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2008-11-01, 10:27 PM
Need help for a character class build for a character I have. He's a level 21 character. Fighter-based class. He's an interesting character, Freyr Mandis.

Okay, need character builds for this guy.

Main Part, he's a level 21 character, but he's a leader of an army, so he needs the leader-ship feat, and possibly greater leadership epic-levels.

He runs an army, keeping his own keep for the army to live in. His army is feared throughout the land, and he's going to be one of the major villains in this story-arch.

The only reason that Freyr is mainly able to keep control of the army is because of his narcotics.

When Freyr was very young, he got involved in drugs, and selling, dealing, and crafting them. So, he took skills in crafting narcotics. Different narcotics that he experimented with continued late into his teenage years. He learned to build drugs that enhanced his strength, and ability to take damage. But they hindered his mental capacities, which almost made him hallucinate. Enemies became monsters, instead of humans. He took these drugs, and built his army, giving them to his soldiers, and making an army that was literally unbeatable. Who could kill men who could loose a limb and still keep fighting like they were scratched.

So! These drugs, pretty-much act as a number of things. They provide a strength bonus, and also a boost of temporary hit-points. The drugs last for four hours, and provide one hell of a hangover once used. So, most of the soldiers are pretty wasted after the battle, but they survive through it and pretty-much reek havoc.

So that's Freyr. He's a 21 level fighter-based warlord, who has skills in crafting narcotics. And with all that background, what I need is a class-build. I can't think of anything, with 3.0 or 3.5 rules, that can incorporate his build. I want to make his last 5 levels or so Dread Commando, as found in the Heroes of Battle book. So, sixteen levels, do what you want. FIghter-based, must have leader-ship, and ranks maxed out in Craft-Narcotics. Let's hear 'em guys! I appreciate this.

2008-11-02, 09:31 AM
I assuming you are homebrewing the drug effects as an item, but you, or someone else, might homebrew some of the levels as a PrC. It would have built into it drawback for drug use, but than grant an increasing variety (or intensity) of abilities and immunities. Maybe he also has the ability to use potions/drugs quickly or many at a time. So there is the strength boosting numbing one, one that gives you a splitting pain in the eyes but lets you see further, one that makes you loose track of time for several days but gives you a glimpse of the future, one that makes you immune to poison, disease, nausea but rots you from the inside. In D&D, a chemical is a potion, so a drug can be a magical effect with a magical drawback (To bad he is the BBEG or I imagine the PCs would have a creative use of the leftovers). The point is, to make some many of these potions that it is worth giving up class level, not just treasure, for them. But even not, variety will really make this guy more memorable than a super-mook with a blade.

So he is a thug at heart who lives a noblemen's life. Which does he fight as?

2008-11-02, 10:14 AM
Yes, the drugs will be a home-brewed item, which the PC's -may- get later on. I doubt it. But we'll see. He does use multiple drugs at a time, pumping them into him, taking the side-effects as well as the benefits. And because he's been doing it for 15 years or so, he's used to these side-effects and it doesn't hinder his ability to fight anymore.

Ah! But see, I want him to be the Evil-guy only later on, when the players get strong enough to.... Go into a war. XD Yes, yes. Wars are wonderful. Regular players fighting against their same-level coutnerparts who are pumped up on so much PCP that they have to flee, or... Have to come up with creative ways to defeat the enemy.

As for homebrewing the class, that's fine. I just need a good base for Freyr, because, I truly don't know what to make him. He's a fighter, he's a sadist, he's a drug-addict. He's a commando in battle. So, I'd love for him to be level 21, because it's gonna be epic-level charaters he's fighting. Even with his drugs, he still needs to rape everyone. Just because, he's so damn bad-ass.

But, yea. I would love variety. I was thinking of Tattooed Monk, because he -adores- tattoos. What does he do for fun? Cuts his skin open, and pours ink into the wounds to give himself home-made tattoos. Every one of his soldiers is forced to get a tattoo over their eye, which symbolizes that they work for him.

Yes, he's such a strange guy. And I want many different classes to help brigno ut his traits, because I want Freyr to be remembered by everyone, by all the players.

So in other campaigns PC's say: "****, dude! That bad-guysucks. DO you remember Freyr? The crazy guy with the drugs and tattoos who let his soldiers do anything they wanted off the feild of battle? DO you remember his stronghold? -That- guy was an awesome badguy!"

So... Yea. XD I need help!