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2008-11-28, 10:21 PM
Lost to the Stars - Storys of corruption


This D20 Campaign is set in a grim dark Futuristic-Modern setting.

Looking for 4-8 players

After the WWII, instead of leading of our timeline. This is an alternate future. Humanity advanced quickly in the ways of space travel and technology, leading to space travel and the discovery of other planets that could be inhabited. Although that was the beginning, soon mankind developed ways to survive on all of the planets in our solar system.
The current year is 2125; Earth is no longer what it used to be. It is now a haven for the drug lords, Mafia, etc. A place where bums, murderers etc roam the streets, convicts who have broken the law in other worlds are sent there as punishment. But not every one there is chaotic, the Mob has strong ties there and for the right amount of money you can be smuggled back into mars or other planets. The mafia is the un-questionable law there.
Honor is highly promoted in the mafia but is often broken due to corruption.

The players will be part of the mafia, starting firstly as doing basic jobs, This game will be rather open to what player will do with it, but the orders will be given by the god father and they must be followed out. Although, when your character is created. An idea of what they do and where they intend to progress will be a big help.
This game will be a mix of action, role playing and strategy.

This game will be done with 2 DM’s so there shouldn’t be a day without a post, we are good DMs but have never DMed a D20 modern or Pbp, so bear with us on the rules every now and then

The Players
Each player in this campaign will start at level 3*, the better a person’s background and history may dictate better starting gear. Eg. Family heirlooms etc. As long as you can explain why u have the item. It MAY be given to you. Role-playing is essential in this campaign. The better you role-play. The more experience you will gain. Creativeness is appreciated from thoughtful players.
Each player will be part of the mob for one reason or another. This must be included in your background/history. Eg. Family Member. Deadbeat owing money etc. The choice is up to you.
Each player’s starting alignment will be up to them, they will develop themselves futher in the game and there alignment may change. Eg. you might begin thinking that killing in cold blood is just wrong but further in they may start to think less of killing and perhaps start to enjoy it, So generally we are looking for mixed emotions in characters.
Each PC MUST have a flaw. This flaw can be psychological, physical or of there nature. Eg. Drunk, Deformed, Depressed, Addict etc. But must be role-played. So do not overdo it.

Each player may chose to multiclass but no more then twice; a multi classed player will not gain any less exp then others. Any one can gain more exp then others though good role playing.

Give basics
Background: included reason for joining mafia

There are new feats available that wouldn’t be in a normal d20 games, such as Space flight Operation which will based off fly instead of drive

We encourage new and old players alike who would enjoy a bit of a change,

If there are any questions please post them or PM me or Depikt and we will answer them as soon as we can