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2008-11-07, 09:20 PM
Okay, just so you all know, I haven't been able to stat out any of these guys just yet. I've been reading the threads for making monsters and I want to get my idea down before I lose it. If anyone wants to help me stat these guys out, that'd be wonderful. If not, I'll get to it eventually. I'll insert needed game information on special things though.

This is for a horror campaign that I thought of but will probably never do. It has to deal with a town that has succumbed to a dark cult. [Ya, not the most original thing in the world, but classics work.] I am just going to give their descriptions like a DM was telling a story to the players (easier for me to descripe what's in my head)

The Senseless Cultists
--You come upon a white robed figure standing in the middle of the road. His head and face is covered in a white robe and his hands are inside his sleeves. You can't see his face, a dark shadow passing over it, but the way he is standing makes it appears he knew you were coming for miles. You hail a greeting to him...her...it, cautiously. In a clear voice, he welcomes you.

"Come brothers and sisters, you look weary. I'll take you someplace to get some rest." He stands aside the rode and beckons you with a sweep of his arm. You catch a glimpse of his hand before it is placed back into the sleeve. Gold, it looked like he was wearing a golden glove or gauntlet of some sort. Tired, you accept his hospitality and follow him towards town.

You are glad for his directions for you are soon walking through a heavy fog bank, barely able to see a couple feet ahead of you. The man guiding you walks briskly and with confidence, unmindful of the fog.

You soon enter town as the fog clears up. It's a small town, perhaps a few hundred people if that. Men and woman are walking through town smiling. They greet you with cheer and bow their heads towards the robed figure. He nods his head, saying a blessing in a language you can't quite understand...

As you walk, you catch sight of a more robed figures walking slowly in single file line into what appears to be a temple of white stone. Before you can ask any questions, you and your party have arrived at the inn.

"Here, you may rest for the night and continue your journey on the morrow." He opens the door for you and you enter.

The innkeeper greets you with obvious happiness, asking you to have a seat and have a meal. You reach for coin but he waves you off. The robed man had vouched for you, you stay and eat for free. Before long, the meal has gone to your head and you feel tired. You say night to your party and go to bed.

You wake to the low glow of candles, blinking your eyes. You try to sit up, but you find your arms restrained. Your eyes open wide and you find yourself surrounded by white robed figures holding candles. The smell of molten metal hits your nose and you cough.

"I am glad you are awake," comes the voice of the man from before. He is standing at the foot of the bed, feeding gold nuggets into a small cauldron, watching them melt. The heat doesn't bother him, those same gold gloves are protecting him.

"You are probably very confused right now," he says, moving towards the side of your bed. "Well, you are about to join something wonderful, something greater then yourself. First, you must be prepared." Another robed figure hands him a pair of tongs and a very sharp looking knife. As this his happening, the others are pouring the gold into a strange mold of some sort.

"Don't worry, this only hurts for a couple days. Now, let the preparation begin." For the first time, he takes off his hood and you are shocked at what you see. His whole head and face is covered in gold. It looks to be like some sort of helmet but something is wrong. It's too tight on his head, making no room for ears at all. It's too flat on his face, like there is no nose there. No eye holes in the mask, in fact, there are great dips where eyes should be, going into the head. His mouth is completely covered too, more gold reaching into his jaw, as if there was no tongue and he had no reason for it. You see that his gloves aren't that. The flesh at the wrists are red and charred and the metal moves with the flesh like a second skin, if it even were flesh.

Look up to see the figures pulling out the mask in two parts. It's just like his and you realize what he means by 'preparation' when he moves in to remove your eye. --

Okay, that came out more of a story thing than anything else...my bad. Anyway, my idea was a cult of people who remove all 5 senses yet function better than they did with them. Oh, I'll post what they worship in just a second. I love this...thing

2008-11-07, 09:52 PM
okay. Looking at this, It'll probably be moved to some campaign thread or what not since it is more story then stats...but I promise to edit the dudes in when I learn! Promise!

