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2008-11-27, 10:04 AM
Some of these don't make sense out of context. Actually, even in context, they don't make sense.

I'll start with some gold from today's session. The regular Wizard player couldn't come, so someone had to sub for him. This guy has some strange issues, but he can play the Wizard well, so we got him.

<Wizard> They're like the united colors of the rainbow!
<Wizard> I'm not just any elf! I'm a MOON ELF!
<Wizard, to female Rogue> Yours is a shortbow, right? My bow is longer than yours. <--- :smallsigh:

The Wizard scored some kills with his bow, which he doesn't usually use. He celebrates a little when the encounter ends. By doing moves from Hip-hop Abs. (Don't ask why. I can't understand myself. :smallsigh: ) The Rogue watches his ridiculous posturing. Even weirder, the Rogue is supposed to have a crush on the Wizard.

<Rogue, regarding Wizard> Those aren't abs! Those are ribs!

Not anymore, apparently.

Allied soldier commander reprimands party for wrecking trebuchets they were supposed to capture. Wizard begins to whine pathetically.
<Rogue, again about Wizard> Forgive him. He lacks tact. And abs.

2008-11-27, 11:04 AM
One of our characters is a Dragon Disiple, so with time he looks more like a dragon. My character is usually away from the party and only meets them every few months, so between two of our meetings I've been waiting for months to tell him "Thai... every time I see you, you look less... Human", which should have put him off guard, since he takes his transformation as so obvious, and he's a big celebrity, so nobody else dares to say it. Problem is, by the time I got to say it, my character was transformed from a young lady to an old wrinkled man :eek:

2008-11-27, 02:34 PM
Our Swashbuckler Aasimar: I have only pretended to be a God once

our Dm once told us that there was a rock in the center of the river, but the conversation went like this.

DM: You see a Rock in the river.
Us: A Roc? What size is the Roc?
DM: i dunno, Colossal sized?
Us: We run from the Roc
Dm:..... oh

(total gazebo moment)

2008-11-27, 06:08 PM
Some of the classics in our group:

(in response to being told to be careful in a room of explosives) Of course I'll be careful, if in elvin that means "trigger happy."

I really find that murdering sentient things builds our team bonds.

Wait a second! I havn't reformed reality to my whims in the last 10 minutes. If you'll excuse me I have to go polymorph that helpless villager into a toad.

(about our bard(me) after he tries to negotiate with some angry town guardsmen) Ignore him, he's a bit touched in the head after all the looting of your town we did...I mean after he got hit in the head...crap.

So we're getting ambushed by hobgoblin archers, hellhounds, and a sorcerer and the bard stands behind us and plays a fiddle? He better not be checking out my arse again.

Good times with unresolved sexual tension.