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Mr. Moon
2006-08-18, 02:48 AM
Flame Speaker Academy

“There is more to fire then mindless consuming, but to hear the wisdom of the flames, you must first open your mind.” – Entai

General description: Flame Speakers are magicians that talk to fire and get it to do their will. The Academy teaches them to use this ability.

Purpose - When Entai, first of the Flame Speakers, discovered others shared his ability to speak with and control fire, he created this class so that others could learn to control their powers.

Alignment - Most members of the Academy are Chaotic Neutral. (Must be Neutral on the Good/Evil axis: Since fire consumes without predjuce, so do most Flame Speakers.)

GP Resource limit/economics – The Academy has limited resources, so graduated members must send a quarter of their profits back to the Academy.

Membership Requirements – Birthright: The ability to speak with fire is that is born with.

Academy Info: The Academy is divided into three Houses, each with two different dorms, one for Females and one for Males. It takes six years for one to complete one’s training, each student spends two of those years in each different house. The first House is known as Ember Song, a student spends his first two years of the Academy in this House, overseen by Mang, the Deputy Headmistress of the Academy. Members of this House wear a light orange uniform. The second House is titled Flame Whisper. A student spends his third and fourth years of the Academy in this house, overseen by Deadeye George, a wise warrior who teaches her students of honor and faith. Students of this House wear a white uniform. The last house is known as Fire’s Roar, were a student spends his last two years. This house is overseen by Cinder, a wise and powerfull warrior who teaches her students of faith and honour.

Mr. Moon
2006-08-18, 02:52 AM
Authority Figures(Name, Class, Level, Race):

Entai, Flame Speaker, level 30, Half-Elf: When Entai first discovered his abilaty to speak with fire, he honed his skills until he could conjure and control fire on a whim. When he discovered others in his village had this ability, he took them under his proverbial wing and trained them. Hearing of his prowess, people from other villages came to him to be taught. When more then he could teach at once came seeking his aid, he created the Academy, were anyone with the gift is allowed to join. Headmaster of the Academy.

Mang, Flame Speaker, level 25, Human: One of Entai’s first students, Mang stayed behind to help Entai teach his students. Deputy Headmistress of the Academy and Leader of the Flame Whisper House

Deadeye George, Flame Speaker, level 24, Human: Another of Entai’s first students, he leads the Academy’s defense. Leads the Ember Song House.

Cinder, Flame Speaker, level 25, Half-Elf: Entai’s very first student, years later she returned to the Academy and decided to move in. Leader of the Fire’s Roar House.

Other Important Figures (Name, Class, Level, Race):

Ember, Flame Speaker, Level unknown, however is thought to be around level 15-ish, Human: After leaving the Academy, Ember left behind her name, now she works her way in and out of Entai’s stories, as well as the law.

Racial Makeup – 45% Half Elf, 50% Human, 5% Gnome, roughly.

Class make-up of other followers – (Flame Speakers Only (Organization Class, see below))

Mr. Moon
2006-08-18, 02:54 AM
Forty years ago, young Entai was born to a small village. As Entai got older, he grew a strange fascination with fire. His parents, like most others would, discouraged this hobby, but Entai’s fascination with fire only grew. When he reached the age of twelve, to his amazement, the fire started speaking to him. He learned later that he could convince fire to do his bidding, however with great difficulty. As he worked at it, the skill became stronger, and fire became easier to control. Entai took great joy at this new ability, and became something of a Bard. When he tuned twenty, his fame spread to other villagers, and much to his surprise others came, asking for him to train them. These individuals were Sky Song, then a few months later, Mang and George. After a while, more people came to learn from him then the village could support, so he transformed an old Elfin castle into the Academy.

Several years later, the Academy celebrates their tenth anniversary. Entai makes one of the long speeches he is famous for, and his niece, Kade, comes for a visit.

