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2008-11-22, 07:41 PM
This is a one-shot idea that I've run as a PbP game, and intend to do face to face eventually. While I've run it with my system of choice (and the pregens are for that system) it will work with just about anything. Indeed it does have a certain meta-game simplicity to it that it can be adapted to almost any setting too. Someone used it for an Old West game called "Garza Wants You Dead!".

I've got a format called "a setting in a page", which I've used here.

Title: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: Golko Wants You Dead!

Genre(s): Star Wars; hard-boiled pulp. Probably a little cyberpunk in there, were I more familiar with the genre.

Inspiration(s): Star Wars; the Knights of the Old Republic games and the new comic; the grittier brand of action movie.

Outline: There's a war on, but you wouldn't know it down here. Sure there's refugees who thought things might be better here than where they came from, but they're just another mixture of opportunity and threat. In the depths of Coruscant's lower levels, life is a constant stuggle and there are more pressing concerns than galactic affairs. Like where the next paycheck is coming from, and whether your creditors catch up to you.

The Exchange runs things down here, they're the law and nothing big happens without their say-so. The Exchange boss who rules this part of the undercity is Golko. Ruthless, ambitious, paranoid, Golko epitomises all the traits essential in climbing up in the cutthroat business of organised crime.

You've got one serious problem - Golko wants you dead. He's got the wherewithal and the will to get the job done, the only thing standing in the way of that goal is that you're not going down without a fight.

What are the key tropes or conventions?:

Competent characters, but not exemplars by any means.
No good deed goes unpunished.
Protagonists are morally gray, but no outright villains.
Law is for the upper city, down here there's just a kind of order.

Who are the PCs?: The PCs are a rag-tag band of misfits thrown together by chance and a common need to survive against some of the most hard-bitten scum and villainy sent to kill them. Will they look for a way out of the undercity, or choose to go to the source of the problem and take out Golko?

Pregens are not complete; everyone needs to come up with a name, gender and species, and tell us why Golko wants them dead.

The Cop

There isn't much by way of proper law enforcement in the undercity, but that doesn't mean the authorities ignore what goes on completely. The roots of much of the upper city's crime are down here in the shadows, and that's where a select few undercover operatives come in

In Too Deep 5 - You've been at this so long you think like a criminal. You know who to ask questions of, where to get things, how to persuade people to talk.

-Word on the Street: You've got informants with an ear to the ground, and know how to shake people down for the latest gossip.
-Criminal Psychology 101: You know how criminals think, where they'd hide things, how to blend in like one of them. You don't give off the stink of cop.
-Give it Up: You know how to ask the right questions, and what buttons to push to make someone talk. You've got a reputation as someone not to mess with.

Unreasonable Force 4 - What they taught you during basic training doesn't cut it down here. Expect no quarter, give none in return, most people fight to survive.

-Beatdown: Somewhere along the way those clean restraining techniques and riot control methods you learned in the academy were tempered with back-alley streetfighting and dirty tricks. You hit first and hard.
-Packing Heat: More often than not, survival means getting the drop on the other guy, or drawing faster than they do. You're a deadly shot with a blaster.

Drive Like a Maniac 3 - You always had a natural talent for speeders and swoops, something that's served you just as well down here.

-Swoop Racer: For a brief time you raced on the swoop circuit and made a name for yourself. You know your way around a swoop engine, too.

Holds a Grudge 1 - You never forget a slight done to you, or a favour owed. You've got some enemies out there and you'll settle the score no matter what.

Trappings: Blaster, collapsible stun-baton, armoured jacket.

The Scoundrel

You're a chancer, a drifter and a grifter, living from one moment to the next without much of a plan. You make your way through short cons, gambling and a bit of trading on the side.

Living By Your Wits 5 - You've got the fastest mouth in the quadrant and could sell water to a Quarren.

-Grift Sense: You can spot a likely mark, and have a knack for knowing exactly what people want to hear. You've tried all the better-known short cons, and have even made up a few of your own.
-Pazaak Face: Your bluff is second to none, and you know many ways to cheat at cards too.
-Let's Do Business: Your talents also stretch to bargaining and haggling. If there's a deal to be made, you'll be the one coming out on top.

Only Losers Fight Fair 4 - Something you learned quickly down here, there's no such thing as a fair fight. Run when you don't have an edge and hit the other being when they're not looking.

-Sucker Punch: Normally you prefer to hit someone when they're not expecting it, or escalate the stakes with one of your hidden armaments.
-Shot in the Back: Your favourite sort of firefight is the one where they're not returning fire.

Petty Crime 3 - There's only so far brains and brawn can get you, and that's when the other things you learned come in.

-Footpad: Picking pockets, sneaking around, breaching security and generally being places you're not supposed to be.

Greedy 1 - You can't resist an opportunity to enrich yourself. If there's a score going and the price is right, you're in.

Trappings: Blaster, Pair of concealed holdout blasters in wrist-mounted spring-rigs, hidden vibroshiv.

