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2006-08-09, 07:25 AM
The Cinderborn Sentinels

"Only you can prevent forest fires -or we will." - Semoki, awakened brown bear druid.

Harace licked the last drops of juice off his fingers, tossing the still-hot rabbit carcass into the nearby brush. It was time to pack up and move on - the next town was less than a day's hike, where he could get some real food and a good drink. Standing up, he roughly kicked some dirt over the fire, hardly noticing the embers caught up and sent flying into the undergrowth...it wasn't his concern. If a fire started, a fire started, and some poor little forest animals would get toasted. Harace chuckled at this - only to have it cut off by a deluge of water falling from overhead that soaked him, the campfire, and the surrounding area. Spluttering, he spun to look for the source of the rainstorm, which turned out to be a frail old man dressed in furs, standing in the middle of the path. Harace snarled.
"What was that for, you old dog?"

The old man smiled coldly. "This part of the forest has not seen rain in weeks. You, in your carelessness, could have triggered untold devastation if those embers or that smouldering meat set the ground alight."

"You think I care about some stupid forest critters? Let me pass, and you might just live to hug another tree." Harace loosened the ties binding his axe.

Another grin - this time, the predatory grin of the wolf before it pounces. "That was the wrong answer. This part of the forest is safe for now - but you...it is good that you have no cares for the creatures of nature, for you should instead be caring about yourself."

The elder stepped forward, raising both his arms - and burst into flame. Harace drew his axe instinctively, watching in stunned surprise as the frail shape expanded into a blazing, human-shaped entity of pure fire - and came for him, crackling with the sound of death.


General Description: The Cinderborn Sentinels are an elite and reclusive society of druids and their allies, focused on the worship of fire and flames. Many people consider fire to be a bad thing, so frequently the tool of chaos, evil, and destruction. However, the Sentinels instead view it as the undiluted essence of Nature itself. In the wilds, fire serves as nature's purifier and cleanser. It sweeps away the dead and the dying to make room for new growth and life, continuing the eternal cycle. But most importantly, it is completely neutral in its applications alone - fire is impartial and uncaring, it burns whatever it encounters without recourse for identity, lacking both mercy or malice. This total, ultimately balanced outlook is one that even the greatest druids struggle to achieve and maintain, and so the Sentinels seek enlightenment by fire in hopes of growing closer to the true desires of the Nature they worship.

Few outsiders can learn what it means to be at peace with fire itself, so the Sentinels typically isolate themselves from others, with camps and groves hidden deep inside the largest forests. From these concealed bases, they watch over and guard the lands under their care, defending them from any that would seek to do them harm.

Most important to the order is the perpetuation of the rebirth cycle, in which their sacred fire plays a significant role. Cinderborn Sentinels are constantly on the lookout for accidental wildfires, clamping down and extinguishing them before they can cause serious harm in places they should not. Most times, they will simply watch the fires take their course, unless the spread threatens to engulf a settlement or town in the vicinity. In periods of unnatural weather, such as a long drought, they will actually go out and conduct controlled burns of the landscape, weeding away the underbrush to avoid the later possibility of a truly deadly firestorm erupting.

Like most druids, the Sentinels do not go out of their way to interact with "civilization", and frequently let them be. Towns and cities near a Cinderborn-warded forest are watched, but not interfered with, unless their actions threaten the sanctity of the wilds by excessive pollution or overharvesting. In that event, an emissary (or several) will be dispatched once to the leaders of the community, warning them of the consequences of their possibly unintentional actions, and the price of continuing such. The exception to this is those who, while inside such a forest, maliciously or innocuously set off a forest fire, even if it is just by leaving a campfire burning after packing up to leave. To such irresponsible individuals, the druids show no mercy, bringing swift and fiery death to the one that would violate their sanctuary. They also have a particular hatred for Blighters, both for violating their druidic oaths, and for turning fire into a perverted weapon of evil and death. Word of an active Blighter is a surefire way to have a team of Cinderborn Sentinels (or more likely, a group of Cinderborn Stalker rangers) dispatched to investigate and deal with the situation.


Purpose: To maintain and preserve the place of fire in its role as nature's ultimate equalizer, and by becoming closer to the essence of fire, understand the deepest desires of nature itself.