However, the Academy is not without enemies, and when the Sky Dancers (I may do more on them later) heard that Entai’s niece was visiting him, they decided to capture her and hold her for ransom. They sent in a team of warriors to intercept her on her way to the Academy, and whisked her back to the Sky Dancer eries (sp?). A messenger arrived in her place, with a note that read simply “20,000 gp or she dies”, and a griffin feather, the Sky Dancer symbol. The Academy, however, does not have that kind of money, so instead they send a group adventures to capture young Kade back. After a month on the road, as well as several changes of plans and surprises, they bring Kade back to the Academy.

Of late there is little to report, however rumors are spreading of the Sky Dancer’s wounded dignity. . . Some even say that the griffin-mounted warriors are even planning an attack on the Academy.... But it’s just a rumor.
Mang, Deputy Headmistress

Mr. Moon
2006-08-18, 03:06 AM
’Tis not the shadows I fear, but the horrors that lurk within them. -- Jorzan

In the Academy’s Thirteenth year, a young Fire Speaker named Ember graduated with top honors. She was a young human girl, at graduation about nineteen years of age. Little is known about this girl, save this story, famous throughout the Academy.

“What’s your problem, mate?” young Ember grinned at the boy sitting on the chair across from her.

“Huh? Oh, nothing. I’m thinking, that’s all.” He replied.

The room had obviously seen better days, or at lest, Ember hoped it had. The windows had wooden shutters instead of the expensive glass alternative, a drafty wind entering through a small gap were the two didn’t meet. Three chairs were placed around a table, a lantern hanging above. Two of these chairs were occupied, one by Ember with her feet up on the table, the other by the boy she was currently traveling with.

Like the surrounding room, Ember’s outfit had seen better days. The jacket was torn, the tunic was starting to get to small, and it was hard to see the original colour of her cloak and pants. The only thing that looked moderately new was a sword-case hanging from her waist, containing a shiny new, slightly ancient, slightly stolen from a tomb, sword. Slightly being Ember’s way of saying “All but hell itself got in our way to keep me from having this”. Curly red hair fell down to her shoulders, pulled out of her face by a black headband. Mischievous green eyes sparkled with laughter as she surveyed the boy sitting across from her. Unlike Ember, his clothes were slightly less worn, consisting of a tan tunic, a soft blue cape, brown pants and soft brown eyes under his bushy black hair, all in not-quite-like-new condition. His pointed ears marked him as an Elf, the book carefully placed on the table showing him for a Wizard.

“Thinking is a dangerous pastime, dear Jorzan. I try to avoid it. To risky for my taste.” Ember laughed, sticking out her tongue in mock-disgust.

“So I’ve noticed.” Jorzan replied dryly. “Wich explains all the close calls you’ve gotten us in.”

Ember grinned at Jorzan, winking as she told him, “Ah yes, but haven’t I gotten us out of most of them?”

“I’d very much prefer it if we stayed out of them, frankly.” Jorzan shot back, however Ember’s grin was very much congautous, so he ended up smiling back at her.

“Well then, I hate to say this, but I do believe we shall be headed for another one sometime soon.” Ember sat up straight, and rolled a map onto the table. “I’ve heard people at the inn talking about a treasure located somewhere around here.” She pointed at a large cluster of trees casualy. “Apparently somebody killed a dragon around here and forgot to loot it’s hoard.”

“Ember, you do know where this is, right?” Jorzan asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Someone called it Darkovia Forest, but I think he was drunk.” Ember replied, “Why?”

“Because Darkovia Forest is home to all sorts of nasty creatures!” Jorzan barked, obviously annoyed that Ember would even think of such an idea.

“Oh, relax. Most of ‘em are Goblins.” Ember said, waving a hand to dismiss the subject. “Besides, I hear theirs rare scrolls you might be interested in somewhere in the hoard.”

“Oh, sure. And things you learn at the inn are always so educated.” Jorzan muttered, but he sighed and gave in. “Why not? It’s not like we have anything better to do. Except maybe staying alive.”

“You’re just a big baby. Don’t worry yourself, I’ll take care of them, they won’t get anywhere near you. I can surround you with a wall of fire if you want.” Ember offered, looking very serious.

