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2008-11-05, 01:58 AM
Cosmological Factions:
The Lightbringers
Sages of Manna
The Primal Power
The Pantheon

I'm going to put in a place holder.

2008-11-05, 02:14 AM
Sages of Manna
Home Plane: The Golden Land
Most associated with: magic, wisdom, dragons, virtue
Wisemen, then Elders, then Ancients, then Ragnarok,The Life Tree, the Archdragon(The first paragon dragon I made as Ascended), then Saradinus the Ascended

The Demons
Home plane: Infernus
Most associated with: Order, Tyranny, Corruption, Greed
All kinds of lesser demons ---> Archdemons: Duke Jelan, Countess Lixi (may rule factions of demons) ---> Demon Princes: Calix, Alrinach (rule layers of Infernus and lead great armies into battle) ---> The Wyrm Asmodeus (conduit for a greater force of evil) ---> The King of Demons, The Dark Adversary

While those sound like D&D devils, their organization is more similar to that of the Yuggoloths. Infernus is not as militaristic as the Nine Hells.

The Celestials
They don't actually refer to them as celestials. They are the Lightbringers.
Home plane: ?? (Possibly the Frontier, the Light at the far reaches of the Void)
Most associated with: Freedom, the Self, Love, Joy
Children of the Light ---> The Sentinels: Zek (like archangels) ---> The Titan (conduit for a greater force of good) ---> The Dreamer, The Light Adversary

The Primal Powers
Home plane: The Prime
Most associated with: Earth, Nature, Life, Neutrality
Primal Spirits: The patrons of the Ethereal and the Shapechangers (monkey people) ---> The Voice of the Planet: Ikassi ---> ??? (the Planet?)

The GodsOr "Pantheon"
Home plane: Sunyata (their power comes from the Void)
Most associated with: All domains
Quasi deities ---> Demigods ---> Lesser Gods ---> Greater Gods ---> Immanent Gods (gods that completely fuse with their worshippers, who become paragons themselves) / Overgods, Gods of the Crystal Spheres