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2006-09-20, 09:08 PM
“It’s our third day brother… Where the hell is the city?”
Kel’ma grumbles at his sibling’s impatience, watching the horizon of the desert with narrowed eyes from the front of the merchant’s cart.
“It’s only a matter of time, Mulkoth… We just entered Kun’rem’ei valley… We’re not far from Duskblade now…”
“Good, because-… Wait, Kun’rem’ei? The valley of demons?”
Kel’ma nods, and his brother snickers.
“Heh… Can we expect what the stories tell us? Twisted creatures leaping out of the sands and eating our souls? Waves of light parting the sands? Ghost ships!?”
Mulkoth roars with laughter, but his brother remains silent, wincing a bit.
“What? Scared? Is a grand trader of the wastes afraid of ghosts?”
Mulkoth taunts his brother for several miles into the valley, the blood colored sun beating down overhead.
“You can’t believe such an obvious fairy tale! It’s just a group of raiders that attack in the sandst-”
Mulkoth stops, staring at something beyond the next dune. Kel’ma looks back at his brother.
“What is it?”
“Looks like the remains of a bandit's attack… Look.”
Mulkoth points down to a group of shattered merchant carts, half buried in the sands. Kel’ma stops the cart, and they both leap off to inspect the damage. Bodies sticking out of the sand look burnt, skewered, or otherwise crushed. Mulkoth kneels down by what seems to be one of the merchant’s guards.
“Hey… Check this one out.”
He lifts the dead guard out of the sand slightly, pointing to two small holes in the man’s throat, nearly three inches apart. Kel’ma looks at the corpse with raised eyebrows.
“Looks like a snakebite…”
“Snake? The thing would have been huge! Look how far apart the fangs are!”
Kel’ma shrugs, and then spots something black sticking out of another carcass. He walks over cautiously, leaning over the body before recoiling slightly. Within the heart of the human merchant lay a piece of papyrus paper, with a black ritualistic knife stabbed through it. Words of a foreign language are written in red ink upon it in scrawled text. Mulkoth walks over in curiosity and eyes the note.
“What’s it say?”
Kel’ma bites his lip, trying to make out the text.
“Jah’ea huram ma’os nie’ra…”
Mulkoth raises an eyebrow.
“What the hell does tha-”
“It means,” a female voice calls out from behind them, “We shall reclaim our holy land.”
Both brothers jump at the sound of the newcomer, turning around immediately and revealing a human woman with short, brass colored hair.
“Now…” she hisses, “You have interrupted a ritual ridding these foreigner souls from our land. Personally, I’d off you now, but Captain needs some sacrifices to make this work, and unfortunately the raid didn’t go as expected…”
Both brothers’ eyes widen in fear, and Mulkoth turns to run.
“Ah ah ah… None of that.”
Out of the sands erupts a small lead ball, ripping through the back of Mulkoth’s knee. He cries out and falls to the earth, bleeding profusely.
“Thanks, Kobos. As for you,” the woman turns to Kel’ma, “you can suffer a much less painful death then your brother there if you just do what we say…”
She snaps her fingers, and a stream of vipers burst from the ground, surrounding Kel’ma completely in a ring of snakes. Gulping, he turns to see a small beaked creature dig itself out of the sand and drag the body of his brother back to the area of wreckage. The woman turns and yells across the field of debris.
“Captain! We found some!”
A gust of wind kicks up a flurry of sand, out of which two jackal-like creatures step out. A shorter and older looking one rubs his hands together, then dips them both into pouches on his belt, taking them out again when they are covered in a red dust. He then reaches out and runs his bony claws over both brothers faces, marking their faces with lines of blood colored sand before retreating and chanting a hymn in an archaic tongue.
“Wha-… What’s-”
The larger jackal creature pulls out a monstrous looking spiked chain from under his cloak, and swinging it so it wraps around the bodies of both of the brothers, though doesn’t pierce the skin.
“What are you-…”
The older jackal man stops chanting, and nods to the larger one.
“The rest is yours, Captain.”
The large jackal man grins, and his eyes glow red.
“Jah’ea huram ma’os nie’ra!”
The brothers' screams were lost in the howling desert wind…

