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2006-09-15, 09:30 AM
There are old pirates. There are young pirates. There are rich pirates. There are dead pirates. But there's only one pirate who's all at once...

The Little One is greatly feared by all honest folk, and the stories told by survivors have only increased this dread. he has been plundering the world's seas for more than a hundred years, and tales of his demise are always exaggerated.

The following could be a description of the Little One in a game:
A boy stands in front of you, no more than fourteen years old. He is wearing a black tunic and trousers, and is armed only with a long knife at his belt. His features are unremarkable, except for his eyes; he could be looking at a fish being gutted, or a beautiful sunrise, and wear the same expression.

The Little One always wears the same tunic, trousers and knife, although he replaces his belt occasionally. His hair is dark blonde and his face merely average. His eyes are his distinguishing feature; what frightens his prisoners the most is the certainty that this boy does not care if they live or die, even as a means to an end. Lives hold no value to him.

The Little One changes mood and conversational tack quickly; one minute he will be interrogating and the next chatting politely. Sometimes he will kill his captives immediately, sometimes he will kill them one by one in various ways, and sometimes he will let them go. His crew are the only people he is not inconstant with; he expects to be obeyed, and gives every man an equal share of the treasure.

Perhaps his schizophrenia is merely an act, or maybe he truly is mad. No one knows.

The Little One has a motley crew of born pirates, hydrophobic cargo handlers and ex-merchant sailors. They are united by a love of money and the knowledge that wherever they go, the Captain can find them. The First Mate is known as Redrum, and the Ship's Wizard is called Sleepy.

Redrum has sailed with the Captain for fifteen years, and has been first mate for twelve. In his three years as a sailor, he saw the Captain kill five successive mutinous first mates. The last one, learning from the mistakes of others, sent the Captain to the depths with a chest of lead tied to his foot. Three days later, the Captain was back in command and there was a body on the bowsprit.

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