The Jedi Padawan

Since you were a young child, you were raised in the Jedi Temple nurturing your gift with the Force. The time of apprenticeship and training is almost over, and now you face one of the final Trials for Knighthood. You've been sent to the undercity, tasked with a serious mission, the completion of which will prove your worthiness.

Uncanny Insights 5 - The Force is strong with you, and guides you to where you need to be. Often that's right in the middle of a lot of trouble.

-Go With the Flow: The Living Force moves in mysterious ways, guiding you to the right place at the right time. You tend to instinctively pick the right options and ask the right questions.
-Exceptionally Observant: You notice even the smallest details that other people tend to miss.
-Trouble Magnet: Chances are if everything's gone sideways, you're at the heart of it.

Force-enhanced Kung Fu 4 - The Order teaches it's students a variety of combat techniques both with and without the lightsaber, and you're more than capable of looking after yourself in a fight. The Force gives you talents that the uninitiated lack, but it's hardly subtle.

-Soreshu Stylist: Once you've drawn your lightsaber, few things can penetrate your defenses. You are close to mastering the Jedi's most defensive form.
-Preternatural Physicality: With the Force as your ally, you are stronger, faster, more agile and more accurate than any normal being.

Command of the Esoteric 3 - You're well-versed in all kinds of obscure topics that people down here have little time to learn about. Those things can find surprising uses even in the undercity.

-Did You Know: Who'd have thought the architectural fashions of the late Expansion period would prescribe that a sewerage channel would have to be placed just here...

Fish Out of Water 1 - You don't belong down here, and it shows. You're too clean, too wide-eyed and no one takes you seriously. You look like a mark.

Trappings: Lightsaber, utility belt, poncho "disguise".

The Techie

For as long as you can remember you tinkered with things, whether tapping the power feeds so your family could get heat and light or building little gadgets of variable usefulness. This skill proved extremely valuable in providing an income as a local boss hired you to keep his droids in working order. Eventually you got a place of your own and a lot at the junkyard, where you turn trash into cash.

Techno-wizardry 5 - There's very little you can't achieve with machines and mechanisms, be they engines, droids, computers, weapons and anything else. This talent is not only a lucrative line of business, it also means you're in demand.

-Slicing and Reprogramming: Computers and droid intelligences give up their secrets to you easily. You know how they work, how they think, and how to fool them.
-Grease Monkey: Even the simplest of mechanisms speak to you, you can strip them down and rebuild them, or cannibalise them for parts in short order.
-Jury Rig: In a pinch you can throw together all sorts of improvised devices, explosives and weapons.

Whatever's Close to Hand 4 - You're not formally trained to fight by any means, but you know what works. That tends to be something close by and heavy, and you're no stranger to a scuffle.

-Spanner to the Dome: Might not be pretty, but a tool to the head will bring down most beings.
-Spray and Pray: Your marksmanship tends to require lots of ammunition to be effective.

Gang Connected 3 - Important people know you and some of them owe you. It's in their interests to keep a valuable asset like you safe and you keep an ear to the street.

-Good Rep: People on the street trust you, your word is a respected brand. You can get hold of the things you need.

Honest to a Fault 1 - The only reason you're not a lot richer and more powerful than you are is that you're a rare creature in the undercity - one with some integrity.

Trappings: Toolkit, custom-built droid, prototype blaster rifle.

The Aristocrat

As far as anyone passes for ghetto nobility, you are it. Your family control major criminal interests and you've always had the best that money can buy as a result. One day you're expected to take a major interest in Exchange politics with a view to taking over the reigns of power. You haven't had a completely sheltered existence; it's entirely necessary that a future vigo see the dirty end of the business they'll be running.

Air of Authority 5 - You're used to giving orders and having them followed. You might back that up with good looks and seductive suggestion, or a clever wit and clear voice or just plain bloody-mindedness. Everybody knows who you are and you know everyone who matters.

-Getting Your Way: Command comes naturally to you, through tone of voice, demeanour and poise, you demand instant respect.
-Friends in the Family: Sol the Knife? The guy that even the Wookie gang thinks is fracking crazy? He's your uncle Solly, who dandled you on his knee. "Numbers" Artaz, the woman people say has a computer for a heart and will kill a man for the price of a blaster power cell? She's been to every one of your birthday parties. The worst people in the undercity are your old family friends, and they're willing to talk to you, for old times' sake.
-Acting Natural: Your audacity knows no bounds, you're very good at playing along like you're supposed to be somewhere you're not.

Noble Fighting Arts 4 - As befits one of your social status, you began your education in the fighting arts young. Shooting, fencing, martial arts, everything a young aristo needs to take a hands-on approach to command.

-Crack Shot: Your marksmanship is honed by hours on the range, and more practical experience in gunfights on the street.
-Teras Kasi Master: From as soon as you could walk, you were taught the martial arts, mastering several by your teens. That covers both unarmed and melee weapon forms.

