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Pinecones are of Diminutive

Pinecone base roll speed is 10ft

Natural ammo: A pinecone can be shot with any crossbow or slingshot.

Summon Firn- The pine cone can summon a spelling Incorrect tree once per day, the Firn attacks the minds of its enemies with its mind control ability's dealing 1d12 per 2 rounds for 1d10 rounds. The Firn has half the current hitpoints of the Pinecone.

Natures armor: The pinecone gains +2 natural armor any unarmed attacks result
in 1d12 damage to the attacker.

Automatic languages:Bush, tree, grass, Leaf, Bonus languages: Animal,
Common, Fruit, Vegetable



Potato's base roll speed is 10 feet

Mash: The Potato gains a 1d12 slam attack

Burrito: The potato Burritos the enemy, All Potatos wear sombreros and gain a +2 to disguise check

Free Sombrero and Pancho: The Potato gains a free sombrero and Pancho

Photosynthesis: The potato gains 1 Hitpoint per turn in sunlight, max is max hitpoints. This increases by 1 every hitdice the potato gains

Automatic Language: Common, Potatonise Spanish Bonus languages:Any besides secret languages.


# Sporkness: The Spork gains all the good parts of being tiny and medium.
# Spork base land speed is 50 feet.
# 3 extra feats at 1st level.
# Automatic Language: All the languages + Potatonise
# Sporkin': The spork gains the living construct as soon as they are made
# Favored Class: Any. When determining whether a multiclass spork takes an experience point penaltys

"Im surrounded by Cactii...."

The Cactii are the inhabitants of the desert, unlike their more plantlike brethren they can move *Or actually burrow from place to place or drag through the ground which brings up a interesting way they do this in buildings.



Cactii's Base Drag speed is 40 feet

Emerge: Cactiis can burrow underground and sprout up under a enemy for 1d6 piercing damage*add one dice to it every 5 levels*, the returning back, this also can be used as a mode of transport, but only out of combat, for double the drag speed.

Automatic Language: Tree, Cactii, Common, Bonus: Any besides secret languages.

Favored Class: Any. When determining whether a multiclass Cactii takes an experience point penalty, his or her highest-level class does not count.

Spider Spork
"Spider spork, spider spork, does whatever a spider spork can"

Spider spork is a masked crusader who helps people with his spider spork powers, can he punch? can he spin a web? he cant becauses hes a spider spork.

The spork-fan template is as follows

"Spork-fan" is an acquired template that can be added to any corporeal creature that gets bitten by a radioactive Spork

Size and Type: The creature drops a size or gains a size *To be closer to a spork* and gains the living construct type.

Hit Dice: no change

Speed: Base speed turns to 50

Armor class: The Base creature gains plastic particles in their skin, +2 Armor class natural armor

Feats: The Spork gains 3 bonus feats


The Laser Beams

A small culture of Lasers, they are at war with the Cactii, but not quite in league with the Fraction Fsornks.

Medium: As Medium creatures, laser have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.

Laser base land speed is 30 feet.

Overcharge: The Laser beam once per day as a standard action, activate the overcharge which blinds as flare as a caster level of the beams level.

Reflect: Once per day the Laser can reroll a bad save, this ability refreshes after 24 hours including a appropriate sleeping time.

Automatic Language: Common, Laser. Bonus Languages: Any (other than secret languages, such as Druidic). See the Speak Language skill.

Favored Class:Wizard, laser beams making ray beams

Fraction Fsornks
*enemy race*
Spork Plastic: They are sporks except for the following

Multiply: The Fraction Fsornks multiply at a rate of 1, 2, 4, 8, To a max of 1000 and will regenerate their numbers until the Original Fraction Fsornk dies, Then all the other Fraction Fsornks die when they are killed or their time comes. The original is treated as a king. Only the original Fraction Fsornk will get this ability and will not be passed on to children or other Fraction Fsornks when it dies.

Hivemind: All Fraction Fsornks are linked up teleplasticly to other fraction Fsornks and some Winter Brehrs. and can communicate within 100 feet of each other. This can be surpressed but to do so is illegal in Fraction Fsornk's law.

Winter Brehrs

The Winter Brehrs were the unwritten ally of the Fraction Fsornks, they will be written now.

Winter Brehrs are of Large size

Winter Brehrs Have a base land speed of 40

Winter coat: Winter Brehrs take no penalty in cold weather and can move across cold land *Ice, snow ect* without penalty.

