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2006-08-20, 04:06 PM
Order of the Stick Adventure Game
Dungeon of Dorukan FAQ
Last Modified on 02/13/07

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions and clarifications for obfuscated rules.

Please do not post to this topic, but rather to the Rules Questions topic.

This FAQ is available in PDF format at www.apegames.com. (http://www.apegames.com.)

Q) How does Haley's Double Shot shtick work against monsters with Multiattack?
A) Double Shot says that Haley rolls twice when she attacks using Longbow. Multiattack X says that the monsters attacks X times. Since both are Attack abilities, they don't overlap.

Q) Can Haley use Sneak Attack if she's in the same room with monsters that have Flying? Similarly, can Belkar use Twin Daggers of Doom with Leaping Attack if in a room with a Flying monster?
A) Flying does not in any way affect the Range to the monster.

All Flying does is prevent players from using a Shtick that has a listed Range of 0 when fighting that monster. Since you already can't attack a monster at Range > 0 unless your shtick has a listed Range > 0, Flying status has no actual effect on ranged attacks.

Flying prevents the usage of shticks with a listed Range of 0, that's all. Think of it as working exactly like Impervious, which prevents use of Weapon Shticks. Only in this case, replace "Weapon Shticks" with "Shticks with a printed Range of 0".

The text of Sneak Attack says that it works at Range 0, and if you are in the same room with a Monster, you have a Range of 0. Period. Whether or not the Monster has Flying is irrelevent. Flying has exactly one game effect: to prevent the use of Shticks with a listed Range of 0. Sneak Attack does not have a listed Range score of 0; it does not have a listed Range score AT ALL--because it is not a Battle Shtick. Therefore, Sneak Attack should still work against a Flying monster at Range 0 with Haley's Longbow.

Belkar's Twin Daggers of Doom has a Range of 0, but Leaping Attack adds +1 Range, so Belkar can attack flying monsters in the same room as him as well as in an adjacent room.

Q) On a similar note, if you're attacking a Flying monster with Tricky does it get it's +10 Defense bonus if you're in the same room?
A) No, it does not get the +10 bonus in that case. The exact wording says that if the actual Range to the monster is greater than 0, it gains +10 Defense--it does not mention the listed Range on the shtick you are using, which is therefore not relevent. A monster with Flying and Tricky would get the effects of Tricky against attacks coming from another room, and the effects of Flying on attacks coming from the same room.

Q) Are there special rules for collapsing a dungeon if a floor has more than one set of stairs down from it?
A) All of the rules in the book apply for collapsing the dungeon. If a floor has more than one set of stairs (which can happen as the result of a Screw This! card or shtick), then the room with one of the stairs must still be the last room removed from the floor. It doesn't matter which of the stair rooms is removed last, and it's not necessary to make a decision ahead of time on which stair room is removed. The first stair room can be removed even if there are spare rooms on the other side of the level.

Q) Is loot with the OotS emblem considered loot that is "drooled over" for all players?
A) Yes. The OOTS emblem is a wild-card that indicates that all of the characters drool over that loot (page 24 of the rules.)

Two players can pass an item with the OOTS emblem back and forth between themselves. This is not limited to loot containing the OOTS emblem, howeer. Take a loot that has 1 Roy and 1 V face for example. The players playing those two characters could also exchange that loot back and forth.

You can use loot containing the OOTS emblem just like you would any other loot. Each OOTS emblem always counts as one face.

Q) If you use the Screw This! card that allows you to negate abilities, how does this work for Leaders? Is the +1 battle size gone the entire time, or will a player add a monster after this turn?
A) Great question! The Screw This! card you're referring to is 'I Forgot They Could Do That'. The card says that you can eliminate one of the effects on the monster card until the end of turn. Some effects, like Leader, only really take effect as the card is played.

Note that this answer is changed from previous versions (12/18.) The Leader ablility says that the Battle Size is +1, meaning that the room gets one more monster played in it than would normally be played. 'If I Forgot They Could Do That' (IFTCDT) is played as the monster card was put into play, then that monster is no longer considered a Leader. IFTCDT cannot negate and ability for a monster after another monster has been played or after after all of the monsters have been played to a battle and the dice rolled.

Q) Can you please explain how to use Elan's Schtick "Poorly Planned Illusion"?
A) Elan's "Poorly-Planned Illusion" shtick does not cause a wound to the affected monsters. Therefore the monsters are not killed and they do not drop any loot in the room. Elan simply moves them to an adjacent room.

