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2008-11-11, 07:54 PM
Hi all.
I'm currently running a campaign in which my characters are about to enter a dark jungle known as the 'Retryn Jungle'. Terrible name, but, already used it ingame, bit to late to change it. Anyways, this jungle is where the body of a foul creature known as the 'Taint' resides, and, even in death, it is still affecting it's surroundings. It has turned the jungle creatures evil and contained the jungle so there is only one entrance into it.
I have been told this is similar in ways to some well known thing, but I assure you I thought of this by myself.

In this jungle they are three main races which work together to fight of the 'tainted ones' so they may survive.

The first is a group of Kobolds. They are mostly Neutral Good, they are a variant race which is more stealthy and slightly stronger, but suffer even more constituion penalties and weakness to poison. They favour rangers and fight mostly from a distance.

The second is a group of once evil elves who were banished to the jungle. They have forgotten how they got there as the jungle affected their bodies. They favour barbarians and brute strength, always fighting in melee.

The third is a race called the Retryn Folk. They were the ones who slayed the taint to begin with and stayed with the jungle to protect it's remains, mkaing sure it would not rise again. They have been there so long they have taken forms more like trees then humans. Though humanoid in basic shape they have thick vines and branches covering most of there body, and no longer have hands to wield weapons. They have also lost their tongues. Though they can communicate telepathically, they can no longer understand any writings and therefore cannot take classess that require a spell book. They favoured class is druid for females and sorcerer for males. They are also naturally talented with metamagic, gaining silent spell as a bonus feat.

My request is for some suggestions of good homebrewed base classes and prestige classes that fit this whole theme. Feats and spells would be nice as well.
I'm not asking anyone to make me any (though I would love it if you did), just linking to ones you know well.
I want to make this whole section immensly unique and original, making almost every NPC different.
Thanks for those that reply. =]

2008-11-11, 08:30 PM
That better not increase the spell level... and if it doesn't that probably implies they might have an LA.

2008-11-12, 07:10 PM
It does, it's only silent/still spell, can't remember, it has a penalty on one. No major deal, plus, this wasn't to discuss my races, i just described them to set the scene. Could someone give me something useful please.