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2006-09-12, 11:32 AM
Captain Firewind
Captain of the White Lotus, and it's ninja-wizard-pirate crew.

''Pirates?' the ships captain scoffed. 'I've sailed these waters for years before you were born, mi'lad. What pirate can scare me now?' He stared over the waters towards the fast approaching ship with contempt.
The first mate stepped foward from the ships crew. He was small for a sailor, and this weak image was enhanced by the paleness of his face.
'The pirates of the White Lotus, Cap'n.' The young man stammered as he spoke. 'The most dangerous pirates in these 'ere waters!'
The captain let out a hearty laugh, cut short as the other boat rammed into their side. The man fell down, and the crew reached for something to hold onto. The captain stared at the enemies ship. Surely it had moved too for a vessel which sailed alongside natural winds.
'We're sinkin' cap'n!' cried the first mate from the crows nest.
'Then grab some buckets and bail, ye wretches! We keep this ship afloat for as long as we be able!'
The order was to lengthy, and given too late. Even as he spoke, several figures leapt onto the prow of the sinking ship. They were dressed in black garments, the style of Ninja's, but each caried a wizards spellbook and a pirates cutlass.
A man strode confidently off the other ship, garbed in resplendent black trousers and a long tattered coat, with a breastplate covering his torso. In his left arm he held a longsword, while in his right a book. A bright blue hat with an arrowhawk's feather sat atop his head. An patch with unusual arcane marks rested over his left eye.
'Who be ye?' gasped the ships captain, suddenly humbled by the very presence of his assailant.
'I am told you are delivered weapons and food supplies for your fleet. I have come to appropriate them for myself and my crew, who will retrieve them now.' The man snapped his fingers, and some of the crew ran off into the lower levels of the ship, leaving it's original owners too stunned to move.
'I ask ye again,' said the captain, at last finding his voice. 'what be yer name, pirate?'
The pirate captain ignored him. He made a complex signal with his fingers, and the crew turned and leapt onto the other ship. Before the sailors could recover and attack him, he tapped his eye-patch, which suddenly a great beam of fire came out of it and struck the main sail, incinerating it in seconds.
In the short time it had taken for this event to occur, the man had returned to his ship in the blink of an eye.
'Should we pursue them cap'n?' Asked one of the pirates as the defeated members of the sinking vessel rushed to the life-boats.
'Nay,' said the captain. 'I am an honourable man, and my honour demands that I let them live.'
He turned the face the wreckage of his victims ship and cried out to the survivors;
'Remember this day, mortal sailors, for today you have met the sea's master! Tell your comrades that today was the day you were robbed by Captain firewind of the White Lotus! '

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