The Glyphstone
2006-08-09, 07:26 AM

Alignment: Due to its high percentage of druidic members, the Cinderborn Sentinels are overwhelmingly Neutral in alignment. Lawful Neutral members outnumber the Chaotic Neutrals, while Neutral Good and Neutral Evils are roughly equal. Even the non-Druidic members are also mostly Neutral to some degree, though the majority tilt towards one end of either the Law/Chaos or Good/Evil scale. (Must be Neutral on either axis to join)


GP Limit/Economics: Even normal druids typically have little connection to the materialistic world of "civilization", and the introverted Cinderborn Sentinels are even more so. Most members are self-sufficient in some manner, either with outside income sources of their own, or capable of living off the land. The Sentinels can typically afford to spend from 30,000 to 45,000 on magical items or contracted outsiders in any given year, though a voluntary collection drive in a time of great need can expand this by up to 50%. Most years, a vast portion of this money is spent to aid impoverished nearby communities, such as those recently devastated by a raging fire or some other natural disaster.

For members, non-magical weapons and armor can be purchased at half price (though as druids, the Cinderborn Sentinels do not wear or use metal items themselves, they often forge them as a means of trade or barter with outsiders). Any Druid spell can be purchased for casting at a 15% discount, or 30% if the member in question is also a Druid.


Membership Requirements: As the Cinderborn Sentinels do not actively advertise their presence, it can be difficult for a PC to join their ranks. The first step, assuming they are aware of the order's existence to begin with, is finding a forest known to be under the care of a Sentinel enclave (see the Knowledge checks given below). Next, they must travel into a secluded area of the forest and light a small fire, standing vigil over it until a Sentinel appears to them and offers escort to the camp. There, the prospective applicant will make their case before a council of the oldest and wisest druids present, possibly calling in representatives from other groves in some instances. The elders start with an initial attitude of Indifferent if the applicant is Neutral in some aspect, or Unfriendly if they lack any neutral component to their alignment. Successfully swaying the elders requires 1 hour, after which the applicant makes a Diplomacy check with a -5 circumstance penalty (ignore the penalty if the applicant or someone speaking on their behalf speaks Druidic). Existing members of the group can offer support for the prospective member via Aid Another. If the elder's attitude is successfully raised to Friendly or better, the entrant is accepted into a year-long probationary period and attached to a more senior druid (or a member of another class, if one is present that matches the new member's class), during which they are taught the secret ways of the forest and its relationship with the spiritual powers found within the energy of fire.

Rarely, a Cinderborn Sentinel undergoes a meditative revelation, awakening to hidden truths within the fires they contemplate constantly. When this happens, they are put to a test known as the Trial By Fire if desired. The Trial is a multifaceted examination, probing every aspect of the Sentinel's knowledge, their skill, and their devotion to the ideal of nature's judgement. A group of the most senior druids in the entire Sentinel organization quiz the Sentinel in question, before they are subjected to a series of physical and mental ordeals that culminates with a trip to the Elemental Plane of Fire itself. There, they are left to survive for one day by whatever means they can...if successful, they are inducted into the ranks of the Cinderborn Acolytes, almost an elite within the already selective membership of the Sentinels.


Famous Authority Figures:
Ayona Brishali (TN Female Elf Druid 10/Cinderborn Acolyte 10) - The original founder of the Cinderborn Sentinels, and a very powerful druid, Ayona has since become rather detached from the world. She is known to spend days or even weeks at a time alone, meditating in fire elemental shape, hunting ever deeper truths in the flames. The organization's day-to-day affairs (what little there are), she has taken to delegating to the Tamm brothers, the two next-highest ranking members of the group.

Galen and Nicon Tamm (NE Male Half-Elf Druid 15, Male Half-Elf Ranger 15) - The bald-headed Galen Tamm is Ayona's second-in-command, and the de facto leader of the Cinderborn Sentinels during her long periods of isolation. His twin brother Nicon is the head of the Cinderborn Stalkers, the group's militant arm composed primarily of rangers and combat-oriented classes, and they are rarely seen apart except for when Nicon is hunting one prey or another. Between the two of them, the Sentinels have taken a slightly darker bent in recent years, accepting a larger percentage of evil or otherwise intolerant members, and becoming more "proactive" in their defense of the wilds - both to the distress of older, more noble members. Many of the original members are still living, which helps preserve the Sentinels in their role as peaceful guardians, but time is running out as those elders pass into their venerable years, to be replaced by younger and more reactionary druids.