“Oh gee. That’d make me feel so much safer.” The Wizard retorted. “What are you trying to do, make me back out?”

“Actually, I’m trying to make you cry.” The Flame Speaker teased, more looking at the map then listening to her partner. “It should take us about five days to get there, three if we go on horse back.” She looked up at Jorzan. “You wouldn’t happen to know how to ride yet, would you?”

“Sorry. ‘Fraid not.” Jorzan shrugged. “Never really comes up at the right time, ya know?”

“Yeah, yeah, excuses. Looks like we’re walking, then.” She muttered.

For the next hour and a half, the two go over details, ocasionaly stopping to argue over some details. By the next day, they were all ready to go.
The journey to Darkovia was an uneventful one. Jorzan relished the lack of danger, but Ember often complained of boredom. Some interesting conversations broke out between the two, some innocent, some not so innocent. Mostly the former, much to Jorzan’s relief.

When they arrived at Darkovia, the sun was just starting to go down, sending the forest into creepy shadows.

“Let’s camp outside the forest tonight.” Jorzan yawned, tired out from walking all day. “We can explore tomorrow.”

“What’s the matter, Jorzan? Scared of the dark?”

“‘Tis not the shadows I fear, but the horrors that lurk within.’” Jorzan quoted his favorite poet, pulling his bedroll and tent out of his backpack. “Better start getting settled in, it’ll be dark soon and I don’t want to waste any tindersticks on light, ya hear?”

Ember grinned and snapped her fingers, muttering a few words under her breath. A group of flames appeared in front of her, throwing her into less-then-complementing lighting. “I can make my own light.” She said with a grin.

“Good for you.” Jorzan replied dully, “Now get to work.”

Ember gave the wizard an overly large mock-bow, and began to pitch her own tent.

The next morning, the pair woke at dawn, taking down their tents, and stuffing them back into their backpacks, almost literally in Ember’s case. After an annoyed Jorzan helped the Flame Speaker pack up, the two stood bravely into the forest, much to Jorzan’s immense disapproval.

“Ya know, for such a big fuss you made over coming here, this place seams awfully quiet.” Ember commented as they walked through an old path laid in the forest ground.

“Well, the info I have may be slightly outdated.” Jorzan admitted. “Although if there really is an old dragon horde, I expect it to be highly guarded.”

“And I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is already to boring as it is.” Ember sighed.

“You should know better then to say that. Bad things always happen when you say that.” Jorzan groaned. A rustle in the bushes surrounding them made him smile and nod. “Yep, here they come. Basic routine.”

“Oy! You! Get off of Dragnot territory!” A high pitched voice shouted from the bushes, and five goblins jumped out to surround the two of them.

“See?” Jorzan sighed, “What’d I tell you?”

“Yeah, yeah, you were right and I was wrong.” Ember grinned. “Now leave these little rats to me.” Drawing her sword in one hand and holding her other hand up in the air, she whispered some words under her breath, and a bush of fire appeared under the feet of the closest goblin. “Flames, devour!” she shouted, and the goblin disappeared under the licking flames, only his dying screams evidence of his existence.

The other goblins took a step back, not sure what to make of this new threat. Taking advantage of this, Ember charged towards another goblin, cutting him down were he stood.

Despite their indecision, the three remaining goblins jumped into action, all three rushing towards what they knew to be the biggest threat: Ember. Two of them missed on their attacks, but a third managed to slice into the girl’s arm, making her curse aloud and swing her sword in reflex. Her blow hit hard, and the goblin fell to his knees, his head a good three feet away from his body. “Flames, attack!” Ember shouted, now pointing at one of the other goblins. The goblin died just as loudly as his comrade had, leaving the last one very much on his own. In a desperate attempt to change the tide of the battle, the goblin attacked as hard as he could, but Ember managed to dodge out of the way, answering with a slash of her own. The sword hit home, biting into the green flesh with a sickening thunk.

“Yes, Ember, hog all the fun again.” Jorzan sighed, knealing beside a now headless goblin body, checking it over for anything worth keeping.

