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2008-11-06, 05:22 PM
The Light Blade

A light blade is a warrior that has spent his life devoted to the arts of finesse and speed, learning to deliver effective damage without the use of brute strength. The light blade is a art only learnt by those smaller races, unable to find the strength to fight like a barbarian or fighter.
The art of a light blade is to use light weapons in such a way it leaves his enemy broken and confused, or even dead.

A light blade is quick to explore the world, eager to face new challenge and master the arts of light weaponary. Many venture so they may gain the skills to defend their homelands, while others just take pleasure in destroying those built on strength.

A light blade focuses in agility and speed and precision. Without these there blades would be as innefective as a wizards staff. A light blade disregards strength, yet still holds his ground when pitted against other combat classes.

Due to the training and discipline required to master this art of the light blade, the light blade tends to be lawful, though takes no preference between good or evil. However, there are light blades from all alignments.

Light blades to not tend towards any religion.

Light blades tend to have been trained by their elders who have learnt the art. Some discover this practise by their own however, many of those being the ones who were bullied for being weak.

All light blades are those of small races or smaller. The trade is rumoured to have originated from Kobolds, but has been seen in gnomes and halflings as well.

Other classes
Light blades enjoy the company of other combat orientated classes, while they also like to pit their skills against their own.

Game Rule Information
Dexterity is the prime ability for the light blade. His dexterity determines his chances to hit his enemies and damage in later life. He also requires it as he can only wear light armour.

Starting Gold: 6d4 x 10 (150gp)
Starting Age: As fighter

Alignment: Any
Hit Die: d10
Skill Points: 4 + Int (x4 at 1st level)
Class Skills: Climb, Craft, Escape Artist, Jump, Ride, Sense Motive, Spot, Tumble.

Light Blade
{table=head]Level|Base Attack<br>Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special

+0|Weapon Finesse

+0|Light Focus

+1|Light Weapon Specialisation

+1|Combat Style

+1| AC Bonus +1

+2|Improved Combat Style Precision Strike +1d6

+2| Uncanny Dodge

+2| Nothings Immune


+3|Dextrous Damage AC Bonus +2

+3|Greater Combat Style

+4|Improved Critical Precision Strike +2d6



+5| AC Bonus +3

+5|Light Weapon Mastery

+5|Improved Uncanny Dodge

+6| Precision Strike +3d6

+6| Nothing Immune [50%]

+6|Whirlwind Of Tiny Blows AC Bonus +4[/table]

Weapon and Armor Proficiency:
Light blades are proficient with all light weapons. They are also proficent with light armor and shields.

Weapon Finesse
At 1st level a light blade gains weapono finesse as a bonus feat even if he does not meet the prerequiresits

Light Focus
Beginning at 2nd level a light blade treats all light weapons as though he has weapon focus in them. He also counts as having weapon focus for the purpose of gaining fears. If the light blade has already learnt a weapon focus he may instead gain weapon specialisation in that weapon.

Light Weapon Specialisation
Beginning at 3rd level a Light Blade treates all light weapons as one size category larger for the purpose of damage. This also allows the light blade access to all the weapon specialisation and focus feats as though they were a fighter. Other than that normal feats and level prerequisists appply.

Combat Style
At 4th level a light blade must choose between focusing in Two Weapon Fighting or Weapon Specialisation.
Those who focus in Two Weapon Fighting gain the Two Weapon Fighting feat as a bonus feat even if they do not meet the prerequisits. Those who choose Specialisation gain Weapon Specialisation as a bonus feat in one light weapon.

AC Bonus
At 5th level a light blade gains an AC bonus in the same way as a monk. He however does not gain any bonus from having a high wisdom score. This bonus only applies when the light blade may apply his dexterity bonus to his armour class.

Precision Strike
A 6th level a light blade gains precision strike. When a light blade performs a full round attack he deals an additional 1d6 damage. This damage increases by 1d6 every six levels.

Improved Combat Style
At 6th level a light blade has improved his combat style.
Two Weapon Fighters gain the improved two weapon fighting feat while Specialisers gain geater weapon focus in his choosen weapon.

Uncanny Dodge
Gained at 7th level. Check the PHB please.

