View Full Version : Star Wars Saga Edition online game

2008-11-29, 03:57 AM

As a side project to Terres, I am developing an online gaming chat for Star Wars using the Saga Edition rules.

The project is in its infancy, and can be viewed here: Star Wars Chat (http://www.rpgport.net/starwars/phpbb/index.php). Your interest and feedback are very welcome!

This will be a 24/7 persistent chat environment, using the Digi-Chat chat software platform, in which players can interact and play out an ongoing campaign.

I am looking for players, of course, as well as interested potential Game Masters to help bring this project to life.

Thus far I have set up the forums to discuss and shape the chat to come. The rest is lined up once the basics have been established.

Looking for players (of course) but also people who might be interested in acting as Game Masters. While we're just getting off the ground, now is a great time to poke around the forums and have your opinions heard!