If loot was already dropped in the room as a result of a previous battle, that loot will now be left unguarded in the room. At this point, since Elan is responsible for clearing the room of the last monster, he would have the option of picking up 2 loot (the same as when someone kills the last monster in a room).

Use of the term "defeated" seems appropriate since Elan is indeed successful in his battle roll and is therefore able to inflict his will upon the monsters by forcing them to move to an adjacent room.

Q) Can you give more than one loot per battle?
A) Yes, you can give more than one loot to other players in return for assistance with a battle. You can give multiple loot to the same person or you can give one or more loot to each of several different players.

The only limitation is that in PvP battles, an assisting player can only help one of the two players in the battle. You can't assist both sides.

Assistance is only good for a single battle (ie. a single die roll). If you decide to attack the next monster in the stack you have to offer new loot in order to gain assistance.

Q) Regarding the Bloodlust monster ability - Durkon using Big Heavy Armor or Haley using Hide would be pointless, because even if Durkon/Haley wins, the schtick makes the battle a draw instead, and Bloodlust makes the draw into a loss, right?
A) Right.

Q) The rules (say you can start in a room, pick up one Loot, move, and fight in another room – and if you clear that room , you can pick up up to two more Loot. However, Haley’s “Come to Me, My Pretties” schtick says, “As always, you may pick Loot only once per turn.” Which is correct?
A) The rules are correct. The intent of that sentence was to make it clear that you couldn't pick up Loot from two different rooms just because the shtick allowed you to pick up two Loot per turn.

Q) What happens if you play the "I Forgot They Could Do That" Screw This! card and target a monster's Horde ability. Do you discard the extra monsters?
A) You NEVER discard Monsters because the battle size is reduced. Battle Size is only checked while the battle is being triggered; once the Monsters are in the room, no change to the Battle Size can cause them to be discarded. You could, however, play IFTCDT to cancel Horde in the middle of people playing Monsters to keep the battle from growing even bigger.

Also note that if a monster has multiple Support abilities, IFTCDT may only cancel one of those abilities, and not the entire Support concept.

Q) With a 2-player game, the first player adds 2 monsters to the battle stack and then the second player adds one if the battle size is 3 or more. *If it's more than 3, does it keep alternating 2-1-2-1-2-1... or does the first player only play 2 monsters the first time so the order is 2-1-1-1-1...?
A) 2-1-1-1...

Q) V uses Blackwing to retrieve a loot from range and the loot turns out to be a trap. Is the trap triggered in the room the loot was in or V's room?
A) The room the loot was in.

Q) Can non-battle schticks can be flipped on a turn that you rest?
A) You can flip non-Battle shticks at any time, unless the shtick itself has a limit printed on it. As an example, Durkon can use (and flip) Cure Assorted Wounds while resting.

Q) I am then curious if a successful Swipe attempt from Haley against a player results in 2 loot being stolen?
A) Swipe is a battle shtick and therefore qualifies for the benefits associated with PvP combat. Therefore you would get 2 loots (1 for the successful Swipe, and 1 for the PvP victory).

Q) can Haley or Roy use the Party Leader Veto to force someone to use a shtick (this came up when Haley wanted to force Elan to do some wacky hijinks, as opposed to just flipping it so he could not use it) or can you only flip a shtick so the person can't use it?
A) No, these shticks flip the card with no effect, denying their owner the usage of the card until they rest.

Q) For Elan's Bard Song, does the person get one bonus overall for the roll, or, is the Bard Song bonus for each individual loot card given to Elan, or is it the unlikely situation of the bard song bonus is given for each drool factor?
A) One bonus overall per battle roll, not one per loot card given.

Q) Player A on left dead-end of a full 8-room first level finds the stairs down, Then some players move down there and to the left. At this point, player C on the right edge of the first level uses a screw this card to find another set of stairs. Some players move down and to the right. Is this legal? Is so, what is the range between the two rooms? Can attacks be made through the 'void'? How about player assistance? Can one set of stairs be found down from each of the sides?
A) First, yes, this is legal. Remember that there can only be 8 rooms per level, though, so it is probable that these two sub-levels will not meet in the middle, ever. On the other hand, if someone explores the middle area and there is a small enough gap, they WILL meet. There is not really a range between the two rooms - no ranged attacks or movement may occur between them. Only one set of stairs can be found from the split level, unless some other special circumstance occurs.

Q) If you drop down to no health and start fleeing, but is forced to miss your next turn (for example, if the fight was in the Restroom), What is the procedure?
A) If you miss a turn (Restroom, Paralyze, etc), then you are basically frozen in place. You drop the Loot when you hit 0 health, put your character on its side, and end your turn. On the next turn, you stand your character up, drop a Loot, and end your turn. On the third turn, you drop a Loot and move 3 spaces. You never move 3 spaces on a turn in which your character begins or ends on its side.

Q) Does Belkar's Leaping Attack bonuses always apply to the Twin Daggers of Doom (so permanently increase the attack power and range) or only when doing the Leaping Attack (i.e. attacking into a different room?) And if the bonus to attack does apply is Belkar restricted to only attacking once with the leaping bonus and then can not keep attacking?
A) Leaping Attack has three benefits that are not related to one another:
• +1 Attack when using Twin Daggers of Doom
• +1 Range when using Twin Daggers of Doom
• After you the battle, you must move into a room that you Attacked if that room was not the room you were standing in. You may not battle additional monsters in that room if you do this.

There is no such thing as "when leaping"; if you are using Twin Daggers of Doom, you get +1 Attack and +1 Range, regardless of what range you attack your foe at. The phrase, "If you Attack into a room..." is an indicator of what happens if you make a Ranged Attack with TDoD; you don't Attack into a room if you're standing in that room. Thus, everything after the words "If you Attack into a room..." only apply if the Attack was a Ranged Attack.

Q) How can battle sizes get so big sometimes?
A) We are changing this rule a bit to prevent battle sizes from getting extraordinarily large. With the new rule, any given Monster can only provide support for one monster at a time--the closest-to-the-top monster played into the room that it can Support. So if you have:

• Player 1 plays a Forgettable Goblin.
• Player 2 plays Goblin Necromancer. Forgettable Goblin now supports Goblin Necromancer. (Battle Size = 3)
• Player 3 plays Redcloak. The Forgettable Goblin does NOT support Redcloak, but the Goblin Necromancer does (because it cannot support itself). Redcloak further supports the Goblin Necromancer. (Battle Size = 5)
• Player 4 plays Demon Roach. Demon Roach supports Goblin Necromancer, not Redcloak, because Goblin Necromancer is closer to the top of the stack. (Battle Size = 6)
• Player 5 plays Kobold King. Demon Roach does not support Kobold King, because it is already supporting the Goblin Necromancer.
• Player 6 plays Kobold Roadkill. Kobold Roadkill supports Kobold King, because there is nothing stopping it from doing so. (Battle Size = 7)
• Player 1 plays Ugly Ogre, and battle is set.

Under the old system, this would have been Battle Size 10 by the time it got the end of the sequence above (because the Forgettable Goblin would have supported both goblin hordes, and the Demon Roach would have supported all three hordes), and would have needed 3 more cards before it was set.

This will make more sense once you play through it yourself.

Q) One of the Thor's Lightning cards does not have result text. What is the result?
A) The result on all of the Thor's Lightning is the same - foe loses 1 wound.

Q) How many Bragging Points is the defeat of Xykon worth? Page 27 specifies 5, but page 29 specifies 2*lvl.
A) The defeat of Xykon is worth 2 * level. The 5 points is a typo.

Q) Can Roy's shtick Party Leader Veto be used anytime?
A) The intent of this shtick (Party Leader Veto) was for it to be used during Roy's turn. It should therefore include the text "At the start of your turn..." The same goes for Haley's shtick Second in Command.

Q) Is there a problem with the Dungeon Collapse example on page 29 of the rules?
A) The example is 99% correct. However, as the last move of the game, Belkar moves out of the dungeon and removes room 10B. However, the Dark Room on the other side of the level doesn't have any characters in it, and so THAT should have been the room removed.

Q) Since stairs are found on a low roll, would someone really want to use Elven Senses...Tingling as printed?
A) The intent of the card was to add +2 to the number needed to find stairs, not +2 to the roll itself. So with one instance of Elven Senses...Tingling in play, V would need a 5 to find stairs.

Q) Page 15 says that picking up 2 loot for killing a monster is a bonus, and I can still pick up loot at the end of my turn. Page 25 in the example says that Roy can't pick up loot at the end of his turn. Which one is correct?
A) Technically both, but the spirit you are looking for is page 25. Basically, taking the two bonus Loot prohibits you from picking up any more Loot that turn, per the second bullet point on page 24 under "How Much Loot Can Be Picked Up". The text on page 15 doesn't specifically contradict this, it merely says that the two bonus Loot is in addition to any other Loot you would get--which in this case is zero, since if you take the bonus Loot, you get no other Loot.

Q) The rules state that XyKon deck cards don't have red X's, but they appear to. Can I keep them for experience?
A) Yes.

2006-11-09, 12:33 AM
The FAQ has been updated. The PDF version of the FAQ on apegames.com is still old, but will be updated shortly.

2006-11-13, 03:25 PM

When using "I Forgot They Could Do That" on the leader ability, it indicates that you should pick up extra cards that have been placed.

Under the same question for Horde, it states that you should NEVER pick-up extra cards.

I think the earlier FAQ on Leader should be updated to leave any cards played on the stack.

2007-02-14, 04:49 PM
The FAQ has been updated to include:

1) New ruling on monster support. Now monsters can only support the top-most monster in each room that it is able to support.

2) Clarifications on Belkar's Leaping Attack.

2007-02-15, 10:27 AM
The FAQ has been updated to include:

1) New ruling on monster support. Now monsters can only support the top-most monster in each room that it is able to support.

So, under the ruling above, if someone plays a monster that has support (monstertype), that blocks the horde ability for that type of any monster underneath it [except for use by Belkar]?

Example, starting battle size 2.
Card A; Goblin Ninja (support, goblin, for Ambush)
Card B; Redcloak (Leader +1, Support horde: Goblins).

If Card C is something that would support a goblin [a goblin or roach], it supports the Ninja, not Redcloak, and thus does nothing to the battle size through Supporting?

Myself, I think it's overkill in terms of nerfing horde.

2007-02-15, 02:16 PM
Yes, your interpretation is correct. Try the new ruling a few times. If you don't like it, then feel free to go back to the original rules.

2007-02-16, 01:17 AM
With the new rule, any given Monster can only provide support for one monster at a time--the closest-to-the-top monster played into the room that it can Support.

Do monsters still support each other if on the same floor, but not in the same room? Can a monster support multiple other monsters in that situation?

For instance, Room A contains Stereotyped Dark Elf (Greed, supported by undead), Room B contains Goblin Necromancer (Horde and Assist, supported by undead), Room C contains Redcloak (Horde and Assist, supported by goblins) and a single Demon Roach. The roach supports Redcloak - does it support the dark elf and necromancer?

Jack Mann
2007-02-16, 02:48 AM
Yes. He just doesn't support, say, the Ogre Chieftain, who's under the necromancer.

This stops the situation where you end up with every available monster in one room, due to horde stacking. Spread over multiple rooms, this isn't nearly as big a problem.

Of course, once the necromancer is defeated, and the chieftain is revealed, the roach now supports him as well.

2007-02-16, 11:29 AM

If possible, if there are further clarifications required to this clarification, then let's move it to the Questions topic.

2007-05-29, 09:41 PM
All future versions of the FAQ will be placed on apegames.com (http://www.apegames.com/oots/oots-dod/oots-dod.html).

In fact, there's a brand new, updated color version of it out there right now!

2008-07-09, 07:31 AM
Hopefully I answered this for you via email yesterday. Could you please delete this post and repost it over in the Questions topic if you still have a question about it?

Player 3
2011-01-10, 03:46 AM
Right then. This question is about the "I forgot they could do that" Screw This! card, and Xykon himself.

We just played a game in which a player used this card to get rid of Xykons, "Xykon" special ability. We were unsure how to rule this.
We played it as the dungeon did not collapse when he was defeated because it was his special ability that triggered it. Which, made the endgame very weird.

How should this be ruled?

2011-06-15, 07:33 AM
Hmm, interesting...

2011-12-26, 04:01 PM
The chasm of unnesesary cliffs (room card) has been contested in a recent game. Are the brackets ignorable or do they indicate you *must* discard equipped loot first?

2012-01-04, 10:56 PM
Are you allowed to make multiple ranged attacks per turn as long as you don't lose, draw, or use an area of effect shtick? Also, if you CAN make multiple ranged attacks per turn, can Vaarsuvius use Lightning Bolt to defeat one monster and use Fireball right afterwards?

2012-09-29, 02:43 PM
Do y'all think that we'll be able to get the Kickstarter cards in the future? I just got my game.

2014-07-06, 09:24 PM
Any chance of an updated FAQ since I don't know if one has been done for The Shortening. And the Sticky Shticks has been out b long enough now for there to be questions.