Dextrous Damage
At 10th level a light blade has learn to swing his weapon in a way that inflicts more damage without strength. While using a light weapon he uses his dexterity modifier for damage rather than his strength.

Greater Combat Style
At 11th level a light blade has mastered his combat style.
Two weapon fighters gain Greater Two Weapon fighting.
Specialisers gain Greater Weapon Specialisers.

Improved Critical
At 12th level a light blade gains Improved Critical even if he does not meet he prerequisites.

Light Weapon Mastery
At 16th level has mastered his ability to strike damage with a light weapon. He treats all light weapons as though they are two size categories larger for the purpose of damage, and the critical range (after improved critical) increases by one.

Whirlwind Of Tiny Blows
At 20th level a light blade may act as though hasted for a number of rounds equal to his dexterity modifier. He may also make a full attack at the end of any form of movement.
The light blade may use this ability a number of times equal to 1/3 his dexterity modifier.

Just a note
A Light blade cannot use any of his abilities if he is using medium or heavy armor, or wielding a light weapon of a size category larger than himself.

2008-11-06, 05:42 PM
Can anyone who reads tell me if they think this is over/underpowered, give criticism =]

RMS Oceanic
2008-11-06, 05:45 PM
Weapon Focus in what? Weapon Specialization in what? Improved Critical in What? You have to pick a weapon when you take these feats. And what's the point in taking specialization when your third level ability gives you access to those feats anyway?

On the whole, this class feels kinda weak. Devoting 16 levels to attain greater two-weapon fighting or greater weapon specialization. I'd rather take ranger or fighter.

EDIT: And to my knowledge, it is bad nettiquette to bump your own thread after twenty minutes. You have to be patient.

2008-11-06, 05:48 PM
Yeah, even for a melee class, it seems rather underpowered. It's a neat idea and I see what you were trying to do, but as a whole it just doesn't seem like much other than maybe a dip class.

2008-11-06, 05:51 PM
Well, the focuses and such are supposed to be in the light weapon of thier choice.
Also, this is a class designed for small characters, so compare to small fighters or rangers, if that makes much difference.
I agree with your specialisation comment, but to be honest couldn't think of another option. Suggestions taken

2008-11-06, 05:52 PM
EDIT: And to my knowledge, it is bad nettiquette to bump your own thread after twenty minutes. You have to be patient.

Yeah, I tried to post that straight after but my connection died, that wasn't to bump the thread. But sorry.

RMS Oceanic
2008-11-06, 06:07 PM
Well, the focuses and such are supposed to be in the light weapon of thier choice.
You didn't make this clear, you need to say "Choose a weapon type to specialize in."

Also, this is a class designed for small characters, so compare to small fighters or rangers, if that makes much difference.
I agree with your specialisation comment, but to be honest couldn't think of another option. Suggestions taken

Well for starters, give it full BAB. The fatal flaw with the Monk, for example, is it's medium BAB really hurts its chance of striking with Flurry of Blows with that extra penalty. TWF + Medium BAB is very hard to pull off, and only the rogue, with its handful of dice for sneak attack damage, should consider it.

Precision strike isn't worth it, damage that, at best, you get one out of four times. Make it 1d6 every four levels, whenever you hit with a light weapon, but make those immune to critical hits/sneak attack immune to this.

I'm not sure what else to do.

Yeah, I tried to post that straight after but my connection died, that wasn't to bump the thread. But sorry.

That's what the "Edit Post" button is for.

2008-11-06, 06:22 PM
Hmm, seems like good suggestions. I'm always afriad of overpowering things.
If the precision strike is every time you hit with light weapon, wouldn't every four levels make it too powerful? an extra 5d6 per hit at twentieth level?
If Your two weapon fighting seems a bit too much per round

2008-11-06, 07:33 PM
Ok I see where you are going with this;

Well for starters, give it full BAB.

That makes sense, why would a fighter class not have the best BAB?
monks dont because they study everything and try to come to peace with the universe...blah blah.
From the looks of it this class would be purly Martial, training everyday with their chosen style [hence the focuses and styles] so it would make sense with not only the fluff but the game mechanics also.

