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2008-11-02, 12:43 AM
necromancer 20
sorcerer 20
cleric 20
medium outsider
DvR = 14
speed = 80 foot
AC = 104
attacks = +110/+105/+100
damage = +5 Stinger 1d12+10
Face/Reach =10ft/10ft
special attacks = domain powers, salient divine abilities, spell like abilities
special qualities = divine qualities, DR 49/+4, fire resistance 34, spell resistance 46, understand all languages, remote communication, godly realm, teleport without error at will, divine aura, rebuke undead at will
saves = +78 fortitude, +48 reflex, +65 will
abilities = 30 strength, 36 dexterity, 80 constitution, 40 intelligence, 40 wisdom, 80 charisma
skill slot; unneeded
feats;(Not in alphabetical order yet) sacred spell, quicken spell, empower spell, eschew materials, silent spell, still spell, enlarge, spell penetration, improved spell penetration, extend spell, call familiar, scribe scroll, arcane mastery(wish, meteor swarm, internal fire, magic missile, cone of cold, summon monster IX, shape change, time stop, fireball, lightning bolt, chain lightning, dispel magic, fly, clairvoyance/clairaudience, imbue with spell ability) improved initiative, combat casting, combat reflexes, leadership, expertise, mobility, improved trip, power attack, cleave, great cleave, improved disarm
spell like abilities; All cleric and sorcerer spells of 0-9th level spells are usable at will for Kazo. All spells he can grant are permanent spell like abilities he may cast at will. He may also cast Righteous Might at will.
Salient Divine Abilities = spontaneous wizard spells, arcane mastery, alterform, altersize, divine blast, mass divine blast, shape change, alter reality, automatic meta magic: empower, enlarge, extend, undead qualities, divine fast healing, rejuvenation, life drain, know secrets

Sorcerer spell; 0-9th level spells at will;5,5,5,5,4,4,4,4,3,3,3,3,2,2,2,2
Cleric spell; 0-9th level spells at will;3,3,2,2,2,2

2008-11-02, 12:52 AM

It could use more fluff, methinks.

2008-11-02, 01:09 AM
Place Holder For Story Purpose
Many have heard of the great story of the god of magic, Memunim. Many have not heard of Mollari's aggressive younger brother Kazo... The lord of corruption, ambition, cunning and necromancy. The reason for this is simple, as the lords of the Astral Realm we call home have the power to enter into the world in avatars a mere fraction of their power, the great Kazo has the power to manifest himself fully in the Astral Realm in his great glory. I Zasz, the High Priest write this record of how the great god Kazo came into the world....

Kazo entered into the world an enemy of Vecna... Kazo and Vecna were at eachother's throats continually for centuries.... It is known that while Vecna came from Oerth, Kazo came from a similarily called world called Earth. No one knows the origins of Kazo, some say he is the mutated soul of a great evil man who lived on that far away world who was once known as Vlad Tepes. Others say he is the spirit of a man named Herod, who once murdered an entire village of infants in the hope of killing that planet's deity before he was to be born into the world.(Will replace the line if it goes against the rules)

Generally it is agreed that Kazo is a spirit of some kind. However he claims to be many different gods and evil people throughout the history of Earth, so that is the only explanation we have for Kazo's origins. He comes from that strange place.

However how he got here from that planet is a mystery. Planar magics among the mortals of that planet are nearly non-existant, as is many of the powers that us sorcerers call magical, or even arcane in nature. Kazo alludes consistently to something he terms as the "Yin force." Indeed the cult of the nations known as Ching Xia and Zipangu that so often runs through the lower classes during great desperation, Yin Force is a direct result of Kazo's machinations.

Our Church of the Vile god has prospered even without Kazo centuries ago as another religion... We were once a conglomeration of philosophies... believing in energy forces and spirits of the ancestors... Once Kazo entered the planet in a time of extreme pain and sorry, the Emperor of the now un-named but legendary nation we once had sold his soul to Kazo for the power to take his allies by surprise. The Empire became an evil country after years of conquest.... Only we, the Kazites prospered, while the rest of the nations starved. Cults of the Vile God sprang everywhere in the world like ravens on a battlefield.

All the deaths from the war fed Kazo enough blood to manifest into the planet..... If the world thought they suffered before then, they were seriously mistaken. Kazo took the only surviving prosperous nation left by surprise, attacking in his true form. Archmages died in battle against him, and he began systematically destroying all the hope left in the world. Mankind and all mortals were as rare as gold.... All but two of the mortal races were killed in some way or the other, with a pitiful 3,000 human beings left alive throughout the entire world.

The anger of the Great Sages, that lead Mankind to a Golden Age were in great fury. They gazed upon Kazo in intense fury and wrath, and tore his spectral body into more pieces than there exist stars in the sky. The utter desolation of the planet saddened the Sages immensely... The first reason of this is a mystery.. but the wisemen of the world saythat the Sages were about to warp the Astral Realm into an amazing paradise. The loss of life also saddened even the darkest of the Sages into deep tears until they bled.

Kazo now may manifest himself in the form of an Archlich... however, he has not the power of an avatar, yet. He still has the ability to tempt mortals to the darkness. One day he will, and I will either make, or be his first sacrifice for his most wise dreams.

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That's better. Very nice.

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Oh, thank you. ::blush:: :)