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2008-11-06, 11:27 PM
Anime Master
“For great justice!”

Cloud Strife, a legendary Anime Master

Prerequisites: Level 21, Dexterity 19, Weapon Focus Heavy Blades

You are a crazy swordsman from a Japanese manga or anime show. You pull of feats of sheer epic on a daily basis, and you can jump ridiculous heights. You are not afraid to engage in a battle taking place solely on the walls of a tunnel. Or have a sword duel with someone on a moving horse. Or deflect bullets with your sword. Or even to duel an enemy on a moving horse while running up a wall and deflecting bullets with your sword.
You can get knocked through several mountains, get back up and keep fighting. You can cleave several enemies in half with your giant sword. You are epic in a box. People tend to refer to you as “awesome” or “insane”, but most people just gape in awe at your amazing feats of crazyness.

Immortality? Hell Yes!
You are the main character in a popular comic strip. You shall remain in the hearts and minds of manga and anime fans everywhere until the company that sells your comics goes out of business. What company is this, you ask? Don’t bother. You would probably explode if you learned the truth. In any case, you keep on fighting as long is there is a demand for you to keep on fighting. Have fun with eternity.

Anime Master Features

Anime Jump (21rst level): You gain a jump speed of 10. You do not provoke opportunity attacks while jumping, except on takeoff. You can use a jump as part of a charge. If you end a jump in mid air, you fall to the ground and take falling damage as normal. You can still charge things that are in mid air. If you move more than your walk speed in a jump, you fall prone at the end of your turn.
Big-Ass Sword Mastery (24th level): You can wield heavy blades meant for creatures two size categories larger than you. You also gain +1 reach when using a heavy blade meant for creatures that are larger than you.
Main Character Immunity (30th level): You automatically succeed on death saving throws. Add your sword’s proficiency bonus to your AC and Reflex against melee and ranged attacks.

Anime Master Power

Epic Moment Anime Hero Utility 26
“You pull off a truly epic feat of awesome and total super amazingness”
Immediate Reaction Personal
Trigger: You roll a 20 on an attack roll, you roll a 1 on an attack roll but hit the target anyways, you roll a 20 on a saving throw or you roll max damage on an attack
Effect: You gain 2 immediate standard actions, which you can use to do whatever you want.

I've had this stored up for awhile, not sure why I didn't post it.
This is sort of a joke, but I think its playable. PEACH and Enjoy.

2008-11-07, 07:42 AM
Umm...oh my god.

It looks at least vaguely playable, but man would that be ridiulous.
I think main character immunity is at least a little overpowered, because,
I mean, how are they ever going to get you to negative bloodied value?
You would just be jumping all over the place stabbing this, cutting that in half, and what if somebody was, oh say, a minotaur with a GARGANTUAN BASTARD SWORD! Crazyness! I don't even want to calculate damage for that. But it's 2d8 I'm fairly sure.


2008-11-07, 07:30 PM
We've talked about this before, but I still think Big-Ass Sword Mastery is unreasonable, even for a "joke" path. You said it stacks with oversized, which means a medium oversized creature could use a sword built for a gargantuan creature. Compare a medium mini to a Dragon Icon. See what I mean? Yeah. I can see large, even huge, but this is a bit much. Also, in the picture you included, it appears that Cloud's Sword isn't even as tall as he is. It's barely longer than a bastard sword. Letting someone use a weapon three size categories above them isn't going to work, especially mechanics-wise. I'm estimating it would be at least five times their height, probably more.

And Tuataralad, automatically succeeding on death saving throws doesn't let you stay conscious, you need to roll a natural 20 for that.

2008-11-07, 08:06 PM
Shouldn't there be something about Flashbacks/Internal development/Guardian Spirits where if you are about to die, you can have one and pull additional epic out of your kiester. See "My Name is Inigo Montoya" (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MyNameIsInigoMontoya), especially the part about Ichigo in bleach, but generally for bruiser swordsman anime heroes.

Return of Lanky
2008-11-07, 08:30 PM
There also needs to be a "I don't feel like it" clause to this Destiny.

Let's face it. Cloud's a badass. So are most other anime characters. But there's always an arc or two where they loss their will to fight and become useless lumps.

Except maybe Naruto, and I'm pretty sure before the series ends we're going to find out he's like NukuNuku, but with a crack-laced chihauhua's brain.

2008-11-07, 09:17 PM
Anime Master Power[/SIZE]

Epic Moment Anime Hero Utility 26
“You pull off a truly epic feat of awesome and total super amazingness”
Immediate Reaction Personal
Trigger: You roll a 1 on an attack roll but hit the target anyways

You automatically miss on a nat1. It says so on page 276 of the PHB. The houserule in the DMG is about fumbles, saying that if you roll at nat1, your turn ends and you grant combat advantage.

You can change this by saying "when you roll a 1 on the attack roll but would hit the target anyways"