Light armor only and no bonuses to AC makes me think this class would hit the floor to early, yeah its great the class ability is DEX, but that cant keep everything away and you can only get so much of it.
Try adding either Medium armor or an AC bonus of some sort.
Maybe an AC bonus when wielding the specialised weapon/light weapon/two light weapons.
Or just a Dodge Bonus (due to the Dextrous nature of the class)
I would go with either +1 every 5 levels (monk) or +1 every 4 levels.

The Amount of Focuses at the beginning is a little overdone, you dont need that much.
I would swap the levels you gain light focus and combat style.
heres my reasoning:
Gaining a focus at 2nd level isnt overdoing anything and is a nice feat along with finesse,
combat style is more advanced I would also change it from giving focus to giving Weapon Specialization feat (which has a 4th level prereq, so it works)

Minor combat styles are weak and a waste of time, either divide them into two categories for the Combat styles.
Feats that help with two weapon fighting
for example: oversized two weapon fighting, two weapon defense....etc
and feats that help with Specialization.
the ones you had are just fine EXCEPT:
power attack, bullying and throw anything. These do not go along with this class.

Or you could just replace it and give your Precision attack a chance to ignore the immunity from criticals and precision attacks.
Starting at 25% at 7th
50% at 13th
and 75 at 19th
Rolling the ignore chance after you hit but before damage is rolled, this would work with any creature immune to sneak attacks and criticals.

And for the Precision strike you have a couple of options:

1. Make it an ability you can use a certain amount of times a day
Example: Precision strike 3/day + 1 use every 3 levels.
1D6 damage ever 3 levels. (increased due to the limited usage of the ability)
2. Make it like the skirmish ability
Example: When using the full attack action you gain the usage of your Precision strike.
3. Make it like the sneak attack.
Example: when the target is denied his Dexterity to AC you gain the usage of your Precision strike.
4. Make it a limited attack.
Example: Full-round action to make a single attack with the extra Precision damage.

I dont agree with the Whirlwind ability at 20th level seems a little overpowered. Why dont you just give the Whirlwind feat at 20th along with the fixed precision ability it would be just fine.

The only problem is balancing the Precision attack with the ignore criticals [fortification] chance.

I like this class it just needs to be cleaned up a little bit.
Good job.

2008-11-06, 07:59 PM
I'm too tired to change anything right now, but I think you ideas are great, thanks =]. The only thing I'd say, is I really like the idea of the whirling thing. Would have it only like two rounds or something make is balanced you think?

I think I'll give it the full base attack, an armour bonus and scrap the minor combat. And change the precision strike so that it only applys on fully attacks, with the overcoming critical chance thing.

2008-11-06, 10:05 PM
Well if your keeping the Whirlwind special attack here are my ideas on it: :smallsmile:

I'm using the KISS method [keep it simple stupid]

Whirlwind of Tiny stabs (Ex)

14th: 1/day the Light Blade can use [I]Haste as a the spell which lasts equal to the Light Blades Dex modifier. This is an Extraordinary ability.

20th: 3/day the Light Blade can use Haste as a the spell which lasts equal to the Light Blades Dex modifier. This is an Extraordinary ability.

just haste in itself isnt all that great at 20th, however by adding it at 14th for 1/day you may have to reduce the ignore critical ability to only 50%
maybe starting at 25% at 8th and going to 50% at 16th to balance it out.

Am glad you like my suggestions!:smallbiggrin:

2008-11-07, 05:21 AM
Updated it to include new suggestions. More criticism, advice would be grateful. =]

2008-11-07, 10:46 AM
You need an explanation for the AC bonus, plus fix the ac bonus it goes from 1, 3, 3, 4.

And i still think the Precision attack is to weak, it should be slightly less than a sneak attack. so one every 4 levels would be fine (as you start it at 6th)

2008-11-07, 11:12 AM
In class right now so can't update. I just can't be bothered to type up the bonus. If anyone knows somewhere I can copy and paste it from will be appreciated. Thanks for noticing fix. =]

2008-11-10, 08:18 AM
I think the old capstone ability was fine, definately not overpowered, it's effectively pounce with a few extra benefits, and a lion totem barbarian gets that at level 1. Keep it the same I say, it is a level 20 ability afterall.

2008-11-10, 01:18 PM
Thanks everyone, unless anyone has major criticism of doom this is the final version. =]