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ďLive in the desert? No, Iíd say the desert lives in them.Ē
- Rez AlíKazar, Caravan Merchant

The Order of the Desert Orchid exists to provide safe passage through the ever-changing sands of the Kahori Desert. Not only are the charged with supplying safe trading routes for the various caravans that roam the desert, they also assist and protect groups that wish to explore the less traveled routes and landmarks within the desert.

The Order of the Desert Orchid is generally a Neutral Good organization. Living in the hostile and arid conditions of the Kahori is difficult, but the workload becomes easier when individuals work to better the group, not themselves. Orchids understand this sentiment well, and such there are few evil members. Characters with evil alignments tend to be far too self-concerned to provide the services the Desert Orchids are famous for.

The Order of the Desert Orchid is capable of providing its members with +1 weapons and armor while on active duty (+2 for senior members or members who have proven themselves extremely worthy). In addition, the organization can afford to provide free lodging and meals to its members whenever they are in the guildhouse, as well as care for visiting comrades while a Desert Orchid is on duty. The guild can not provide much more than that, since the majority of their duties are done free of charge.

There is a 25% discount on protective spells and items (such as endure elements or protection from fire) that Desert Orchids wish to purchase from the order, and healing is always free. Desert Orchids can also assist in supplying expensive material components for reviving fallen comrades, by calling on favors from surrounding merchant families. However, the order expects its members to eventually pay back this debt to the order.

The Order welcomes all types of individuals into their organization. However, all potential members must go through an initiation rite. Those seeking the order are given the task of guiding a group of three scholars on an excursion out in the desert. Their duty is to protect, guide, and care for their charges. Unknown to potential members, these three scholars are senior members of the Desert Orchids and quite capable of defending themselves. The purpose of the exam is to determine whether the candidate has the necessary tenacity to put his chargesí needs first. If a candidate successfully impresses the three senior members, he is immediately given a preserved desert orchid as a token of their appreciation and proof of his right to join.

Once a Desert Orchid, a member is expected to tithe 10% of all tips or income gained to the order. Also, a Desert Orchid must spend at least four months working and living at the guildhouse, whether by guiding travelers or simply serving sentry. These months do not have to be consecutive, and can even be postponed due to extraordinary cases (a decision which belongs entirely to the guild elders). Beyond that, a Desert Orchid may live life as he sees fit.

Kalim Malakar (Old Human Ranger 6/ Desert Orchid 10): One of oldest living members to date, Kalim currently is the guildmaster for the order. Most of Kalimís daily duties involving meeting with various merchants and government leaders and assigning priority missions to the most skilled Desert Orchids.
"It is my most sincere wish to preserve the safety of all beings in the desert. I just wish all felt as I do."

Grena Gorílul (Half-orc Druid 9/ Desert Orchid 3): Grena serves as the orders primary caregiver and healer. With her ability to manipulate both weather and terrain, Grena is also an extremely effective warrior. The order sometimes calls on Grena to summon rain for them during periods where drinking water is low.
"We must honor the desert. If we do not, how can we ask the desert to honor us?"

Malik Abdul (Human Bard 5/ ranger 3): Malik is one of the most connected Desert Orchids. Hailing from one of the oldest merchant families, Malik carries the honor of being related to the man who sponsored the orderís founder. Malik thinks very highly of himself, and is sometimes annoyed that others do not recognize his skills and lineage.

In addition to these individuals, there are patrol leaders (usually Ranger 5/ Desert Orchid 3) that help organize, maintain, and assign the orderís daily duties.

Any member of any race is welcome to join the Order of the Desert Orchid. However, humans make up the majority of its ranks (75%). Races that are known for their aggressive nature (such as orcs) are few and far between.

Because of the Orderís focus on desert survival, classes that train for wilderness survival make up the majority of its ranks. Rangers are the most common class, followed by druids and barbarians. Occasionally, the rare bard or rogue joins the ranks. Wizards and sorcerers rarely have the physical stamina or required skills to join the Desert Orchids.

There are no historical or written records of the Order of the Desert Orchidís origins in existence today. All that remains are the oral stories that have been passed down from generation to generation of lore keepers. Though some discrepancies have occurred, the most common version goes as suchÖ

Almost three hundred years ago, seven powerful merchant families came together to discuss a common plight. In those days, bandits and the natural dangers of the Kahori desert often claimed the lives and bounty of those people who fell behind or wandered from the tradition travel paths. Realizing that the best way to defend the common interest of the businessmen was to form some sort of guard, they offered a contract to anyone who would apply. The terms were simple: Wander the desert for a week and a night and then return. Whoever appeared to be in the best shape and spirits was best suited to create and found an order that could protect both merchant and traveler alike.

Six men and one woman arrived to begin the contest. Each person had his or her own talents, though almost every head of the merchant families favored one of the men. One man, Rhazal Abdul, saw great potential in the alert and calm demeanor of this lone female. He approached her and gave her a token of his favor, a dried desert orchid. A rare plant that was nigh impossible to find, it was known for both its beauty and ability to survive the harshest of environments. The merchant gave his champion this treasure in hopes that it would bring her luck in the trials ahead.

