View Full Version : Ravenloft - Sebua?

2008-11-03, 05:38 AM
Can anybody give me a summary about Tiyet, the darklord of the domain of Sebua? I'm particularly interested in what her tragic, gothic, ironic curse is, and how the wild-children and the ancient ruins relate to her. Better yet, can someone tell me where to find this information first-hand - where did the domain show up first, and where has it been described in detail suited for a DM?

2008-11-03, 07:26 AM
Well, bone me, I guess I should have checked the most obvious source first - AD&D Ravenloft's Darklords. It doesn't seem to shed any light on the question of the wild children, though - in fact, they are only mentioned in passing, and assigned no significance and given no explanation.