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The Elvish Church

Five elves dressed in white robes walked down the aisle of the Grand Temple. At the end of the aisle was a throne, upon which was seated a young elf of no more than 200 years, with skin and hair of pure white, and pink eyes. He was dressed in something that was a mix The five priests stopped in front of the throne and bowed.

"Your Adversary has been found on a ship sailing toward the Darkest Land. What are your orders?"

The albino furrowed his eyebrows and paused. "Send our fastest ships after him. Teleport as close as possible and sail on from there. He can't be allowed to reach the Darkest Land."

The five bowed again and left. Who knew what the Adversary wanted in the mists of the Darkest Land?

In the world of Archipelago, elves have an established religion that, while venerating all the gods, focuses on the Leviathan Hortik and his children. The central figure of the church is the White Elf, an albino (well, THE albino) elf that is gifted with psionic powers beyond that of normal elves. His equal and oppisite is the Dark Elf (also: The Adversary), an ebony black-skinned elf that represents all that is evil. It is said that the two will one day battle, and one shall emerge victorious. The elves are doing their best to make sure the White Elf is better equipped to win, for he will be the one who saves the elves from their potential end. However, there's a catch: the two are bound in destiny, and one cannot live without the other until the last battle. Therefore, nobody may kill the Dark Elf save the White Elf, and even then the battle must take place on Ovei'eine (Holy Isle), the predicted site of the last battle. Upon the death of either outside the last battle, the other dies and both are reborn, and their new bodies must be sought out. Since the future of both these elves is impossible for magic or psionics to divine, this is all only speculation and faith.

Purpose- Prepare the White Elf for the battle, and prepare the elvish race for whatever end might be coming.

Alignment- Lawful Neutral (Any non-Evil)
GP Resource limit/economics- The elvish church is expansive, and is supported by a majority of elves. While their funds are not limitless, they can put forth huge amounts of money and resources towards the furthering of their goals. The church can put forth about 100,000 gp per month total (including construction of new temples, etc.). The treasury is spread out greatly, but the massive amount of psionic power among members makes communication a non-issue. 5,000 gp in hard cash can be gathered in two days at almost any church, and the church can easily provide up to 10,000 gp in items. The church can, for matters of utmost importance, provide items up to 100,000 gp.

Membership Requirements- To join the church, one need only be an elf. One can leave the church, but is then forbidden from ever joining again. Every elf noted on the census is a member, but these people are only laymen and women, and can do little more than petition higher ranks for blessings and small favors. To become a minister, one must simple show the favor of Hortik (ability to cast a few simple Cleric or Paladin spells) in themselves. Attaining higher ranks also requires psionic prowess of some kind (ability to manifest at least one power). The higher ranks continue as follows:
Minister- Divine spells
Priest- Divine spells and psionic powers, plus a learning of all sacred scripts (not hard, as there are truly quite few).
Servant of Hortik- True dedication to the church, plus a more expanded repertoire of powers and spells. This rank is the minimum rank in the church needed to attain the PrC of the same name.
Bishop- Ability to attend to vast amounts of people
Archbishop- When one archbishop dies, the remaining one (usually 4) vote to appoint a bishop to become an archbishop. If a tie results, they consult The White Elf. His blessing is needed either way. The bishop may chose to refuse, but this has never happened in recorded history.

Authority Figures-
The White Elf- Psion 5/Cleric 3/Servant of Hortik 5. The White Elf of the era is comparatively inexperienced, and although he has undergone much training, he is not as powerful as his predecessors at their peak
Archbishops Sivanna, Lo'melek, Farin'ai, Betinn, and Telpenne- Psion 3/Cleric 3/Servant of Hortik 10. Though the archbishops are more powerful than the White Elf, their place is under him. They are his advisors, servants, guards, and teachers.

Other Important Figures- None known

Racial Makeup- Elves only

Class make-up of other followers-
Barbarian <1%
Bard 2%
Cleric 30%
Druid <1%
Fighter 3%
Paladin 5%
Ranger <1%
Rogue 3%
Sorcerer 2%
Wizard <1%
Psion 30%
Psychic Warrior 20%
Wilder <1%
Swashbuckler 2%
Warlock <1%
Scout 4%

Origins/history/lore- The church has been around for as long as anyone can remember. According to the sacred texts, the White Elf and Dark Elf were the first two elves, the Dark arising from the shadow of the White. When Hortik created more elves, they all bowed down to the original, and thus the church formed.

Adventure hook- A cult has formed that is attempting to assist the Dark Elf in gaining a powerful artifact that could disrupt the White Elf's advantage in the battle. Destroy them, and make sure the artifact (if it exists) is never found again (or maybe just hand it over to the church).
Alternative: Help the cultists-elves are annoying

[Servant of Hortik PrC coming soon to an interweb near you!]

This organization is only meant for Archipelago (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=homebrew;action=display;num=11540536 31), and will be very hard to use elsewhere. Apologies.

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I think you've got your inequalities backwards. (> supposed to = <)

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If you want to have any chance in this contest, you'd better strengthen (or make up) a connection between your organization and fire/heat.

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The Rules


2) Your organization must have some sort of relationship to heat or the summer. It can be in the name, the background, they could be connected to fire or a being of fire in some manner, they could oppose fire beings, anything. Get creative! (Note: Avoid references to the Silver Flame, or copying material created for that faith for the Eberron Campaign Setting. I'm very familiar with Eberron, and I will catch it, so don't try.)

That's why.

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