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Map of Kun'rem'ei Valley


2006-09-20, 09:13 PM
Hasphet, Last of the Marrusault
Male Marrusault Fighter 4/ Ranger 3
Large Monstrous Humanoid
Hit Dice: 6d8+4d10+3d8+26 [Hp 89]
Initiative: +4
Speed: 30 ft.
Armor Class: 23 (-1 Size, +4 Dex, +5 Natural, +5 Breastplate), touch 13, flatfooted 19
Base Attack/Grapple: +13 / +24
Attack: Aapep’s Tongue +20/+20 melee (2d6+9), or Eagle Eye Pistols +15/+15 ranged (2d8+4)
Full Attack: Aapep’s Tongue +20/+20/+15/+15/+10/+10 melee (2d6+9), or Eagle Eye Pistols +15/+15 ranged (2d8+4)
Space/Reach: 10 ft./ 10 ft.
Special Attacks: Howl of Defiance, Favored Enemy (Humanoids [Human]), Pounce
Special Qualities: Desiccation Resistance, Discriminate Hearing, Ferocity, Fire Resistance 5, Low Light Vision
Saves: Fort +14, Ref +11, Will +8
Abilities: Str 28, Dex 19, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 12
Skills: Bluff +7, Intimidate +7, Jump +16, Listen +12, Spot +8, Survival +8
Feats: Cleave, Endurance, Exotic Weapon Proficiency [Firearms], Exotic Weapon Proficiency [Spiked Chain], Great Fortitude, Greater Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Unarmed Strike, Leap of the Heavens, Power Attack, Raptor School, Track, Two Weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus [Spiked Chain]
Challenge Rating: 12
Possessions: Aapep’s Tongue (Large Blinding Energy Spiked Chain), 2 Eagle Eye Pistols (Distance Seeking Pistols), 3 bags of Bullets (10 bullets in each), Mithral Breastplate, The Scorpion’s Ghost (Sand Schooner)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Koren’oket speaks Common and Marru

Desiccation Resistance (Ex): The damage of magical desiccation damage is reduced by 10. Koren’oket also takes no nonlethal or lethal damage from failing Constitution checks to avoid being dehydrated. He only needs to drink a mouthful of water to remove the dehydrated condition.

Discriminate Hearing (Ex): Koren’oket’s kin have naturally keen hearing, giving him a +4 racial bonus to listen checks. He can also detect the presence of any creature within 30 ft. He can pinpoint the creature’s exact location if they are within 5 ft. Undead, constructs, and other creatures without metabolism cannot be detected unless they move.

Howl of Defiance (Su): 1/day, all creatures within 30 ft. must make a Will save DC 14 or become fatigued. Those within 10 ft. of Koren’oket when he howls become exhausted on a failed save.

Pounce (Ex): Koren’oket can make a full attack on a charge.

Favored Enemy (Humanoids [Human]) (Ex): Koren’oket gains a +2 bonus to bluff, listen, sense motive, spot, and survival checks involving humans. He also gains a +2 to damage against those with the (Human) subtype.

Ferocity (Ex): Koren’oket can continue to function without penalty when disabled or dieing.

Wild Empathy (Ex): Koren’oket may make a 1d20+1 Charisma check to influence an animal’s behavior. The animal and Koren’oket must be visible to each other, as well within a 30 ft. distance.

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Well, I had the rest of my entries done, just refrencing everything, and I lose the all the files containing the info of the crew, booty, and background of the Scorpion's Ghost.

Long story short, I'm not gonna be able to enter this month's contest.

So, basically... Good luck to those who entered, and I'm gonna bang my head on the wall. Feel free to comment on the horrible job I managed to post before my stupid computer messed up.

The Vorpal Tribble
2006-09-30, 06:45 PM
Well shoot, and I was looking forward to the rest of the entry :-/

2006-10-01, 12:13 AM
It was essentially about how 5 different people [originally 2 different groups] who joined together to essentially destroy a city called Duskblade. Duskblade is located on the northern end of Kun’rem’ei valley, named so by the people who settled there.

