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2008-11-13, 02:19 AM
This is in a plane called Runa...

Many thousands of years ago, there was an evil wizard named Lord Daath who nearly plunged the world into eternal darkness. He summoned demons and undead, created the Orcs and many evil relics, and populated the world with monsters. His empire would have conquered the world if it weren't for the efforts of four legendary warriors: Hiro, Ougger, Seerkay, and Saiko.

Now, three wizards, funded by the Green Dragon nation to the west, are trying to pick up where Daath left off.
Magus Funga is one of the most imaginative necromancers to ever plague this world. The abominations that come out of his 'hospitals' are as original as they are unspeakable.
Magus Anima experiments with breeding living beasts and altering their development using potions to create many strange monsters. They say that Anima is not only a master of the arcane, but also of the martial arts.
Magus Chroma creates nightmares not from flesh, but from metal. He develops artifacts of war and experiments with grafting artifacts into flesh. Some say that Chroma himself has transformed his own body into one of his machines.

The army of the Green Dragon consists of both human and orcish soldiers with goblin slaves. Ordinarily their infantry uses rifles and cannons, and they wear beaked masks to protect themselves from the clouds of mustard gas they launch at their enemies. Sometimes though, the Green Dragon army has the privilege of field-testing the various strange weapons developed by their three evil mages.

What do you think? Do you guys have any suggestions for me?

2008-11-13, 06:29 AM
See the last link in my signature for links to all my stuff. The relevant stuff is the peice by peice undead, everything except the Empty Skins make good grunts, and are valuable for the fact that they have tactics availible to them that aren't practical for your average skeletons. The stomachs and lungs have ranged attacks (the lungs even do AoE), the hearts are great for repairing units they are placed in the center of, or doing the occasional bit of damage to an enemy, and the Gut Snakes are provide a cheap grappler.

If you have a specific need, or really like those I can try to get on the ball about the fat globs (ooze-like with a fatiguing touch), rolling eyes (mindless spies that report back via Silent Image), spinal cords that cause paralysis by touch (but not much else), and/or skulking bladders (intellegent infiltrators that poison wells, food, etc).

2008-11-13, 09:32 AM
Funga/Chroma: Undead packed with explosives, Undead with blade-arms, giant skeletal bears with grape-shot cannons mounted through their chest out their mouths, skeletons with armor grafted to them. On the other side, War-forged with negative energy weapons.

Anima/Chroma: Creatures with spitting-power and an organ for holding explosive charges, creatures with metal claws.

Funga/Anima: Instill all animals with a delayed re-animation spell, triggered by their death. *Kill dog-thing* *Dog thing evolves to UNDEAD DOG-THING!*

Anima: swarms of carnivorous sheep, rodents, and giant poisonous beetles.

2008-11-13, 10:24 AM
Just how organized are these armies? Are they strategically-planned legions, or simply just hordes of whatever grunt can be thrown together?

Or, you could even have them as unique in their organization. One of the armies could be strategically arranged to a tee, while the other is just a rabble. If communication among the commanding magus' is poor, you could even have the chance for deceit and paranoia which the PC's could use as leverage against these armies.

2008-11-13, 11:16 AM
Perhaps they are strategically planned, but often victims of Murphy's Law.
Especially with orcs hanging around.

Great ideas guys. Thanks! :smallsmile: