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2008-11-18, 01:15 AM
The wording on these feels weird, but I'm not certain how to make it sound right. The balance might be a bit off, but Bard/Marshal seems like a natural combo. I'm surprised WotC never put anything like this out.

Rallying Commander [Bardic]
You are a master of inspiration and morale. In battle, your allies look to you as a beacon of hope, spurring them to greater heights. By mastering both the art of Bardic Inspiration and the powerful auras of the Marshal, you can turn any rag-tag group into a deadly assault team.
Prerequisites: Charisma 15, Bardic Music, the ability to cast 1st level Arcane Spells, the ability to project at least one Major Aura, Martial Weapon Proficiency.
Benefits: If you have levels in both the Bard and Marshal class, those levels stack to determine the bonus you add with your Inspire Courage and Major Auras. For example, a Level 2 Marshal/Level 6 Bard grants a +2 bonus to attacks and damage his inspire courage (as an 8th level bard) and a +2 bonus with his Major Auras (as a L8 Marshal).
Furthermore, whenever you are affected by your own bardic music (during the performance or the period after which when your song's effects linger), the effects of any Major Aura that you project are doubled. For example, if Choran, a Level 2 Marshal/Level 6 Bard, were to perform his Inspire Courage song, any major aura being projected would have a +4 bonus (+2 as a L8 Marshal, +2 due to the effects of this feat). Should Choran choose to end his song, this bonus would persist for 5 rounds afterward (or ten if Choran had the lingering song feat or another method of extending his music's effect) and then revert to the normal +2 bonus.

Tactical Genius [Marshal]
You don't let your inexperience get in the way of a good idea.
Prerequisites: Ability to Project a Major Aura, Martial Weapon Proficiency, Intelligence 13.
Benefits: You learn a number of auras equal to your intelligence modifier. When choosing these auras, you must pick one minor aura for each major aura. You may choose dragon shaman auras as major auras as outlined in Dragon Magazine. For example, Choran is a L3 Marshal with 16 intelligence. He may choose three auras to learn, however, he may only learn one major aura because he cannot learn an equal number of minor auras and still have enough intelligence to get another major aura. If Choran had 18 intelligence, he would be able to choose two major auras and two minor auras.

Double Aura
You are a master of complex commands. Those who fight with you feel prepared for anything.
Prerequisites: Ability to project at least two Major Auras, Character Level 12.
Benefits: You may project two major auras at once. You must activate and dismiss each aura separately.
Normal: You may only project one aura at a time.