Other Famous Figures
Queyilon Damas (LN Male Elf Druid 7/Master of Many Forms 10) - Queyilion, or "Quill", as he is known to his closest allies, was Ayona's childhood friend, and her constant companion and helper during the birth and growth of the Cinderborn Sentinels. While she grew more and more attached to the flames, he mourned the slow death of the lively and friendly woman he once knew, finding solace only in his travels all across the globe and planes in search of new and exotic creatures to study for inclusion into his repetoire of alternate shapes. He dislikes the cruelty that runs in the Tamm twins' blood, and frequently worries about their intentions for the Sentinels. Similarly, they fear and hate him for his wisdom and high respect amongst the Sentinel councils, and eagerly await the day when he finally dies and there is no one left to stop them from assuming permanent command.

Krrshaklsahkkrrk (TN Fire Elemental Monolith) - The union between the Cinderborn Sentinels and the mighty fire elemental prince Krrshaklsahkkrrk is an odd one. Ayona met "him" hundreds of years ago, on that first unwilling pilgrimage to the Elemental Plane of Fire, singlehandedly defeating a massed group of salamanders who had ambushed the elemental in their ongoing war. This chance encounter grew into what might almost be called a friendship. Krrshaklsahkkrrk lives on the Elemental Plane of Fire, and the strength of magic required to summon him means he usually stays there - but his blazing palace is always a place of hospitality for the amusing and intriguing mortals that he forged a pact with so long ago.
(The Elemental Monolith can be found in Complete Arcane. Without that book, treat Krrshaklsahkkrrk as an Elder Fire Elemental, advanced to maximum HD, with Int 8.)

Katil Helyanwë ( CE Male Elf Ex-Druid5/Fighter1/Blighter10 - Once a talented and ruthless druid and member of the Cinderborn Sentinels, Katil lost his position, his good looks, and his powers after a failed attempt to overthrow and destroy Ayona. With a heart as blackened as his ruined body, he made an oath to never rest until the Sentinels and all they held dear were destroyed. Now he lurks on the fringes, where civilization and the wilds touch, spreading destruction where he can, lies where he cannot, and always moving on before the wrathful Sentinels and their Stalkers catch up with him.

The Glyphstone
2006-08-09, 07:26 AM

Racial Makeup: A majority of the Cinderborn Sentinels are elves, because of the organization's age and its roots - there were humans amongst the original Sentinels, but they have since died. Humans and half-elves are still both significant portions of the membership, and gnomish druids seeking to reconcile their druidic beliefs with their racial propensity to blow stuff up frequently join the Sentinels. Many gnolls, bugbears, and other savage humanoids count themselves as Cinderborn Sentinels, worshipping fire in its role as the destroyer. Other races, seldom seen as ordinary druids, are almost never Sentinels.

38% Elf
19% Human
17% Half-Elf
11% Savage Humanoid
8% Gnome
3% Halfling
2% Dwarf
2% Other Races


Class Makeup: As would befit a druidic society, a vast percentage of the Cinderborn Sentinels are druids, sometimes multiclassed. After druids, the next largest class represented is rangers, who form the militant wing called the Cinderborn Stalkers. Clerics of fire gods and other divine casters are sometimes known to seek membership, searching for a more effective way to commune with their deity, while the occasional arcanist pyromancer will apply in hope of discovering some secret technique of fire combat.

71% Druid
19% Ranger
7% Clerics/Other divine caster (Shujenja, Favored Soul, etc.)
3% Sorcerer/other arcane caster (Wu Jen, Wizard, etc.)
2% Other classes


The foundations of the Cinderborn Sentinels were laid more than two hundred years ago - old for some, but relatively young by the standards of the elves that founded it.

When a young elven druid named Ayona Brishali found herself trapped in the path of a raging forest fire, she was prepared to make her final piece with nature. But as the flames overtook her, something happened...something changed. The basic magics at her disposal were far too weak to protect her, but she felt no pain or heat. Instead, surrounded by the roaring inferno, she felt - at peace. In the crackling flames, she heard the primeval voice of Nature itself speaking, and she understood.

She returned to her grove to find it a blackened scar amidst the rubble, and mourned. But deep inside her, she knew that it was needed, a neccessary loss for the circle of life to continue. With salvaged seedlings of her favorite trees, she began to travel, seeking others who had found wisdom in the fires. At first, they were few and far between - mostly survivors of otherwise deadly wildfires like herself. But gradually, their numbers grew, as others adopted the beliefs she proposed. Seeing no reason to restrict the truth of fire to druids, the fledging group opened its ranks cautiously to non-druids who proved themselves sufficiently devoted to seeking enlightenment in the essence of fire. They begin calling themselves the Cinderborn Sentinels, tasked with maintaining the role of fire as nature's ultimate arbiter.

