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2008-11-04, 12:26 PM
Crappy Window's Paint Map of current world:

The state of Kahit Na was once the duchy of the First Empire, which collapsed approximately 200 years prior to the adventure. The population is mostly made up of Humans, Elves, and Halflings. King Maliban rules the kingdom from the captiol, Kahit Ngayon, and is the direct descendant of the last Duke of the First Empire.

The government operates by a semi-Feudal satrapy system. The king appoints Marshals who rule given towns and districts. His Marshals are made up of family members and notables who have distinguished themselves. Each marshal is expected to render military aid to the king as well as to maintain order within their district. Most government income comes from excise taxes on trade as well as profits from noble estates.

Worship of Pelor and Evandra is prevalent in Kahit Na, with almost the entire noble class being adherents. Along the borders the worship of the Stranger and it's aspects (Such as Kord, the Raven Queen, and the Twilight Princess) are somewhat common among warriors and borderlanders. The Stranger is a unknown god of endings and the future. Most oracles are worshipers of the Stranger, and it's numerous aspects have other adherants, attracted by the ideologies of the tests of combat, the peace of death, and the prospect of destiny.

Kahit Na is bounded on the South and West by the ocean. It's Eastern border is the Desert of Asin, the Northern border is the Mountains of Bato.

The Desert of Asin is a scrubby wasteland, with little water. It's climate varies dramatically from season to season, blazing hot in the summer, ice and snow in the winter (well not much snow, but water skins will freeze). A few primitive nomadic live there as well as desert monsters.

The Bato Mountains are a series of rocky valleys, cliffs and plateaus. The southern most passes into Kahit Na have massive forts and castles built, blocking passage from the mountains and northern steppes into the civilized lands. There are only a few, minor settlements north of the mountains, mostly mining colonies and trading posts.

The only major city north of the fortifications is the city of Harbour, which has become an important trading center. Its massive bay is protected from storms by the cliffs and mountains as they stretch into the sea. It's location, built against the mountains of a fjord, similarly protect it's land approaches. It trades with the barbarous tribes of the north as well as the Dragonborn sea-faring nation of Dagat.

Harbour is ruled by King Maliban's brother, Bayani. In his youth, Bayani led a series of successful naval campaigns against pirates operating off the desert coast which had infested the southern coastlines. Bayani has been ruling the city for about 10 years, though his family only arrived from the capitol a year ago. His wife and second child, a daughter, are regularly visible in public life, but his oldest child, a son, has yet to have been seen in public.

Dagat is an archipelago of islands off the North Eastern coast of Kahit Na. Several benevolent dragons rule the islands, and their Dragonborn children have created a powerful merchant marine.

The Northern steppes, as well as the Bato mountains themselves, are populated by tribes of barbarians as well as various monstrous tribes. Sometimes they attempt to travel into Kahit Na in order to raid, and individual often immigrate; on the most part though, the tribes are content to war and fight with one another, and only visit or bother with Kahitians (people from Kahit Na) in order to trade for the higher quality goods and weapons.