A week passed, and five of the men had returned early. They were tired and sore and told stories of the harsh desert that shook the merchant leaders to their bones. Rhazal began to worry about his beautiful champion. Finally, the last day arrived and two figures were seen in the distance. The last man and woman had returned, with the man leaning on the woman for support. It was decided then and there that the woman had the right to lead and choose the foundations of the new order. To Rhazalís delight, the woman decided to name the organization the Order of the Desert Orchid, in tribute to the token that gave her so much fortune and strength in her trails. The woman, whose name was Maíri Kalabur, would successful create the groundwork and regulations that govern the Order of the Desert Orchid to this day.

A character with Knowledge (History), Knowledge (Nobility), or bardic knowledge may attempt to learn more about the Order through successful checks.

DC 15: The Order of the Desert Orchid is an organization that protects desert travelers throughout the Kahori Desert. They do this for no pay.

DC 20: Desert Orchids, which are members of the order, can be hired to help guide, scout for, and protect travelers heading out into the less-traveled areas of the desert. They are renown the quality of protection they provide.

DC 30: At this level of a check, a player may learn about one or more important members of the order, except for class make-up. (See above).

ē A group of adventurers lead by a Desert Orchid have gone missing while exploring the rocky remains of an old desert ruin. Desert Orchids rarely are claimed by the desertís natural dangers, so the Order suspects foul play. They want to hire a group to retrace the adventurerís last steps and see if they can locate the missing party. Extra compensation will be paid if the party can be found and returned alive.
ē Battered merchants have returned from the desert, claiming that a group of Desert Orchids assaulted them. Some of the senior Orchids have asked the PCs if they could investigate these claims, as it is important to maintain the reputation of the order.

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To protect the innocent, to safeguard our home, to honor our brothers. This is why we serve.
- Desert Orchid creed

To those that cross the unforgiving deserts, a Desert Orchid is a sign of safety and hope. Fighting hard to protect both travelers and the precious trading routes that are the lifeblood of many desert towns, Desert Orchids are symbols of perseverance in a harsh environment. Besides being capable scouts and guides, Desert Orchids are proud warriors who seem to one with their surrounding deserts.

The most common characters to become a Desert Orchid are rangers, though some druids and barbarians pick up the mantle from time to time. Rogues and bards, with their knack at survival and leading others, also may become Desert Orchids, though few do. Rarely does a sorcerer or wizard become a desert orchid, though those who do often can command powerful spells with deadly fighting grace.

Alignment: Any good
Base Attack Bonus: +5
Skills: Spot 8 ranks, Survival 8 ranks
Feats: Endurance
Special: Must have went through the Desert Orchid initiation rites (see above)

Table 1-1: Desert Orchid Hit Die: d8

1......+1....+2....+2.....+0......Desert stride, survive desert
2......+2....+3....+3.....+0......Fire resistance 5
3......+3....+3....+3.....+1......Locate water
4......+4....+4....+4.....+1......Desert mirage
5......+5....+4....+4.....+1......Fire resistance 10
6......+6....+5....+5.....+2......Survive desert, pierce mirage
8......+8....+6....+6.....+2......Fire resistance 15
10.....+10...+7....+7.....+3......Order Master

Class Skills (4 + Int modifier per level): Balance, Climb, Craft, Hide, Jump, Knowledge (geography), Knowledge (nature), Listen, Move Silently, Search, Spot, and Survival

All the following are class features of the Desert Orchid prestige class.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Desert Orchids gain no proficiency with any armor or weapon.
Desert Stride (Ex): A Desert Orchid can move through sandy terrain at her normal speed. In addition, she can also traverse steep slopes and stairs at her normal speed. See pages 89-92 of the Dungeon Masterís Guide for descriptions of terrain types.
Survive Desert (Ex): A Desert Orchid gains a +2 bonus on Fortitude saves and Constitution checks to resist natural dangers of desert environments, such as from heat or lack of food. This bonus stacks with that granted by the Endurance feat. At 6th level, the bonus increases to +4.
Fire Resistance (Ex): Whenever a Desert Orchid of 2rd takes fire damage, she ignores the first 5 points of damage. This protection increases to 10 at 5th level and 15 at 8th.
Locate Water (Sp): By 3rd level, a Desert Orchid can attempt to find a source of drinkable at will. This functions as a Locate Object spell, except it always locates water. For the purposes of caster level, use a Desert Orchidís class level.
Desert Mirage (Sp): Once per day, a Desert Orchid may create illusionary duplicates. This functions as a mirror image spell, with a caster level equal to her class level.
Pierce Mirage (Ex): When exposed to a visual illusion spell, a Desert Orchid may make a Spot check instead of a Will save.
Camouflage (Ex): Beginning at 7th level, a Desert Orchid can use the Hide skill any terrain that lacks significant plant growth.
Shimmer (Sp): Once per day, a Desert Orchid of 9th level may use blur as a spell-like ability. For the purposes of caster level, use a Desert Orchidís class level.
Order Master (Ex): At 10th level, a Desert Orchid has reached a state of renown within the order. She gains a +2 bonus on all checks to interact with members of the Order of the Desert Orchid. In addition, she may command a group of three 5th level rangers, one 3rd level druid, and two 3rd level barbarians on any mission of her choice during a given 6 month period. However, she is responsible for this group and loses the use of her Order Master ability for one year if more than half the group is killed while under her command.

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