It was roughly one hundred years after Ayona's first revelation that the Cinderborn Sentinels suffered their greatest crisis of faith, one that almost tore the organization apart. A rising young star amongst the Sentinels was another elf, Katil Helyanwë. He was very popular amongst the younger and more hot-headed members of the "cult", as he championed a very aggressive and active style of "defending" the woodlands. If a human settlement begins logging trees to build new houses, why wait for them to begin mass desecration of the forest? Destroy them now, with the power of the flames at their command, before the danger was too great to resist. Katil was also a powerful spellcaster, possessing an almost uncanny instinct for control with fire, and it drove him to confront Ayona for dominance over the Sentinels.

At first, the outcome seemed obvious - Ayona far outstripped him in wisdom and ability - but the treacherous Katil had allies. He had made a bargain with an efreeti noble, promising a grand sacrifice of a nearby human village, in exchange for a single wish - to triumph over Ayona when they clashed. He intended for her death, but failed to take into account the efreet tendency for deceit - the fire djinn interpreted the wish as a request for mere defeat, not destruction, and granted it in the form of a one-way trip to the Elemental Plane of Fire.

There, only the quick application of her greatest protective magics saved her from immolation, and she set about finding a route home to save her beloved Sentinels from corruption. But in the endless landscape of primal fire, surrounded by the living essence of nature's rebirth, she found an ally. A group of salamanders were assaulting a fire elemental, one of the titanic Monoliths that led their kind. The creature was mighty, but clearly outmatched, and her love of fairness drove Ayona to join the fight on its side, slaughtering many of the fiery serpents before they knew she was amongst them.The grateful elemental offered to do her a service in return, introducing itself as Krrshaklsahkkrrk. Surprised to find such a relatively verbose elemental, she requested only for passage to some safe portal back to the Prime Material, and was granted it. On the way, Ayona conversed in her halting Ignan with the fire elemental, who was genuinely interested in the affairs of this odd mortal creature with such a fascination for the element that was a simply a fact of life for it.

Bidding farewell to Krrshaklsahkkrrk, Ayona stepped back through to the Prime, and immediately set out to repair what had broken. It was not difficult to find the traitorous Katil, at the head of a gathering of evil Sentinels and summoned fire creatures that was wreaking havoc amongst woodland communities, and she showed him no mercy for the blackening of her order's name. The battle lasted less than an hour, in front of his entire legion, and ended with a crippled and burned Katil begging mercy from the murderous Ayona. For some reason, she granted it, instead banishing him after invoking a curse on his charred flesh to render it permanently scarred. Thus marked, Katil fled into the endless wilds, vowing eternal vengeance on Ayona, the Sentinels, and the forests and fire they held dear.

As the years passed, with more and more druids and others joining the ranks of the Sentinels (though slowly), it tracked a commensurate decrease in Ayona's attachment to the world. Well into her own venerable years, but with several hundred left to go, she found escape from her aged body in the form of fire elementals. It was up to the next generation, as well as the few survivors of the original Sentinels, to keep themselves on course as the passive protectors and contemplatives that they swore to be, rather than fall back into the chaos and madness that almost engulfed them with Katil's attempted coup.


The Cinderborn Sentinels, while inclusive of non-druids in their ranks, are still a highly selective and private group, and few non-druids have published works mentioning them. Add +5 to all Knowledge DC's given below if neither the researcher nor anyone aiding them is fluent in Druidic.

Knowledge (Nature) DC's:

DC15: Amongst the global druidic culture, there exists a smaller group that holds fire in a special regard.

DC20: This group is known as the Cinderborn Sentinels, and they profess to seek enlightenment through the purity of fire in Nature. Prospective members must prove their worth by standing vigil over a fire in the wilds, and submitting to tests of value by experienced Sentinels.

DC25: Sentinels often possess great power when commanding fire spells, and some are known to be capable of shapeshifting into the form of mighty fire elementals. They are rumored to have formed an alliance with a powerful fire elemental lord, who sends his servants to answer their summons.

DC30: A sucessful knowledge check of this level reveals details from the Sentinel's history, the names of some of their important members, and locations of specific Sentinel enclaves, all at the DM's discretion.

