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2008-11-27, 11:51 PM
So I'm thinking about making a Dragon Shaman for a PnP game my brother is starting up. He's already stated that he intends the game to get through epic. Does anyone know where I can find the epic progression for Dragon Shaman?

2008-11-28, 01:57 AM
I don't know where you can find one listed, no, but extrapolating an epic progression from the repeating class features is easy enough....

At 22nd level and every two levels after that (24, 26, 28, 30, etc.) your breath weapon damage increases by +1d6.
At 22nd level and every five levels after that (27, etc.) your natural armor increases by +1.
At 24th level and every eight levels after that (32, etc.) you get another Skill Focus.
At 25th level and every five levels after that (30, etc.) your draconic auras increase by +1.

The only thing missing is an epic bonus feat progression. Just glancing over the existing progressions for ones that look similar, I'd say the rogue's is closest, so....
At 24th level and every four levels after that (28, etc.) you get an epic bonus feat (chosen from the list of dragon shaman bonus feats).Unfortunately I'm not familiar enough with the class to compose a list of suitable epic feats for that list.

2008-11-28, 02:25 AM
Don't forget the breath weapon size, it starts at level 4 and increases at 12 and 20, so at 28 and every eight levels after it should continue to increase. It doubles in size at each increment, so the logical progression would be either to continue doing that or gain +30 ft. cone or +60 ft. line at each epic-level increment.

I'd give it epic feats every 3 levels instead of every 4, because it's not a very strong choice for an epic character.

2008-11-28, 04:29 PM
I appreciate the responses guys. If nothing official pops up before we get into epic, I'll submit something like this to the DM.

Course, now the DM is hemming and hawing because the lay on hands ability is "too powerful". Which I guess I agree with, but it doesnt have a whole lot else going on. No spells like a paladin, lesser BAB progression, less HP, simple weapon prof, only light & med armor prof, etc.

2008-11-28, 10:53 PM
Dragon Shaman is an extremely weak healer. A Ranger with a Wand of Cure Light Wounds makes a better healer than a Dragon Shaman. Healing isn't something to be done during combat unless it's absolutely necessary, and the Dragon Shaman's ability really only serves to allow the other spellcasters in the party to not worry about keeping status-removing spells prepared. Dragon Shaman isn't capable of filling the role of primary healer in a party without UMD and a Wand of Lesser Vigor, but any class could do that. Dragon Shaman is actually closer to Bard than any other class, since you're sort of good at a lot of things and make the party better, but you can't outdo any other class at whatever they're meant to be good at. Plus a Paladin could just take that BoED feat to get just as much Lay on Hands ability as a Dragon Shaman gets anyway, so it doesn't even matter. They made that feat because they thought Paladins don't get enough Lay on Hands, which is why Dragon Shamans get as much as they do.

The Glyphstone
2008-11-28, 11:12 PM
...you're playing Epic? And your DM thinks Lay on Hands/Touch of Vitality is TOO POWERFUL?


2009-08-04, 09:15 PM
Another thing to consider is that a dragon shaman also uses his lay on hands ability to heal other things, such as diseases. A paladin has the same ability, but uses a separate mechanic (spells or abilities like remove disease). The double level is more likely due to account for the fact that Dragon shamans combine the seperate abilities into one ability.