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2006-10-15, 06:51 PM
Okay, I got the game last..Thursday I think, and payed it a few times over the weekend, and figured I'd post here with how it went and what our reactions were to it.

We only really played one game all the way through, becase every time we sat down to play (2-4 of us) we got to about...the 3rd floor (short game) and something would come up. Not a game flaw, just explainin' where I'm commin' from :p. So I'll give you a brief rundown of the game and then some comments and criticisms we'e got about the various games, plus ideas we had as a group that we thought would work out for us.

The game we finished had 4 players, Haley (younger brother, first game), V (girlfriend, 4th or 5th attempt), Roy (roommate, 3rd or 4th attempt) and I was playing Durkon. The game went pretty quickly at the start, with the group playing fairly friendly with each other. About the time we got to the second floor, however, things started to get nastey. I played Haley's Nemesis on her (before she got the arrows) and nearly killed my brother, as a result the rest of the table started playing mean as well. I (as Durkon) got down to 1 wound point and decided to rest, and was assaulted by Roy. I didn't die only because I had boosted armor, but it just shows how bad the game had become :p. The final battle with Xykon ended up with him being a 56/56 monster (because one of the early monesters placed was a goblin necromancer...then a Roach King...Kobold King...I think half the battle deck was underneath Xykon). I took him out (as Durkon) with Thor's lightning and a Screw this that knocked him back to 18 (Forgetting his Assist ability) and 7 loot cards that gave me a modifier of +21 (didn't want to take any risk). Got back to the top first, and still lost (I'd died 3 times that game and only own is 4 battles). The winner was haley with 33 points (had every stick on the table at that point) with Durkon in second with 32, Roy with 28 and V with 16. It was an enjoyable game.

Comments on Characters:

Haley: Seems to really powerful, I think she lost 3 wound points the entire game, and this was without the player taking advantage of her range capabilities. The player had over 1/4 the entire loot stack at the end of the game, and it was only because the entire rest of that table was collecting and hoarding Haley loot that she didn't win hands down (I think we calculated that between the other 3 players we had over 20 points on Haley Drool that wasn't counted towards any of our scores.

V: Really nice actually. The player wasn't to experienced and didn't use his/her abilities to the fullest, and some bad luck made that the loosing character.

Roy: WAAAY powerful late in the game, His bonus to attack was +11 and defense was +7. The only thing that kept him even moderately checked was that he could only pick up so much treasure and Haley would zip in and take what was left.

Durkon: Seemed weak early on. I suffered from bad rolls in the very begining, and lost even when I recruited help from others, and then they'd moved to the 3nd (or 3rd) floor by the time I was healed up again. I couldn't get help because I'd used my treasure earlier, and it took me the entire game to catch back up...then again, I did suffer from poor rolls :p.


What happens when you empty the battle deck? We ended up using up the last of it when we were building the Xykon battle...Our thought was the shuffle everthing back into the deck.

What happens when you empty your hand? We played it as wait till you're called to play a monster then you get a new hand (which was interesting because then we'd try not to have people with no hand place monsters).


Screw This Card: "The Plot is on my side" or "Cut-scene battle"
Play during a combat after you have rolled the dice and lost.
Effect: The result of the battle is considered a win, however you gain no experience or treasure for the battle.

2006-10-15, 08:54 PM
sounds like you all had a great time! how did folks handle the pvp element of it? Was it fun or was it frustrating/annoying when you kept getting attacked? Did it slow the game down a lot? How long did it take you to finish your one game, esp. if you went back to the beginning of the dungeon 3 or 4 times?

the PVP thing has been hard for my husband and I to do, in part because we tend to want to be more cooperative than competitive.


p.s. i have the same question you do about when to replenish your hand-- the minute you run out of monsters or the moment you need to play a monster-- maybe a question for the rules thread...

2006-10-15, 11:51 PM
Check the Q&A thread; should answer all your questions there. But in case you don't have time...

Reshuffle the battle deck and use again when it runs out. Shuffle well so you don't get clumps of Screw This cards.

Battle hand is only replenished when you must play a monster but do not have one. In that case you discard any screw this cards you have and draw 7 new cards. You do not play a monster; you are skipped and the person to your left plays the next monster. Consider drawing a new hand your 'play' for that battle.

2006-10-16, 10:09 AM
Oh yeah, it was a blast. The game we actually finished took about 3-4 hours to play with 4 people. And that was with us forcing the game to end at the end.