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2008-11-10, 05:13 PM
This is a posting for all of you who have posted a request in the Request a Homebrew thread from September onwards that has not been honored.

Kredine: R 113


Hi. I posted a thread of this a few days ago, and then realized I probably should have put it here. I don't venture into homebrew often, sorry.

It am trying to build Ultima Weapon from Final Fantasy VII for a campaign I am currently running. I intend it to be a CR18-20 which is as accurate to the game as possible.
I need a rough outline of the monster, such as appropriate ability scores and hit points, reasonably spell like effects and accurate resistances.

Thanks for peoples time.

Check out Zeta Kai's Final Fantasy X thread. It has Ultima Weapon in it.

SurlySeraph: R 114

R 114

Would someone be willing to make a Savage Species-style racial progression for Kolyaruts?

Savage Species progressions are fairly difficult to balance. I've never seen one done on this board. I would reccommend consulting other homebrew forums to see if they have people who normally work with Savage Species.

Tempest Fennac: R 115

R 115

Please could someone make a Savage Specise-style progression for Unicorns while listing LA 0 stats for them?

See above answer.

Waspinator: R 116

R 116:

Does anyone have or is willing to make D&D 3.5 Daleks? Writing them as a race or template (probably with a LA) so they can be advanced using character classes would be great. I think they'd make a great driving force behind a campaign idea I have....

I am not personally familiar with Daleks as far as organization or abilities. From what I understand of their concept, Clockwork Horrors may bear the closest similarity (though I'm probably far off.) I would not be surprised if a search of other major D&D boards yielded one, however, as Doctor Who is reasonably popular among the gaming community.

Agmundr: R 118


im playing in an Arcana Evolved campaign and i need to convert a wood elf for use with my character, basically i need to have racial/evolved levels for it. the campaign setting is one the dm made himself and wood elves have been renamed Alfar and have a norse culture.


I have not seen much regarding Arcana Evolved on this forum, unfortunately. I would reccommend you consult a board more dedicated to that particular game, as you may have more luck.

Lycan 01: R 119

R. 119

Would somebody be kind enough to stat a Call of Cthulhu monster for me?

Me and a few of my friends like to joke about Deep Crows, a creature made up awhile back by the guys at Penny Arcade. A few helpful links:
The original reference... (http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2007/10/10/)
Just how bad they are... (http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2008/3/21/the-crevice/)
The 3.5e DnD stats for Ancient Deep Crows... (http://d20.jonnydigital.com/2007/10/deep-crow)

Also, please specify in the stats if you're making an Ancient Deep Crow, or a normal one. You can make both if you want, but I can work with just one, and tweak it for age. Ancient would be prefered, of course... :smalltongue:

As for difficulty... meh, no guidlines there, really. I don't want it to be too hard, like Cthulhu or another Great Old One... But not a pushover, like a Deep One or something. Maybe around the between Dagon and a Shoggoth... I'm not all that concerned though, since they probably won't survive direct combat under any circumstances. :smallamused:

Please and thank you! :smallbiggrin:

Another game that does not see a lot of traffic on this board, although people in the main Gaming forum occasionally talk about it. Once again, I would advocate going to a forum more dedicated to this particular game.

Tyrael: R 119

R 119

I need a level 6 Human Knight Reincarnated (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/reincarnate.htm) as a normal Wolf from the Monster Manual, possibly using Magical Beast progression instead of Animal.

I'm having difficulty statting this out, as I don't have much experience with adjusting monster stats.

Fax's Guide to Homebrewing gives the relevant information for creature type settings for BAB, HD, skills etc. Use that alongside the reincarnate description for a good start.

Vrel: R 120

R. 120

I am looking for a template that i can apply to most living creatures that will turn them partially metallic. Basically it is a disease that is converting humans and other organic creatures into living metal as a byproduct of a scientist trying to chemically engineer a magical creature (a dragon)

The creatures should be more resilient and definitely stronger. the tricky bit for me is finding a way to make the template enhance the natural strengths and weaknesses of whatever it is applied to.

Check out the Iron Half-Golem template (I believe it was originally in MM2, and should be available online somewhere.) That might give you a decent starting point.

Ascension: R 121

R. 121

Is there any chance I could get the 4chan Party Van statted up as a 3.5 pedophile-hunting Inevitable? Anywhere between CR 12 and CR 18 or so would be fine. It needs to be van sized and have abilities keyed towards nonlethal imprisonment. Chris Hansen as a cohort would be a nice bonus, but he isn't necessary.

Not by myself. The closest I could reccommend would be something along the lines of the Inexorables I created, one of whom is specially geared to imprisonment. That said, I feel dirty for aiding and abetting this request in even that fashion. :smalltongue:

Blue Umbrella: R 122

R. 122

Would it be possible for anyone to turn this Ki Striking Monk hombrew (http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Ki_Striking_Monk_(DnD_Class)) into a prestige class?

...so it fits in with Monk as a PrC.

@V: Sorry, I meant so it fits in as a good addition to the Monk base class. It was kind of a pointless sentence in this request since that's what a PrC is.

