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The Firestarters

Sivik looked at the child in front of him. He was about 5 ft tall, with pale features and short brown hair. His build was slight and weedy, not very strong. No wonder the other boys had picked on him. And then it had happened….
“Tenar .” He ventured. The boy looked up, scared.
“I didn’t mean to.” He whimpered.
“Do what? What happened?” Sivik asked, tentatively.
“The other boys, they were picking on me. Calling me names, like ‘Runt’ and ‘Nerd’.” The boy murmured. He hesitated.
“Go on.” Sivik prompted.
“Well, then they started hitting me. They hit me with their fists and sticks,” the boy hesitated again. “And I felt really angry. Really angry.”
“Then what?” Sivik was getting nervous. He remembered the school room where they had found Tenar, huddling in the Foetal position, covered in burns. The room had been burnt to a crisp. All the furniture had been incinerated; the glass in the windows had melted into a pool on the floor. The bodies of the other boys had been burnt to a crisp, only their charred skeletons left, and in some cases, not even that.
“Then they got something from the fireplace, I think it was a hot poker.” The boy was almost in tears now. “They were going to burn me!”
The boy started sobbing.
“Then I got really angry, and scared. Then the whole room burst into flames. And they all started screaming. So many screams…….” The boy started rocking back and forth.
“But, how?” Sivik stuttered. Before he could say anything else, he was cut off by the door slamming open. In it stood a tall man of about 40. His long ginger hair flowed over his shoulders. He wore a long red robe, with flame motifs along the trimming.
“He has the Gift.” The stranger said in a voice that sounded remotely like burning.
“What?” The boy whimpered softly.
“The Gift of Firestarting. I am called Pol. Come, Young One, I have much to teach you.”
General Background
The Firestarters are a group of Pyrokinetics. Born with the uncontrolled ability to burn things with mere thoughts, they are outcasts from society, shunned by those who learn of their abilities.
No-one knows what designates a person as a Firestarter, but they tend to be red-headed, solitary people, generally physically weak. The Gift generally manifests during times of great fear or anger.
The group is very loose-knit, with no real hierarchy. Members generally wander the world, hoping to find other Gifted, and hopefully help them to learn to control their abilities, before they do any harm to others.

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