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2008-11-06, 07:54 PM
Recently I came across a series of feats on the boards that granted a moderate bonus to a save in exchange for becoming exhausted, fatigued or shaken immediately after it was used, I cannot remember what this series of feats were called and no amount of searching has yet yielded the answer, does anyone here know which feats I'm talking about? I would greatly appreciated any help provided.

2008-11-06, 08:12 PM
I think that you're refering to Cumbrous Fortitude, Cumbrous Reflexes, and Cumbrous Will.

They require Great Fortitude, Lightning Reflexes, and Iron Will respectively.

"Before rolling a save, you can decide to activate this feat, which gives you a +6 bonus on your saving throw. After the saving throw is resolved, regardless of the result, you are X until the end of the encounter."

X is Staggered for Fortitude, Dazed for Reflexes,and Shaken for Will.

You may be getting them confused with Cumbrous Dodge, which requires Dodge and four ranks in Tumble.

"You may activate this feat as a free action. You gain a +2 bonus to your Armor Class for the rest of the current encounter. At the end of the encounter, you are fatigued."

All four feats are from Savage Species.


2008-11-06, 08:20 PM
Ah! Excellent many thanks, I only half remembered them and it was driving me crazy! with the proper feats I can finally proceed!

Now, to enact step thirty six of my sinister plot!

The Glyphstone
2008-11-06, 08:54 PM
Wow, those are horrible - why would you ever, ever, use the Reflex one? The Fortitude one is only slightly less bad.

2008-11-06, 09:02 PM
Actually, the Reflex feat leaves you prone and dazed, but it doesn't say until the end of the encounter; I would assume you're dazed for one round, and prone until you get up. Still pretty bad, but not actually suicidal.

2008-11-06, 09:52 PM
Well, my main focus is on the will one, I want to focus on a character who is strong headed and stubborn. I figured boosting his Will would help that immensely.

Of course he's a paladin so that negates the downside of that particular feat, as I don't see him running away, he's hardly optimized, the slightest evocation would probably tear him asunder, but I've grown to actually enjoy a character who is less than perfect, especially a paladin who strives for perfection.