Knowledge (Local) DC's:

DC10: Certain forests are under the protection of fire-worshipping druids, who drive away or kill anyone that threatens their woodlands. They also control the spread of wildfires, to prevent mass devestation.

DC20: Identifies specific groves or forests in a certain area that are likely to host Sentinels or their envoys.


Adventure Hooks:
A party with one or more members of the Cinderborn Sentinels can have a wealth of adventuring opportunities presented to them. Even if they are not members, the Sentinels can still serve as a catalyst for plot hooks.

1) A blighter is running rampant in a otherwise tranquil area, setting fires and terrorizing townsfolk in a secluded community. The PC's are dispatched on orders of their local elder council to hunt down and exterminate the murderous blighter. This quest functions equally well for non-members; The PC's could be attacked by the renegade, or perhaps be hired by the town to hunt them down, only to encounter a team of Cinderborn Stalkers dispatched to eliminate the blighter - who may or may not be interested in cooperation.

2) A farming town has been struck with a terrible drought, ruining their crops and posing the increasing danger of annihilation from a terrible wildfire as the leaf litter accumulates. The PC's could be sent to either provide relief to the struggling villagers, and/or find a way to end the drought before a tragedy occurs.

3) Krrshaklsahkkrrk has sent word to the Sentinels that it requires their aid, and the PC's are the team assigned to visit the Fire Elemental Monolith and find out what it needs. This is naturally a higher-level quest, as the party will need access to powerful spells or items of fire resistance, but the quest itself is very open-ended - perhaps the elemental needs something retrieved from another plane where it or its followers cannot travel, or something has shifted the constant wars of the plane in favor of the salamander tribes or the efreeti sultans, something that needs to be destroyed or eliminated.

The Glyphstone
2006-08-09, 07:26 AM
Cinderborn Acolyte


Hit Die: d8

Languages: Druidic
Spells: Able to cast Wall of Fire as a divine spell.
Special: Wildshape class feature
Special: Must undergo and survive the Trial By Fire ritual of initiation (see above).

Class Skills
Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Handle Animal (Cha), Heal (Wis), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (Nature) (Int), Knowledge (The Planes) (Int), Listen (Wis), Profession (Wis), Ride (Dex), Spellcraft (Int), Spot (Wis), Survival (Wis)
Skills Points at each level: 4+Int modifier.

Level--BAB--Fort--Ref--Will------Special--------------------------------Spells per day/Spells Known
--1----+0----+2---+0----+2----Cinderborn Bond, Touch of Fire----+1 divine spellcasting level
--2----+1----+3---+0----+3----Cindershape 1/day (Small)----------------------------------------
--3----+2----+3---+1----+3----Fueled by Fire (Widen)--------------+1 divine spellcasting level
--4----+3----+4---+1----+4----Cindershape 2/day (Medium)--------------------------------------
--5----+3----+4---+1----+4----Firewalking--------------------------+1 divine spellcasting level
--6----+4----+4---+2----+5----Cindershape 3/day (Large)----------------------------------------
--7----+5----+5---+2----+5----Fueled by Fire (Empower)----------+1 divine spellcasting level
--8----+6----+6---+2----+6----Cindershape 4/day (Huge)-----------------------------------------
--9----+6----+6---+3----+6----One with the Flames----------------+1 divine spellcasting level
-10----+7----+7---+3----+7----Cindershape 5/day (Elder), Fueled by Fire (Maximize)----------

Class Features

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: A Cinderborn Acolyte gains no proficiency with any weapons or armor.

Spells per day/Spells Known: At each odd-numbered level, a cinderborn acolyte gains new spells per day (and spells known, if applicable) as if he had also gained a level in a divine spellcasting class to which he belonged before adding the prestige class level. He does not, however, gain any other benefit a character of that class would have gained. If he had more than one divine spellcasting class before becoming a cinderborn acolyte, he must decide to which class to add each level for the purpose of determining spells per day and spells known.

Cinderborn Bond: The mystic rites performed by the Cinderborn Sentinels strengthens an acolyte's ties to the essence of flame, but at the cost of his link with its polar opposite. A Cinderborn acolyte may never again summon any creature with the [Aquatic] or [Water] subtypes through the use of a Summon Nature's Ally spell. Treat such monsters as having been removed from the list of allowable summons. Conversely, any SNA spell used to summon a creature with the [Fire] subtype has the Extend Spell metamagic feat applied to it for free, without increasing the spell level or casting time.