The settlers were explorers for the empire of Kal'Sek'Met, "the people of the lion's blades", arriving there on specialized vehicles called sandships, modified versions of their marine counterparts to stream across the surface of the sand with equal [if not greater] speed. Since then, they have used these ships to transport gold and iron from the surrounding area too Dustskull, in exchange for extra fresh water from their rivers.

Unknowing to the people who took over the land that is now Duskblade, the place they lived was a Marru burial ground. This pissed off the local Marru tribes, which attacked the settlers, only to get whipped out due to vast difference in numbers. Very few of the Marru remained after the attacks...

Sometime later (give or take a century) Anu Sa'bek, Duskblade's head artificer, was arrested and sentenced to death for the murder of 4 noblemen. He refused to give a reason, though it speculated that he did it because he heard of a plan to falsely accuse him of treason in order to remove him from his current post as leader of the crafters guild, and killed the key players in this plot out of an attempt to stop them. He was unsuccessful in his last attempt, and captured, sentenced to be killed the next week.

His sister Isa, a member of the city's expansion project further into the wilderness, heard of this news and began planning a rescue attempt with their childhood friend, Kobos Eyre, who was a prominent sniper in the city guard. Their rescue was successful, leaving all three members with one of the cities scouting sandships and as fugitives of the law.

That's part 1. Part 2 comes afterwards...

Yeah, this can't be entered in the contest, figure I might as well show people a story though.

I also planned to change Isa to captain, Kobos to the sidekick... Meh... Doesn't matter anymore.

2006-10-01, 02:47 AM
Part 2

At the same time, Hasphet the Marrusault, a gigantic jackal-like humanoid, and his uncle Volsked the Marrutact, another smaller jackal man, watched as ships sailed over their ancestor’s graves, plotting an attack. They were the last of the Marru people remaining in the area (the rest had died or moved out of the valley), keeping safe the artifacts of their once great city of Hooreva. The city could be easily seen by traders and explorers, though the few who ever went to explore the remains of the blackened glass city never returned home, making it seem to be cursed, called Kel’mas, the Death Stones.

This, of course, made it a prime place for Isa, Anu, and Kobos to dock and stay until the news of their escape blew over. Naturally, the two groups encountered and fought, ending when Isa summoned snakes to her aid a creature the Marru found sacred. Seeing her as a priestess, they dropped their weapons and bowed, begging forgiveness from the “lost prophet”. Isa, after managing to sit the two jackal-men down, managed to convince them that she wasn’t a goddess, rather she, her sibling and her friend were looking for a place to stay while they plotted an attack to on the government that betrayed them… The two Marru happily obliged, joining them on their attempts to lead the city to oblivion so they could reclaim the burial ground of their ancestors.

The idea of taking the city on in a head on fight would be preposterous, it was to well armed and well defended. So, what you can’t fight in the city, you’d fight what came out of it… And what came out of the cities were trade ships. They would attack the ships coming too and from Duskblade, not only destroying their economy, but their chances of survival, by cutting the cities water supply.

So attack they did, with little success at first, but with more triumph as Anu created a series of enchantments for the ship, as well as creating effigies from sand to serve as extra crewmembers, designing them to look like his new Marru allies, which both Hasphet and Volsked gave high praise, calling them “reason for the invaders to fear our people…”

And to this day, they fight. Some may see them as heartless raiders of these abyssal wastes, some may see them as a small group of people trying to right the wrongs of an over corrupt society… But in the end, they are pirates. The scourge of Kun’rem’ei...

Feel free to comment... I wanna know if anything was good...


Isa Sa'bek, Female Human Swashbuckler 5/Snakelord 6/ Beastmaster 1

Anu Sa'bek, Male Human Artificer 7/ Effigy Master 3

Kobos Eyre, Male Kenku (http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/mmiii_gallery/83014.jpg) Nonmagic Ranger 6/ Fighter 5

Hasphet, changed to a Male Marrusault (http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/sand_gallery/87628.jpg) Fighter 2 [ECL 10]

Volsked, Male Marrutact (http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/sand_gallery/87629.jpg) Spirit Shaman 10