“Oh, you should have taken those lessons in swordfighting I offered and learned something usefull, you big babby.” Ember retorted, leaning against a tree as she waited for Jorzan to finish looting the bodies.

The rest of their journey to the Dragon’s hoard was otherwise uneventful, apart from several other encounters of the goblinoid variety. Three days latter the pair found themselves standing infront of a large cave.

“I think this is it.” Jorzan said, pearing into the shadows.

“Of course this is it.” Ember laughed, “Where else would it be?”

“Apart from the obvious ‘not here’?” Jorzan shrugged. “After you.”

“Wonderful time to start acting the gentleman, my friend. I must complement you on you’re timing.” Ember teased, striking a tidnerstick against the wall and using the burning twig to light a torch. “Try to keep up.” She grinned, and started walking swiftly into darkness.

A couple of hallways, pitdrops, traps and secret doors latter, Ember and Jorzan arrived in a large chamber. On the opposite side, the largest pile of gold Ember had ever seen waited for them. However, between the pair and the gold was a rather large looking goblin dressed in furs with jewelry obviously stolen from the hoard draped around his... everywhere.

Seeing Ember and Jorzan, the goblin shouted, “So yous are the ones who be kullin’ Barthos’ army! Well Barthos doesn’t like his army being kull’d! So Barthos gonna kull you now!”

Ember, barley keeping herself from laughing, drew her sword. “You sure about that?” she giggled. “Just you against the two of us?”

“Barthos strong!” The goblin screamed. “Brathos kull you!”

“Really,” Jorzan shook his head ruefully. “That’s not very nice. You should be more kind to you’re guests.”

Barthos opend his mouth to speak, but Jorzan raised his staff to cast Silance on creature.

“Much better,” the Wizard quipped. “Ember, he’s all your’s.”

The Flame Speaker grinned. “Get away from my treasure.” She hissed, rushing at the goblin. Barthos was clearly not used to fighting, as the bredth of his girth suggested, so when Ember came charging at him, he stood there limply, shouting mutley. Without a weapon to defend himself, it really wasn’t much of a fight.

“I shoulda Coup de Grace’d him.” Ember said, but wasted no time racing towards the treasure mound, giggling hystericly.

“Take you’re time, Ember.” Jorzan laughed. “I need to get some more spells ready anyway.”

Mr. Moon
2006-08-18, 03:15 AM
After the failed kidnapping of Entai’s neice, the Sky Dancers have spent the next ten years building their striength up and plotting. Without warning, they send an army of Griffin mounted warriors to attack the Academy. The Academy’s only hope is to send a party on a diplomatic mission. On their journey they will meet several other adventurers, who may or may not join the quest. But one thing is certain, the Academy depends upon their success.

Mr. Moon
2006-08-18, 03:30 AM
Flame Speaker only Spell
Summon Fire (Flame Speaker level 5): Without this spell, Flame Speakers must have a source of flame within 15 ft to use any spells/Class Feats/Class Abilities! However, a Flame Speaker with this spell can summon a 5X5 square of fire that appears anywhere within a 15 ft radius of the caster as if someone had thrown a lit Tinderstick onto a puddle of oil. If someone or something is standing where the flames appear, they take 2d6 fire damage, reflex save for half damage. These flames are immobile on their own, however it is possible to transport the flames, for example by using them to light a torch, etc. If the caster of the spell dies, or either him or the fire moves beyond 15 ft of each other, the flames abruptly extinguish. If the caster attempts to use Speak With Flame on this fire, he gets a +15 bonus to his DC roll, however if any other Flame Speaker attempts to use Speak With Flame on this fire, then he suffers a -15 penalty to his DC roll. This fire lasts for 2d6 rounds or until extinguished, caster’s choice.

Class: Flame Speaker

Flame Speakers have the rare ability to speak with flame. This class is a birthright type: characters must be level one when they take this class. Characters can multi-class after taking this class, but they may not take this class after another. (I.E.: A Flame Speaker may multi-class to a Bard, but a Bard can’t multi-class to a Flame Speaker.)


