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2006-05-18, 09:52 PM
Now the very beggining might sound very reminiscient to Forgotten Realms simply because this is what I used to explain psionics in forgotten realms. It still is a very vague connection, and does not count as plagairism(in my opinion.)
Now, in the beggining,, like most realms, there was ver powerful magic. It's power was enormous, and wizards, as common as trees it seemed, were powerful and struck fear. After an incident that nearly destroyed the dimension that this particular planet, Larmania, dwelled in, the God that resided over magic, Fesdas, decide to severly shorten the amount of magic available so easily. But, as Fesdas was only responsible for the magic, and not its creator(for noone knew it's true source, it was like the lifeforce of all dimensions, the energy of worlds, the mako in FF7) He created a powerful spell that directed most of the flow from Larmania to a small undetectable dimension that was uninhabitited and inaccesable to all beings. Fesdas then hid this dimension away , andsimply told all the other Gods he had solved the problem. This, however was when the worlds were young, and he had been too anxious to close the world, that Fesdas never looked far into researching it. It was, in fact, too small a realm to hold the energy, and after many millinea, it started seeping out through little rips created in peoples minds, enabling them to use this power, and, through training, open the rip further. Because the force is filtered through a magical lock, an opposite dimension, into people's heads, the now psionic power is completely unlike magic, and thus is nothing like it except that it looks cool.

2006-05-18, 10:04 PM
For a feat, for a feat.....

Pump and Jump

Prereq: 5 in jump

Description:A player can put psionic points into a jump so as to jump incredible distances

Can be performed twice a day, and can be stacked
For every Psi point that a player puts into the pump and jump, thier jump skill is raised by one for a single jump. The max is four above current level, risng by two, each consecutive level.

2006-05-19, 02:29 PM
Name: Psico battery
GP: ???
Description: This item is in the shape of a coin, and, once activated, will start attempting to suck in any psionic power, till the equivalent of 40 points of psionic power is sucked up. when any power is set off within twenty feet of of the battery, the psion must make a will save of 15 for the power not be sucked up into it. Bu,t if there is for example, a type of psionic power that attacks someone, and they only just pass the will save, the attack will go right between the target and the battery. If any scrying spell is searching for a target, and passes a battery activated, but then fails the will save, the scrying spell will remain affixed upon the battery. Once Thebattery is full, it will wait four rounds, then release a blinding light, causing a blindness effect that lasts 9 rounds to all who fail the will save of 25.

2006-05-25, 05:19 PM
THe half human

Everytime a human and an elf make sweet love, only certain parts of DNA are used every time. Ex. human is abcd and the elf is 1234. The DNA,every time is 1b3d, and so on. But, through psionic and alchemal research for countless years, the half human is created. They resemble the likeness of an elf or human, not a mix of both. But, through the changings of mannerisms, possibly slouching, and manipulating the ears, they can look like either on that they please. Because they were created to be psionic warriors, they start out with 10 psionic points with a spell randomly picked. They don't sleep, have a base dexterity of +2, dark vision of 60 ft. and an extra four skill points at first level, with an extra each level. They are commonly found as warriors in organizations, not knowing of an outside life. I would say the level is +2. IS that too high?