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Ok, so Helinon posted my Arrancar and Hollow, I'm going to re post them in my own treads so I can update them as I need, The Shinigami, and the (possibly) two new realms Hueco mundo and Seireitei/soul society will be posted after I complete some of the Feats and ability explination.


Physical Description: Hollow’s height is usually two to twelve feet. Menos Grande however are all 32 feet or in that general area. Menos are black shade-like blobs with a white circular mask with a long pointy nose, two small black eyes, and a neutral looking show of teeth, They are the weakest of all hollow and have little to no intelligence. Menos Grande are the enlarged version of Menos, they, although being second weakest, Tower above all hollow with their height. After Menos Grande comes Adjuchas, in this state Hollow shrink to a ‘regular’ size and undertake an appearance of a white and black humanoid-like lizard, bug, or animal. The evolution after are “Vasto Lorde” the strongest Hollow class. These big guys generally look like a larger, more “buffed up” version of their Adjuchas form but at the same time look more humanoid.

Relations: Hollow do not Get along with anyone or anything, most do not even have morals, they command their weaker allies if that is what you wish to call them to help them fight, but they generally do not talk or “make friends”. Of course there are the Incredibly rare hollow who can be nice, but these are hardly ever seen, even by other Hollow.

Alignment: Menos and Menos Grande are only Chaotic Evil, for they only know how to feed, so that is all they do, but Adjuchas and Vasto Lorde have a chance to choose.

Lands: Hollow can exist anywhere in the world; they cross over between Hueco Mundo and the normal world quite often, appearing in random locations.

Settlements: Hollow live within Hueco Mundo, a vast white Desert with dead trees that are actually made of stone, there it is always night, and most of the hollow there live under the ground.

Power Groups: Hollow do not have any actual groups, however once in a while a Vasto Lorde, or an Adjuchas will command a few dozen Menos and Menos Grande like a mini army.

Beliefs: Hollows do not worship anything, they follow whoever is strongest and feed to become stronger themselves

Language: Menos and Menos Grande cannot communicate through words, Adjuchas and Vasto Lorde speak common.

Names: Hollow name are similar to, or are based off of Real world Spanish.

Racial Traits:
* Hollows don’t really have any ups or downs to them, none that they do not even-out over time, so they do not receive any special bonuses when it comes to their statistics.
* Size for Menos, Adjuchas, and Vasto Lorde can all vary from Small to Large, However Menos Grande are all Colossal.
* Menos, who are very slow, move at a base speed of 10, Menos Grande, although slow, they are big, they move at a base speed of 30, Adjuchas who have gotten a little more agile move at a base 30, and Vasto Lorde move at a base speed of 40.
* Bonuses; The feats Hollow receive are; Hollow skin, Scent of soul, and Creature of Death.
* Hollow are automatically Proficient with their claws, teeth, and feet, although they cannot use all three in one turn.
*Hollow Have the Ability Consume soul.
* Automatic Languages: common
* Favored Class: Only Hollow

HD: at level one 3D4, every level after is 1D4 per level.
Skill points: 3D4 +int
Attack: Claws/Teeth/feet*; 1D4
*only one may be used per turn.

-Becoming a Hollow is an option for those who's characters die, but characters killed by hollows MUST become Hollow.*
*If made a hollow through this way the character will restart at level 1, have to re roll their stats, and lose all items previously carried.


Arrancar transformation % *|Level|Classification |Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special

10 %| 1st| Menos| +0| +0| +0| +0| Int mod = -3 All others = 0
10 %| 2nd| Menos| +0| +0| +0| +0| Int mod = -2|

10 %| 3rd| Menos| +0| +0| +0| +0| Int mod = -1|
30 %| 4th| Menos Grande| +1| +0| +0| +1| All mod = 0 Size becomes 32 feet

30 %| 5th| Menos Grande| +1| +0| +0| +1| Cero

30 %| 6th| Menos Grande| +1| +1| +0| +1| -

50 %| 7th| Adjuchas| +2| +2| +1| +2| Regain normal stat mods, Size returns to normal

50 %| 8th| Adjuchas| +3| +2| +1| +2| Air Walk

70 %| 9th| Vasto Lorde| +4| +3| +1| +2| Able to use melee weapons regardless of int

90 %| 10th| Vasto Lorde| +5| +3| +1| +3| -

*See Arrancar Race and class for explanation

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It is a little unorganized. It'd be nice if you could use a bit of bolding and such.:smallsmile:

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It is a little unorganized. It'd be nice if you could use a bit of bolding and such.:smallsmile:

I was thinking of that, but I do have a question, I've noticed some people post Tables for information, so, if you know how, how do I make them?
Just so I can make the information for the classes a bit more organized

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It's in the stickied guide to homebrewing, I believe.

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It's in the stickied guide to homebrewing, I believe.

Nope, it's in here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/misc.php?do=bbcode), in a section of the FAQ.

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Thank you :smallsmile: