View Full Version : PCs get +d12 to everything?

2006-09-15, 03:30 AM
I haven't yet played the game, but if I'm reading the rules correctly, a PC gets +d12 to both attack and defense, while monsters don't. This means that if you have two characters with given attack and defense modifiers, the winner of the fight isn't just a function of those two numbers; if the attacker is a PC, (s)he gets +d12 to the attack modifier, and if the defender is a PC, (s)he gets +d12 to the defense modifier. Doesn't this make the monsters less powerful, since they fail to get the +d12 even in identical situations to PCs? Or is this question the equivalent of saying, "Why does the Commoner NPC class in the DMG get all bad saves, 1/2 BAB, and almost no skill points? How is that balanced with Wizard or Paladin? Un-nerf Commoner!"

2006-09-15, 09:31 AM
You are correct in your read of how the check go, but when you play the game you will see how difficult it is. Imagine your are fighting a monster with strength 9, and you have a defense 2, well you need a 7 on a D12 just to tie him. There are a lot of tough monsters. Trust me, you wont just walk over enemies until you are much later in the game, and even then you can still have trouble with the correct enemies. In one room on the first level we ended up with a monster that was boosted to 35 strength! Things can get crazy, it is not a cake walk.

2006-09-22, 01:08 AM
Isn't it rather like the base 10 for AC and DCs in the normal D&D game?

Characters add 1d12 to their attack/defense, but monsters simply have an average d12 roll already included in their stats.

The monsters are not less powerful, and they never experience "identical situations to PCs".

2006-09-22, 09:19 AM
Isn't it rather like the base 10 for AC and DCs in the normal D&D game?

That's close to the truth. We wanted to reduce both the number of dice rolls and the amount of math to resolve a battle, and so the players just have to roll a single die and beat a set number.

In Player-vs-player, however, both players roll a die against each other.