The Finer Things 3 - You have the best equipment that money can buy.

-SoroSuub X5200: Your souped-up, tricked-out, pimp ride.

Romantic Ideals 1 - You bought the whole nobility deal hook, line and sinker. So much so that you feel you have an obligation to do the right thing for your "subjects" and behave responsibly with your power.

Trappings: High-spec blaster, expensive clothes, an antique vibrosword, a personal energy shield.

From there it's simple. Every character has an "entry scene". Player tells the GM where there character is when the killers come for them at the start. They have to escape and meet up. Then find some allies and decide what they're going to do.

2008-11-23, 05:33 PM
What system is it that these pregens are made for? It looks like an advanced version of Risus, or something along those lines.

Emperor Tippy
2008-11-23, 05:38 PM
You do realize that there is a gaming forum for you to post games that you want to run, correct?

If you aren't looking for players than please indicate why you are posting it as you didn't ask for any feedback or anything at all.

2008-11-23, 06:24 PM
What system is it that these pregens are made for? It looks like an advanced version of Risus, or something along those lines.

They're for Wushu Open Reloaded (as per my sig), using the Trait Features optional rule, which is why each Trait has a sub-Trait listed underneath it.

But you're right, they'd work equally well, without any alteration as Cliches in Risus.

You do realize that there is a gaming forum for you to post games that you want to run, correct?

If you aren't looking for players than please indicate why you are posting it as you didn't ask for any feedback or anything at all.

It's an outline of a scenario for people to use/comment on/whatever as they please.

2008-12-19, 07:58 PM
Woohoo! I'm going to run this on New Years' Eve (which is also my birthday). Have three players confirmed, hoping to secure a fourth.

Which has got me thinking about whether or not I need a sixth PC option. I'm thinking of a thug-enforcer type.

The Enforcer

In your time you've been a legbreaker and debt-collector, bodyguard and simple muscle. You've hurt people and been hurt in return. You don't necessarily love what you do, but you're good at it. You might be an ex-military veteran or mercenary, or just someone who grew up in a gang.

Living Wrecking Ball 5 - When it comes down to it, you live and die by your physicality and talents for destruction.

-Brute Strength: Whether through sheer mass, subtle bionics or alien physiology, you're tremendously strong.
-Menacing: You carry a palpable aura of violence about you. Most beings know to stay out of your way.
-BOOM!: Destruction has many forms, and you've got a knack for demolitions. You know just where to put explosives for maximum property damage.

Violence is My Business 4 - When you're not wrecking the scenery, putting the hurt on other beings is your stock in trade. It's the basis of your most employable skills.

-Run and Gun: You tend to favour shooting and moving, closing the distance while you make the other being keep their head down. Tight, accurate bursts are your MO.
-Up Close and Personal: Stun baton, vibroblade, boot, fist, it's all the same to you. You fight with an economy of effort and efficiency that's frightening to watch.

Instant Native 3 - You're familiar with the forms of address and social customs of over a dozen species that are not your own. It's a consequence of the job you do that you come into contact with all sorts, and you know how to read them.

-Natural Linguist: You're fluent in Huttese, Duro, Bocce, Nikto, Quarren, Rodian and a half-dozen other tongues. You can understand Shyriwook and Lekku-positioning.

Weakness 1 - Need to think about this one.

Trappings: Battered blast vest, blaster carbine, vibroblade, stun baton, stun grenades, holdout blaster, boot knife.

I've been thinking about two other things.

First one is how to tie the PCs together, so they're not just a random bunch of complete strangers mysteriously working together through the power of handwavium. Basically in addition to coming up with why Golko wants them dead (!), they should also choose one other PC, who they Know or Owe. They must then outline in no more than a sentence why it is they either know, or owe a favour to that other PC. Gives an excuse then as to why they trust each other.

Not sure whether there should be one they Know and one they Owe, or just an either/or.

The other thing I'm pondering is the start. In the PbP game, it was easy enough to let the players each write their own entrance, and work them together over a few rounds. However when this is people's first game of Wushu and I want them able to riff off each other from the very start, I'd rather the PCs were in the same place.

So I'm thinking of the cliche "you're in a cantina", though more specifically they've all been invited to, or had reason to come to a specific private lounge at the same time. Then the first of the bounty hunters arrives.

Kurald Galain
2008-12-19, 08:22 PM
Why do all those characters have equal combat skills? Or am I misunderstanding the system?

2008-12-19, 08:24 PM
Why do all those characters have equal combat skills? Or am I misunderstanding the system?

It's deliberate (and it's an Optional Extra outlined in the rules).

This is going to be a combat/action-heavy game, I don't want the combat-focused characters dominating play and their players having all the fun. Instead the primary for everyone is their "genre Trait" or main strength. So in a scrap everyone is rolling at 4, unless they come up with interesting ways to use their (non-combat) Primary.