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Kaiser Omnik
2008-11-06, 01:47 PM
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This thread is intended for players of the freeform god game Gods of a New Star that would like to convert some of this universe into D&D 3.5. A campaign setting in the works? Who knows!

So you can post conversions of your god character, your race, your favorite monsters, etc.

2008-11-06, 01:54 PM
Alignment: neutral good
Domains: Good, Magic, Scaly Kin, Academy, Life
Symbol: Blue, cloudy orb
The gods are unknown to us. Even those who claim godhood and have the power to back their claims are unproven. However, obey the heart to do good and protect the widows and the orphans. Respect the old, do one unto another as you would have them to do yourself. Honor all strangers.

Those with the power of magic must know they must treat the weaker of the world with care. Those who turn to evil must be dealt with or they must repent and turn the Light of the forces of Good. Dragons are agents of Saradinus, listen to their wise words, if they have wisdom to share.

None must go ignorant unless they obstinately refuse to see the Light. Those who profane the laws of good through violence against the helpless, and have pleasure in the suffering of others must be put into their place underneath the sandals of the righteous. Wisdom is to be found in purity of spirit, the ways of loving one's neighbor and having mercy on those who have wronged you.