Anyway, here is the what the cultists worship.

The Senseful One

--You don't know how you made it through that 'recruitment' of the cultists, but you and your party did, then it all went to hell. You learned what they worshiped and that you couldn't leave town until it was slain. After fighting nearly the entire town, you made it into the bowels of the church and have come upon what you have gleaned as the Senseful One.

Gazing upon it, you realize the sick joke of the name. It towered above you, a good ten feet tall. The size of it didn't get you, it was what it was made of. It's bulbous head was made of tongues, wrapped and coiled around to give it basic shape. A crown of noses topped it, breathing deep, taking in your scent. Ears were all over it, twitching at your slightest breath. Eyes were passed around it's head, from tongue to tongue, all gazing at you. You had the odd sensation it was looking at you like a pile of body parts to take...

It's mouth, or what looked to be a mouth, opened to reveal teeth made of fingers with sharp nails. The rest of it's body was made of interlocked hands and tongues. Fingers would reach up from the body, grasping towards you, the tongues would wag, tasting the air. More eyes were passed around, hand to hand. Suddenly, faster than you thought that a monstrosity like that could, it charged at you...

Finally, finally, it was slain but not without taking something from every member, literally. The rogue had lost an eye, the fighter a hand. You had lost an ear and its touch had numbed your right arm completely. The poor wizard had his tongue ripped out. All of these parts were added to the body of the beast but it was dead now. It was a pile of body parts now, laying limp on the floor.

You barely have time to breath a sigh of relief when a shout is heard. Through the passage way, a lone cultist appears. He shouts in anger at the sight of his dead master and moves towards you, sword drawn. Before you can draw your own weapon, the pile of body parts begin to move. They lurch towards the cultist has he passed by, enveloping him.

A scream emanates from the pile before it is quickly silenced. Parts upon parts form upon the cultist before it begins to take shape, the shape of the monster. He looks at your vulnerable body and charges. --

My idea was the cultists worshiped some...thing that was made of their senses, hence the name. It has the ability to tear off body parts to add to its own, gaining some ability, health, or whatnot from it. Also, I liked the idea of the parts taking over a cultist to reform too as a last gotcha. I thought of the monster sending a stream of tongues at someone, then they act like leeches, but I didn't know how to add that in.

Raging Gene Ray
2008-11-08, 05:31 PM
This may sound like a nitpick...but sensory organs need some sort of nervous system in order to interpret what they perceive. The monster should have brains mixed in, and may even be able to share senses with all the cultists that worship it (i. e. all cultists know anything contained within the brains that make up the creature).

Second of all, why is everyone so happy to worship them/it? It could be possible that they share the senses with the monster, and the monster is subject to pleasant things (Its many noses take in the scent of a single rare perfume, its tongues constantly lick the same delicious foodstuffs.)

Because of all the monster's sensory organs, the pleasurable senses the townsfolk experience through it override anything that may happen to them.

That's just my idea...great concept, great writing.

2008-11-08, 11:31 PM
You know what, you're right. I think I'll add a brain in there somewhere to be its vulnerable spot. Don't kill the brain, it'll eventually come back or something.

Why they worship the thing? Well, two reasons. 1, why does anyone worship demons and devils and evil? Power. Being initiated gives the cultists supernatural senses. Why do the townsfolk bow to the cultists? Well, the Senseful one isn't an idiot. [Hence the name] It knows that if its followers help out people then there is less chance people will try to oppose it.

I will say I do like the idea of sharing sensory information. Cultists know what is happening to others and the Senseful one giving them pleasing sensations.

I had some concept involving the mist of some sort. It's maintained by dark relics in the city. In 5 locations, there are 5 body parts [hands, eyes, noses, ears, tongue] that are kept hidden that maintain the mist. You can't exit the mist, only coming out back where you started, unless you don the helmet or destroy the relics.

*Edit - oh, I also showed the white robes and the townsfolk being happy so as to not put everyone on alert right away. Dark robes and fearful villagers usually equal bad things.