Many Flame Speakers hold Wee Jas in high esteem, however not everyone worships her, many worship some other Deity.


Most Flame Speakers are Human or Half-Elf, others are more likely to be Gnomes, however there is no way to predict wich race it will emerge in next, so the Academy welcomes any and every race.

Other Classes

Flame Speakers enjoy the company of classes more prone to Chaos, and get along poorly with more Lawful classes, some claiming that such classes are to “stuck up” for their own good.


Flame Speakers can hold their own in a fight, and can also act as a party’s spell caster. Due to their charismatic-ness, they also act as good party Spokes-People.



Charisma is important to Flame Speakers because it helps them to convince fire to do what they want it to. Strength is also important to them because they also act as Melee fighters as well.


Most Flame Speakers are Chaotic Neutral. Flame Speakers must be Neutral on the Good/Evil axis, but there is no set Alignment for the Chaotic/Lawful alignment.

Hit Die


Class Skills

Balance, Bluff, Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Gather Information (Cha), Handle Animal (Cha), Hide (Dex), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Knowledge (Nature) (Int), Knowledge (Local) (Int), Listen (Wis), Move Silently (Dex), Profession (Wis), Ride (Dex), Sense Motive (Wis), Spot (Wis), Swim (Str), Speak Language and Use Rope (Dex) are all Class abilities. Skill Points at First Level: 4 + INT mod.) x 4
Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 4 + INT mod.

Class Features

All of the following are class features of the Flame Speaker.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency

A Flame Speaker is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, as well as light armor.

Speak With Flame

Starting at level One, Flame Speakers can attempt to talk to fire and have it do as he pleases. This is considered a standard action, with a varying DC.
Fire Type DC
Small Campfire 5
Large Campfire 10
Bonfire 15
Small Wildfire 20
Large Wildfire 30
Magic Fire +10

(Note: These stats above are simply very strict guidelines: The DM should take them into very heavy consideration and assign what he feels best. There are several acceptations: A normal fireplace would count as a Large Campfire, a village on fire would be a Large Wildfire, a single house on fire would count as a Small Wildfire, etc. Some times something will be in between the guidelines, in such cases the DM go with the closest one possible.)
Every four levels, Flame Speakers gain a +2 bonus on the DC class, so once they hit level Four, they get the +2 bonus, level Eight the bonus rises to +4, etc. Fire must be present on the same Plane the Flame Speaker is on within 15 ft for him to use this ability.

A Flame Speaker can cast any Sor/Wiz or Cleric Fire Domain spell with the words scorch, burn, pyro, fire or flame in the title, using the their Charisma modifier the same way Sorcerers do. To cast any spell, there must be fire within 15 ft. They also may cast summon flame.

Human Flame Speaker Starting Package

Armor: Studded leather (+3 AC, armor check penalty -1, speed 30 ft, 20 lbs)
Weapons: Quarterstaff (1d6/1d6, crit. x2, 4lbs, One-handed, Bludgeoning), Longsword (1d8, 19-20/x2, 4lbs, Slashing)
Skill Selection:
Skill Ranks Ability AC Penalty
Climb 4 Str -1

Diplomacy 4 Cha -

(Local) 4 Int -

Listen 4 Wis -

Motive 4 Wis -

Spot 4 Wis -

Swim 4 Str -2

Language 4 N/A -

Feat: Shared Tongues
Gear: Backpack with water skin, bedroll, 75 tindertwigs in a leather belt pouch.
Gold: 2d6

Mr. Moon
2006-08-18, 03:39 AM
One With Flame: Anyone who takes this feat is immune to Fire or Heat Damage. (Flame Speaker only)

Shared Tongues: A Flame Speaker who takes this feat can talk with creatures who use fire naturally, with both user and creature understanding. This feat is only usable if fire is within 15 ft of the user. (I.E.: you could use this to converse with a dragon, but only of the fire-breathing variety. You could not, however, use this feat to speak with an Elfin sorcerer who simply enjoys fire-related spells.) (Prerequisite: 4 ranks in Speak Language) (Flame Speaker only)