View Full Version : Saturdays are too far apart!

2006-10-19, 10:47 PM
Ugh! In my family it's me, my mother, and my father. There's no time to play the totally awesome game during the week, so it's strictly weekends only...and sometimes not even then!

I must kick butt. Must...beat up my own parents at a game they own based off of a comic they found about a game they play.

Comeon, I've gotta be better than them at something OOTS related. ::)

Plus...I'm gonna love Fireball-ing Dad's arse every four turns. ;D

But every Saturday would be okay as long as it was assured...what about you guys? How often are you planning on playing it?

2006-10-20, 12:28 AM

You're cute when you're flustered :P

((Your tagline dared me!))

2006-10-20, 12:36 AM
Just how can you use fireball on other players if its an area affect? (page 18)