View Full Version : Readying...Pounces best friend? [3.5]

2008-11-25, 01:39 PM
Here's hopefully a simple question. With the ready action you can ready a standard action with a condition set forth. Next, you can charge as a standard action but only if you are only able to use a standard action. After that, pounce allows you to have a full attack on a charge. Finally, in this case, with spring attack you can move before and after the attack. With this combo could you basically charge almost every round as long as the enemy didn't close distance with you?

2008-11-25, 01:43 PM
The more beautiful means is using Boots of Battle Charger from Magic Item Compendium to ready the attack at any point. Also, unfortunately Spring Attack is a separate action and thus can't be combined with charge. You could get Overrun and pull the Triceratops Shuffle though.

2008-11-25, 01:45 PM
What purpose does Readying solve? Why not just charge, spring attack and have done?

2008-11-25, 02:08 PM
What purpose does Readying solve? Why not just charge, spring attack and have done?

Charge (a full-round action) is incompatible with spring attack (normal attack action is a standard attack). The OP wants to know if you ready a charge as a standard action, can you then use spring attack to move before and after the charge?


You can only charge as a standard action when in a surprise round, staggered, or slowed. If you have the capability of taking a full-round action, then you must charge as a full-round action. If you ready an action while still capable of taking full-round actions, the rules for charging prevent you from charging as a standard action.

Spring attack also doesn't allow this to happen, either. Readying isn't "using an attack action with a melee weapon" (nor is charging for that matter), so you can't combine it with spring attack.

Yet another example at what a useless feat Spring Attack is. If you really want to charge and then move away, use the Travel Devotion feat.

2008-11-25, 04:45 PM
Thanks for the quick responses. Got the answer I was wanting.