Nuclear Cannon: Winter Brehrs are equipped with Nuclear cannons that once per week can shoot a Nuclear warhead at the enemies dealing 6d12 per ounce of Uranium, The winter Brehrs have no protection from the Uranium,
this attack cannot miss if aimed in the direction of the enemy.

Sniper Rifle:Winter Brehrs have sniper rifles that can deal 1d10 damage at a range increment of 200, at level 15 the sniper rifle is considered vorpal even thought its a piercing weapon.

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Lava Lamps
"look at the colors man"

Lava lamps have a base far out levitation speed of 30 feet.

Lava lamps are small and gain the construct type.

Look at the colors man: The Lava lamp can turn the lamp on and becomes Fascinated Dc 20 + half the Lava Lamps levels.

Zap: The lava lamps chord can deliver a zap to touch attacks or unarmed attacks made by the Lava lamp for 1 more dice of damage then normal.

Automatic Language: Lava lamp, Hippy speak, Common, Psychedelic
Bonus Languages: Any

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:smallconfused: (http://xkcd.com/419/)

:smalleek: (http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/comic.php?date=20081015)

I have learned something new about URL's and emoticons today. Interesting.

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You just had to bring the sporks back into this, didn't you?

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You just had to bring the sporks back into this, didn't you?

Yes I did, They fit with the Pine cones, Winter Brehrs and the Lava lamps

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"Oh god, that stick of Dynamite has feet"

Dynamite has a Base land speed of 30

Dynamite is Tiny

Dynamite Is considered a Construct

Explode: A stick of Dynamite can explode for 1d6, increasing dice every 6 levels as a standard action or a timed explosion for up to 5 rounds as a full round action.

Natural ammo: A stick of dynamite can be shot out of any crossbow but no slings.

Starting languages: Gun powder, Bombish, Dynamite, Common.
Extra languages: any

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Im sorry, this had to be done

Mexican sporks
"No Hablo i'ngles"

Size: Mexican Sporks are Tiny

The Mexican Spork Base land speed is 40 ft

Sporkin' Burrito: The Mexican Spork Burritos the enemy in a sporkish way, gaining a Spork Sombrero, gaining a natural armor of 2 that deals 1d4 damage
for all attacks and a +2 disguise when pretending to be a full spork or a full Potato.

Mexican Sporks gain 1 bonus feat for being completely awesome.

Free sombrero and Pancho: Mexican sporks gain a free sombrero and Pancho

Languages:Spanish, Potatonise, spork Bonus languages: Common, Cactii

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The Flame Throwers

A flame thrower is medium sized and is considered a construct.

The Flame thrower base land speed is 20

"Ima Chargin' ma fire ball": The flame thrower can charge its fire ball as a standard action.

"Ima Firein' ma fire ball": The flame thrower can go firein its fire ball for 1d6 damage at level 1, 3d6 at level 10 4d6 at 15 and 5d6 at 20 Doubling damaged if charged for 2 rounds. The range for this is 30 feet.

Unlimited ammo: The flame thrower has unlimited ammo

Flamethrower Automatic language:Oil, Fire, Flamthrower speak, common
Bonus languages: any

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I started with a page about dnd sporks and I added races and made a setting for a contest and traded it off for another one, now I picked it up.

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Weighted Cube
"This Weighted Companion cube will accompany you for the rest of the test"

A weighted Cube is a Small Construct Race

The weighted cube Base roll speed is 30 feet

"This Weighted companion cube will accompany you for the rest of the test": All enemies looking onto the Weighted Cube must make a DC 12 check or be unable to hurt the cube for one round.

"If the weighted companion cube does speak, do not listen to it":The Weighted cube can cast Suggestion as a caster of the Cubes level.

Base languages:Common (Cannot speak) Bonus languages: Any (Can not speak)

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Companion Cube

While I cannot comment on balance, I must say that the Companion Cube is Awesome!
(see the Portal Gun in my avatar)

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The Paper Plane

A paper plane is a Small Character with a flight speed of 20 with perfect maneuverability.

Water Vulnerability: A paper plane hit with water loses its flight speed.

Natural ammo: A paper plane can be shot out of any crossbow despite its size because of its light weight.

Bombing run: A paper plane can drop a payload of bombs for 1d12 damage increasing a dice at level 11 then again at 20. This can be used once per day.

Item-like: A paper plane can be enchanted like armor or a weapon.

Out of the sky: When the paper plane is reduced from at least 1 hp to -10 it can attempt to deal twice the damage back by making a final attack roll with a +5 bonus.

Automatic languages: White lined, Papyrus, Common, Note Book.
Bonus languages: any including Druid