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2008-11-14, 11:49 PM
Yeah I did alliteration in the title. It's tradition

Ok, so I had me a little idea. I've seen a lot of good ideas for 4th edition feats getting thrown around this forum, and made up a few of my own in the last few days. However, my search fu is weak, and I imagine others have the same problem. So, I propose a Compendium thread! This will be for all Homebrewed, 4th Edition Feats. Not powers, no 3rd ed, no links to DDI, just 4th ed feats people have made up. Here's how I'd like to do this:

1. All feats will be posted in the form of Quotes, so as to give credit to their creator. If you post a feat directly in this thread, I will quote your post from this thread. If you'd like the quote to be from the original thread you posted the feat in, post a link, and I'll put the quote up here. NOTE: All discussion and context will be edited out, providing just the feat itself. People can hit the link from the quote if they want to read that on the original thread.

2. Feats will be broken up by Tier in Spoilered boxes. I will also put Racial feats in their own categories by race.

3. I'll try to update this every other day at least. If it gets bigger or if I decide it's ugly I may alter the format.

4. I will grab stuff on my own to add if I see it. If I put up something and you don't want it in here, PM me and I'll take it out.

Ok, starting small with some stuff that came up in the RPG General forums:

Racial Feats


Githzerai Martial Arts [Githzerai]
Prerequisite: Githzerai
Benefit: Your unarmed attacks are treated as d8 weapons and gain a +3 proficiency bonus.

Psionic Strike [Githzerai]
Prerequisite: Githzerai, Githzerai Martial Arts
Benefit: Your unarmed attacks are charged with psionic energy and are treated as a +1 Magic weapon.
Special: The benefit of this feat increases to +2 at level 6, +3 at level 11, +4 at level 16, +5 at level 21, and +6 at level 26.

Fist of Zukoen [Githzerai]
Prerequisite: Githzerai, Githzerai Martial Arts
Benefit: You may use a ranged attack with the Psionic descriptor at melee range. Attacking in this way provokes no attack of opportunity.

Alternate version of Githzerai Martial Arts:
Benefit: When attacking unarmed, you attack and do damage as if you are armed with either a club or a dagger (your choice).

Alternate version of Fist of Zuoken:
Paragon, requires Githzerai Martial Arts
Benefit: Choose one power with the Psychic descriptor. You may now use that power as a Close burst 1 attack or with its normal range. The number of targets the power can affect does not change.

Psionic Fists
Pre-req: Githzerai Martial Arts
Your fists are charged with psionic energies, becoming receptive to enchantment just as magic weapons are. The Enchant Magic Item ritual may enchant your fists with any enchantment that may be placed on either a club or a dagger. If you wield a weapon that is also enchanted, the enchantment to your fists does not function.

Speed of Thought
Requires Githzerai
You also gain a +2 bonus to speed until the end of your next turn when you activate your Iron Mind encounter power

Aberration Bane
Requires Githzerai or Githyanki
You gain a +2 bonus to Reflex, Fortitude and Will defense against the attacks of creatures with the Abberant type.


Strangling Grip
You wrap a hairy forearm around a foe's neck, sqeezing him close just before you sink your blade into his ribs
Requires Bugbear
When you use your Predatory Eye encounter power, the target of the attack is also grabbed (until escape).

Requires Bugbear
You may use a any Simple Mace (club, mace, greatclub or morningstar) in conjunction with any Melee Weapon attack power from your class, even if that power normally requires a different weapon.

Improved Strangling Grip
Paragon, requires Strangling Grip
An opponent that you have grabbed takes ongoing damage equal to your strength modifier. This damage ends when they escape the grab.

Potent Predator [Bugbear]
You're especially good at ambush tactics.
Prerequisites: Bugbear, predatory eye racial power
Benefit: When using your predatory eye racial power,
you roll d8s instead of d6s.

Also, here's another, but I'm not sure if it should be Paragon or Epic. I'm leaning towards Paragon.

Violent Ambush [Bugbear]
When you land a deadly blow, it's REALLY deadly.
Prerequisites: Bugbear, predatory eye racial power, 11th
Benefit: Once per day when you score a critical hit, you
may choose to add extra damage on the hit as if you had
used your predatory eye racial power, even if you have
already used it during the encounter. If you have yet to use
the power during the encounter, it is not expended.

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