And yeah, that's why I thought it would be good to see it as a PrC. All this class loses (from what I saw) was its monk speed. I got the idea to ask you guys after seeing the pages discussion comment. "I feel that this would work better as a prestige class."

You should be able to winnow it down to a PrC by examining the features you want to retain and cutting them down to ten levels. Your best bet is to make an initial attempt yourself, post it, then ask for commentary. You'll often get faster, better results that way.

Kittenofdeath: R 123, R 124

(first post, Woot!)

im DMing a campaign where naturaly occuring magical strangeness is common, but divine magic is quite limited, and about 1 in five people have some kind of otherworldly being in their ancestory. problem is, all the stuff ive read has been strictly magical or mundane, and im after something that blurs those lines a little, so...


Exceptional crafting components for anything from leather armor to metal spear tips, kinda like cold iron or silver, but more magical and wonderous if at all posible, and priced by the lbs


also, although this request is mostly an ad on because i can post more, any kind of wonderous items under 500gold

thank you

I'm not sure what you're requesting. Just fancy materials that some creatures would have vulnerabilities to? Base them off the current ones, and just do up some fluff. "Adjective"-wood, "Noun"-metal etc. are easy enough to do.

PersonMan: R 125


I'm looking for a CR 2 golem-like thing, preferably with a usable intelligence(knows how to use special abilities and environment well) that has some steam-based abilities(Burst of steam from fist, etc) that can hold its own in a fight, but is more of an underling trooper.

CR 2 intelligent construct with a heat jet attack... seems like the description alone would push it to CR 4. I would suggest making a basic construct creature yourself, then giving it heat metal or a burning hands derivative extraordinary ability that doesn't deal fire damage, per se. The construct should be Small if it's going to have that low of a CR.

Rockphed: R 127

R. 127(3.5)

As was discussed in this thread (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=5103112&posted=1#post5103112)(or the last few posts anyway), a need for a Were-Raccoon has come up. Looking through the Monster Manual, the closest thing I could find was the Badger, but I don't think Badgers are sneaky enough to be raccoons.

So, could somebody please brew up a Raccoon?

Closest thing I can think of for sneakiness would be a werefox. There shouldn't be too much difference between a werefox and a were-raccoon.

subject42: R 130

R 130

I'm currently working on a homebrewed prestige class for a DnD 3.5 setting and I'm trying to find a way to make higher level "summon swarm" spells that will be appropriate and balanced.

I'd appreciate any ideas that you have. I have included mine below as a starting point.

My immediate thought is that the character can use "summon swarm X" where X is both the spell level and the maximum challenge rating of the swarm that the caster can summon.

If the standard spell is "summon swarm (II)", it will let the caster summon a swarm with a CR of 1 or 2, based on the spell rating. By extension, "summon swarm IV" would allow the caster to summon a centipede swarm (CR 4) and "summon swarm VIII" would allow the caster to summon a hellwasp swarm (CR 8).

Does anyone have any suggestions to improve on this idea, or any entirely new ideas on how to work this?

If you're still working on this, I would suggest you post what you've done in a thread here and ask for constructive criticism. You'll draw more responses that way, and it will help you build your PrC in a more streamlined manner.

save da chicken: R 131

R 131 The plane of essence.

I've made a thread about this, not much help for it so...

Frequent travelers of the Planes have stumbled across an undiscovered Plane, similar to the material Plane. Almost all the natural laws are the same too, except, when a creature native to the plane dies their soul(as it is called be the dwellers of the material plane) loses its form and forms a pool of Essence.

The Essence then dissipates(sp?) into the Essence Stream, the power source of the Plane. Magic users have been able to create devices to absorb some of the 'raw Essence' before it goes. 'Raw Essence' can then be changed into various things, such as magic items, magic itself and many other, undiscovered, powers. Powerful beings have more Essence, leading to better rewards.

I can get the planar traits and stuff down but I need help with the mechanics and rewards. Pwease and tank yoo =D message me if you need to.

EDIT: Check the spoiler in my sig for the link to the thread.

Are you asking for... an entirely new magic system? What are mechanincs and rewards in a planar sense? I find this request unclear, unfortunately, so I cannot be more help.

brujon: R 132

R 132

Today, while surfing on the GITP forums, i came to this thread: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=95000

Then, it hit me. A crazy Artificer/Effigy Master bent on conquering the world with a gargantuan/colossal effigy as a mobile headquarters. It's the perfect antagonist... A crazy gnome artificer, mad with replicating mechanically the aspects of living things, wanting to turn the entire world into machines fueled by magic, with hatred for all living things. Thing is, i can't even begin to think on the stats, only on the plot hooks and the amusing things that will sure ensue on such a campaign.

If you should help me on my quest on creating this specific villain, i do have some requests.

