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kell the brute
2008-11-09, 07:48 PM
Level Fort Ref Will Base attack bonus Special
1 +2 +1 0 +2 Improvise
2 +3 +1 0 +3 Iron stomach
3 +3 +2 0 +4 Stupidity
4 +4 +2 0 +5 Iron skull
5 +4 +3 +1 +6/1 Unarmed attack

Proficincy's: improvised weapon,improvised sheilds, and light armor.
Improvise: can subtract 2 points of penalties total in any situation.
Iron stomach: same as dwarf
Stupidity: when afected by controll spells such as charm or hypnosis they simply stand there and when given an order simply ask what it means the continue to stand there.
Iron skull: takes no damage when used as a battering ram or used as a weapon by another Improvised fighter.
Unarmed attack: deals lethal damage with bear fists.
by 5th level you realize this class has little to offer and begin your job as a multi classer. or a doorstop. either one.

2008-11-09, 10:07 PM
You should check out FC's guide to homebrewing, it shows you how to make a table: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=10313

2008-11-09, 10:24 PM
I'm afraid I don't quite understand. Is this a Prestige Class?

If would really help if you could fix your formatting, too.

EDIT: Oh, it's a joke. Nevermind, then.

Zeta Kai
2008-11-10, 12:42 AM
I'm sorry, maybe I'm not getting the joke, but is there a point to this? Is this supposed to be a commentary on the weakness of non-casters in 3E? Is this referencing some show or game? I don't get it. :smallconfused:

kell the brute
2008-11-13, 07:34 PM
Imagine this situation. a guy walks in with a stone for a brain and a sign around his neck. the sign reads "can kill with anything" their is nothing abstract, he just is a guy who walks in and can slay you with a piece of parchment. and that's a slow death. think of him as nothing more then a walking death machine.

Pie Guy
2008-11-13, 07:40 PM
Zeta, read the last line, slowly and carefully.

2008-11-13, 07:42 PM
I get the joke....but....why?

Zeta Kai
2008-11-13, 08:31 PM
Zeta, read the last line, slowly and carefully.

Yeah, I saw that, but it invalidates the "effort", & it's not funny. So, as Lappy said, why?

kell the brute
2008-11-13, 08:41 PM
Look Zeta, It's this simple:it takes effort to be able to kill with any item including other people, so there's the effort part. second, YOU HUMORLESS BLOB! I WILL DESTROY YOU! it's a joke class, it's meant to be playable, but not entirly. it's like a barbarian, but not as smart. so stop try to find a way to abstract this joke. IT'S HUMORyou shouldn't take it to seriously, like the following statement: if abstract thoughts consist, consult your docter, as this may be signs of a rare but serious side effect.:smallwink:

2008-11-13, 08:52 PM
This belongs on the eight page of the homebrew forum.

edit: ...And it's been moved. Down the list we go now...