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revolver kobold
2008-11-02, 09:38 PM
I'm currently playing in a 3.5e Forgotten Realms campaign, as an Archivist/Sorcerer/Mystic Thurge (Not the strongest selection of classes I know, but a fun character to play).

I am however having a hard time writing up a spell list, being spoilt for choice having access to Arcane and Divine magic.

Any recommendations for spells to take? Pretty much all books and Dragon Magazine material is allowed, with the exception of Eberron books. Spells all the way from 1st to 9th level would be great. I plan on focusing on battlefield control, as most other roles are covered, but I'm always open to suggestions.

Intelligence will be my primary stat, but I'll have a decent Charisma too (Dragon wrought Kobold). Precocious Apprentice has been allowed for early entry into the Mystic Thurge class, and I'll be taking Greater Draconic Right of Passage too, to give my Sorc levels a bit of a kick.

My build isn't set in stone either, so any suggestions on how to get the most out of this build would be appreciated too (Unfortunately, I don't have the time to read through all the CharOps boards at Wizards at the moment).


2008-11-02, 09:42 PM
What direction do you want the character to go to? Your spell selection hinges solely on that. What do you want to be doing? You can do pretty much anything - now choose!

2008-11-02, 09:43 PM
For Sorcerer, pick spells you will use daily, repeatedly. For Archivist, grab everything you can. Look especially at the Paladin/Ranger/Divine Bard/random PrC lists.

2008-11-02, 10:23 PM
Lore of the Gods from Complete Champion is a must have if you use the Archivist's Dark Knowledge skill. If you worship a deity with the Knowledge Domain it grants a +10 insight bonus to all Knowledge checks for 10 minutes per level. It's a disgustingly nice boost to Dark Knowledge and its only a level 2 spell. The best part is that you can make a reroll on a check you don't like by reducing the duration to a minute a level.

Greater Status from the Book of Exalted Deeds has recently become my favorite cleric spell because it allows you to use second level and lower touch spells on party members anywhere, even without line of sight/effect (like cure moderate wounds for example). The sanctified spell list is also worth a look if you have access to the book.

2008-11-02, 10:25 PM
What direction do you want the character to go to? Your spell selection hinges solely on that. What do you want to be doing? You can do pretty much anything - now choose!

second this. it depends entirely what you want your role in the party to be. with mystic theurge you can fill multiple of them, just not for very long and you won't be as good as a dedicated caster. but that's okay. as long as you're having fun, it doesn't matter.

revolver kobold
2008-11-02, 10:41 PM
What direction do you want the character to go to? Your spell selection hinges solely on that. What do you want to be doing? You can do pretty much anything - now choose!

Blasting is already covered by the parties Psion, Healing is covered by our Contemplative and we have a pretty decent melee character too.

I was thinking of going for battlefield control, but I'm open for suggestions. Ive played a controlling Wizard before, so I'm somewhat familiar with that path, but I've never played a divine caster before, so I'm pretty inexperienced with the divine lists.

2008-11-02, 10:45 PM
Hm, and which will be your primary attribute - Int or Cha? That pretty much determines, which side should house your offensive magic.

revolver kobold
2008-11-02, 10:57 PM
Opening post edited for clarity. Anything else I miss?

2008-11-02, 11:38 PM
Well, obviously Wizard/Archivist would be so much better than Sorcerer/Archivist (even for a Kobold) simply because both are Int-derived. Anyways, as things stand, I'd do the following:

-Pick defensive, and offensive non-save magic on Sorcerer side. This would include stuff like True Strike, Mirror Image, Dispel Magic, Solid Fog, Evard's Black Tentacles, Benign Transposition, Displacement, Contingency, Teleport, Dimension Door, Greater Slide, Fly, Greater Magic Weapon, etc.

-Offensive Save-magic should be solely on the Archivist-side (since you're already behind on levels, you need all the DCs you can get) - this would include the Glitterdusts, Webs (both are available to an archivist through domains), Greases, etc.

-Archivist-side should include any mass buffs you intend on using (since they're divine spells almost always) - this would include stuff like Prayer, Bless, Righteous Wrath of the Faithful, Vigorous Circle, etc. Add to that Heal (once you get it - only healing spell really worth casting), Revivify (only early reviving-spell worth casting) and the Blasphemy/Holy Word-line and you're golden. Oh, and I'd pick up the "nutty stat boosters" (Divine Agility and Owl's Insight) simply because having +10 from spells pre-epic is just cool (and Owl's Insight is friggin' INSIGHT bonus). And yea, some low level Ranger- and Paladin-spells would be useful too. Also, if your DM allows casting things on lower-than-Cleric CL, you could get Heal on 5 (Adept), Dispel Magic on 1 (Trapsmith, I recall) and all other kinds of funniest for Archivist. Beware of the Booksmite from DM though.

-You have high Charisma. Pick spells that need it like Charm Person/Monster and Planar Binding. Probably for Archivist-side since they offer a save.

2008-11-02, 11:57 PM
First of all, I'd strongly suggest taking Heighten Spell and Versatile Spellcaster (RotD) to go Archivist 3/ Sorcerer 1/ MT. Or better yet, go Beguiler 1/ Archivist 3/ MT with Versatile Spellcaster, you won't even need Heighten and both are Int-based; Beguiler is in PH2. Then play the character as a Batman (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=19085), since an Archivist should be able to get any spell (http://forums.gleemax.com/showthread.php?t=515321) he needs thanks to Secret Page. Just change a spell in your book into any spell you want, then learn the spell from there. This also allows you to change a 1st level spell in your book (1 page) into a spell of any level, so every spell will only take 1 page and cost nothing to scribe. Note that Secret Page is the spell required to create any special magical spellbook item which has this same effect, therefore that is definitely something that this spell is capable of doing.