1 - It's for D&D 3.5
2 - He has to be a champion
3 - Stats have to be 18 16 14 12 10 10 (Arranged in any way)
4 - Not too overpowered, but not underpowered. Some useless feats and not too much optimization.
5 - Has a 14 HD gargantuan effigy. Complete with "weapons" and his headquarters. (He had much more cash than normal for his level, for his previous works as an artificer, so feel free to pump it till it's a real city-destroyer [No template stacking, though]) Inspirations for this can come from the flying headquarters of S.H.I.E.L.D or the spider-machine from Crazy Adventurers of James West.
6 - A complete level-by-level evolution from 1 to 16;

Any suggestions, comments or discussions on this will be welcomed and appreciated. :smallwink:

Draws from multiple sourcebooks, apparently. The Character Creation thread on the main Gaming board would be of more help to you, I think.

chronoplasm:R 133


I'd like to request a 4E item, if anyone doesn't mind.

Slippers of Carrion Crawler
This pair of magical foot items looks like a couple of little carrion crawlers. What do they do? Who made them, and why? It's a mystery.

You're requesting an item based on description alone? What do you want it to do? I really don't follow this. If you could clarify this and repost it, someone may be able to help.

EdroGrimshell: R 136

R 136

I am planning on creating a sorcerer with a vampire as a distant relative (think great great grandfather) and would like this distant taint of undeath to fuel his magic. Could someone create some feats that allow you to sacrifice your physical health to fuel your magic, and ways to bring a vampiric heritage into play somewhere in it. Also, i'd like it to be a sorcerer only thing (like heritage feats)

As I stated, I think these may be in some sourcebook or homebrew already. Check Libris Mortis and the ...From the Playground thread. Also look at the fiendish heritage feats and see if you can develop it using those as a framework but based off of a vampire's abilities.

FantomFang: R 137

R 137

I have a simple request here, and help in either pm or response form is fine.
I want to reflavor the wizard like a sorceror for RP reasons, and so I was trying to think of appropriate, balanced solutions to it. I like the idea of keeping cantrips, but don't know what I would wish to attempt to replace the Spellbook and the Wand/Orb/Staff with. Maybe borrow a bit from the Warlock class, just not sure.

If anyone has any ideas, just pm me or respond here, its all good

I would suggest you post this in the Gaming forum and see what sort of feedback you get back. 4E homebrewers are currently fewer and farther between on this particular board. Alternately, a 4E-specific forum may be able to help you.

Belkarsbadside1: R 138

R 138

Hi. Umm if it would be possible I could use some help. I want to play a 4e character that really is anti-magic users. I have scanned all the sourcebooks and I can not find any feats, powers, or any abilities in any sourcebook. I want to play a cleric who hates all magic (yes, I know its weird) and I need something to help establish this trait, please help me

PM me for questions

Again, I would go straight to the Gaming forum and ask about optimizign your cleric in this direction. They will have more knowledge of sourcebook material that fits your concept. 4E homebrewers are still fairly rare on this board, and most are pretty occupied with their own projects. Start with the char optimization, then come back with an idea of what cracks need filling and we may be able to help you better.

Sirek Inta: R 139

R 139

I need a cat tribe laguz (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fire_Emblem:_Path_of_Radiance) (sub-human) 3.5 ed. race. LA is ok, but no higher than +4.

Thanks in advance!

Do a few searches to see if another board (ENworld, Wizards) has done them already (they may well have.) If not, I would suggest you repost this request, as it is likely to get honored in time.

Kredine: R 140

Hi. I have created a race kinda like tree people.
Can someone create me a charisma based base class that focuses on casting using natures power. Like druid, but alot more spellcaster, alot less animal compainion kinda stuff. Spells would be mainly healing and buffer/protecting with few offensive spells.
Thanks. =]

I already mentioned that you should build off of the druid. Start the class yourself in a posted thread and request constructive criticism with a PEACH tag. It is a faster way to attract help and develop what you need.

Alternately, if you have access to Complete Divine, look into the Spirit Shaman, which is a druidic spontaneous caster.

Agrippa: R 134 - R 141, R 142, R 143

R 134 reposted and rearranged. I'd like three prestige class, sublime ones to be more exact.

R 141

One requires Desert Wind and Diamond Mind but grants Iron Heart, White Raven and Devoted Spirit as well. Basically it's a swordsage/paladin PrC and thus requires Smite Evil.

R 142

The second requires Devoted Spirit but grants Diamond Mind and Golden Saint as well. This is in addition to the spell speak with dead as an arcane spell. Yes I allow arcanists to know and cast speak with dead. Crusader/arcane necromancer (wizard or sorcerer) and must be non-Evil.

R 143

Finally I would like a Shadow Hand focused prestige class. It requires Shadow Hand and Diamond Mind but grants Sentient Aura as well. I'm not sure whether it should be for psions and wilders or for psychic warriors.

Firstly: Posting one request at a time is a far better strategy. Pick one and focus on getting it done first.

Secondly: You have a very, very specific idea of what you want. Develop a prototype from Swordsage/Paladin (or what have you) and post your own thread, asking for constructive commentary. You already have the build down in your mind - a council of peers will simply offer additional suggestions and help you balance it, which is a faster process and more likely to be honored. Again, one at a time, though.

2008-11-10, 11:46 PM
If anyone else has any commentary for one of these homebrewers' questions, please post it in this thread and I will add it to the main post.

Complete solutions, of course, should go in the request thread.