also, it is helpful to put what type of ability: Spell-like, Supernatural, or Extraordinary (Sp, Su, or Ex for short) each of your monster's abilities are. Just put the abbreviation in parentheses right before the colon. So Erika's fear aura would be Breath of Beliar (Su):

The Corinthian
2008-11-02, 12:20 PM
I have three observations to make:
A. Celerity as you have written it is completely nuts. Five extra full rounds of action per turn? I know that's how it works in WoD, but it just doesn't translate, it's far too good in D&D. Just make it +10 to dexterity and +50 ft speed.
B. The Dicefreaks vampire template that wadledo linked to is very good, if a bit gratuitous in some places. I'd use it as a starting point. Take a look at the very least
C. There is such a thing as World Of Darkness D20, complete with a Vampire class and Disciplines in a system similar to feat trees. It's made by Monte Cook IIRC. A conversion into that should be a lot easier, and from there to D&D almost no conversion at all is needed, at least if you're not the kind who wants every last +1 tabulated and accounted for. Even then it shouldn't be much work.

2008-11-02, 06:18 PM
Yeah, a bit complicated. About as much as a similar-level sorceror. That's the reason that I didn't want the Dicefreaks vampire template for this. It is a very good, if a bit powerful, template but it doesn't have a variety in powers. And you put it on a base character then the 'vampire' attacks with its class powers which the players know-I wanted a true surprise for them.

Thanks for pointing out the mistakes. Breath of Beliar is now fixed to use the panicked state and only affect creatures with an intelligence score. Ability types written down. Wasn't difficult-most of them were supernatural.

@The Corinthian:
Celerity 5 gives 5 extra rounds limited to purely physical actions; Moving and attacking only, not using spells, supernatural abilities, magic item powers and similar abilities of any sort. The maximum it can translate to is 10 claw and 5 bite attacks. A marilith with greater multiweapon fighting (3 feats) gets 18 scimitar attacks and 1 tail slam attack. A dragon with Improved Rapidstrike (Claws/Wings - 4 feats) gets 1 bite, 1 tail slam, 8 claw and 8 wing attacks. The only thing Celerity 5 gives over those feats is ALOT of mobility.
Where can I find WoD d20? I live in Greece and access to rulebooks is limited.