Touch of Fire: As a move-equivalent action, a cinderborn acolyte can envelop one of their hands or limbs in a swirling mass of fire (to which the acolyte himself is immune). This grants the acolyte a touch attack that deals 1d8 points of fire damage +1 point/class level, (to a maximum of +5). If transformed into another form or shape, the fire damage is added to one natural weapon attack of the assumed shape. This effect can illuminate surrounding as a torch, and is treated as the spell produce flame for all intents and purposes, except that it cannot be thrown, and lasts until the acolyte chooses to dismiss it.

Cindershape: Where most druids focus on their bond with the wilds as a whole, developing the power to wildshape into the form of animals, a cinderborn acolyte instead awakens the primal essence of fire within himself. At 2nd level, a cinderborn acolyte gains the ability to transform into a Small fire elemental once per day. The effect lasts for 1 hour per class level, or until the acolyte chooses to dismiss it. This is otherwise identical to the elemental wildshape ability of a high-level druid, but uses of cindershape and wildshape are tracked separately. At each even-numbered level after 2nd, a cinderborn acolyte gains both another use per day of Cindershape, and the ability to transform into an elemental of one size larger, to a maximum of 5/day and Elder size at 10th level.

Fueled by Fire: A cinderborn acolyte of 3rd level or higher can use the fiery power within himself to energize external manifestations of such in his spells. Up to three times per day, he can choose to spontaneously apply the Widen Spell metamagic feat to any divine spell he casts with the [Fire] descriptor, without increasing the spell's level or casting time. At 6th level, he can instead choose to apply the Empower Spell metamagic feat, and at 9th level, he can instead choose to apply the Maximize Spell metamagic feat. He can choose to apply two at once to a single spell (for example, a Widened Maximized Firestorm), but such counts as two uses of the ability.

Firewalking: A cinderborn acolyte of 5th level or higher can supernaturally transport themselves great distances through flames. Once per day, as a standard action, he can painlessly enter any fire of his size or larger, and pass any distance to another such fire in a single round, so long as both are on the same plane. Fire elementals or other creatures with the [Fire] subtype can be used for this purpose, but this causes 5d6 points of damage to both the acolyte and the creatue (no save). A cinderborn acolyte can nominate a specific fire that he knows of, or simply designate a distance and direction, after which the ability will transport him to the selected location or fire, or another fire within 1 mile of the designated location (if no such fire exists, the ability fails but does not expend the usage).

One with the Flames: At 9th level, a cinderborn acolyte can use the power of fire to cheat death. Once per week, if the acolyte would be reduced to 0 or less hit points by a single attack while within 60ft. of an open flame, he can attempt a Will save (DC5+damage dealt). On a failed save, the ability is wasted and the damage is taken as normal. On a successful save, the acolyte's body and gear evaporates into dozens of licks of flame that vanish. After 24 hours, he reincorporates adjacent to an open flame as close as possible to the spot he discorporated from, seeming to materialize from the fire with full hit points. While discorporated, he effectively does not exist - he cannot affect or interact with the world in any manner, nor can anyone do such to him.

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Need I repeat myself?

Nope, but you did so anyway. ;)

I look forward to seeing how this pans out, Sir Glyphs-alot. You usually have fairly interesting flavor in your entries.

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I say my creepy druidic organization burns and eats your reclusive druidic organization. ;)

Rrraaarrrgh. Flame Strike. Wild shape. Grrr.

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Okay, the Prestige Class Crunch is available for review. Comments and critique would be appreciated while I build the fluffy segments.

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Question about the "One With the Flames" ability:

So, the open flame has to be within 60 feet, and lit, when the druid dies, and constantly for the next 24 hours? Seems like one of those things that sounds cool, but in reality doesn't do much- how often are random open flames around that stay lit for a consecutive 24 hours?

Would a tinderbox with a hot coal inside of it work for the ability?

My suggestion- some sort of Phoenix-type ability. Sacrifice yourself for massive HP damage, but don't return for a day, or a week, or whatever.

The Glyphstone
2006-08-30, 08:37 PM
Ah, misunderstanding - I'll have to clarify that. The fire doesn't need to be lit for 24 hours, it just needs to be present when you activate the ability. If that same fire isn't lit anymore, you reappear out of the nearest burning fire - though that might be 100 miles away. It's a carbon copy of the psionic power Fiery Discorporation, slightly altered.

Coals are hot, but unless it's actually on fire, it won't qualify.

EDIT:Dadadadadadadadadada done!

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"Semoki". Priceless. ;D