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2006-09-16, 06:26 PM
So I read on Wikipedia that OotS has a board game coming out in august. Is that this august (2006) or next (2007)?

2006-09-16, 06:33 PM
Hmm, this seems more appropriate for the "The OOTS Adventure Game" forums.

*forms a circle of casters*

*starts chanting*

*casts teleport thread*

2006-09-16, 06:35 PM
Sorry. I rolled a natural 1 on my spot check. :-[

2006-09-18, 11:32 AM
As you have probably figured out from this board, it meant August 2006. The OOTS boardgame went on sale at Gencon in August, and the first shipment of games will be arriving here (America) by ship on September 20th or thereabouts... be warned, the second shipment is being assembled right now, but likely won't arrive until sometime in December.

2006-09-18, 05:42 PM
Where will it be sold? Like Target or Wal-mart? Or do I have to go to like, a comic shop to get it? I want it!

2006-09-18, 06:17 PM
You will be able to get it from your local game store, or (for a limited time) online at www.apegames.com.