View Full Version : [4e] Reach Weapons for a Warlord (Resourceful)

2008-11-30, 10:39 PM
In your opinions... what is Reach worth for a Warlord?

I am completely undecided between two characters, an Eladrin (Soldier), or a Genasi. Either would be Resourceful, and the Genasi is better numerically (both are equally awesome in fluff, so that is irrelevant)... Except I don't know how well to rate Reach.

So what are your opinions?

2008-11-30, 11:43 PM
Well, Eladrin Soldiers do love the Longspear. :smalltongue:

Seriously, getting a +2 to damage never hurt. For everyone else, it's probably a good idea to check which Weapon Feats you'd like. Polearm Gambit is nice, but don't count out HBO on Glaives either.

2008-12-01, 12:01 AM
Reach is actually quite helpful for Warlords, as it means you can flank one target while striking other targets to give your allies bonuses against them. It also means you're more able to shield the backline while blocking the frontline.

There's also a rather amusing build that I was looking at a while ago that involved a Warlord/Fighter multiclass wielding a polearm that could push an opponent and knock them prone, every single round, while also letting their allies shift or attack, through the use of the Polearm Momentum feat, the Opening Shove at-will power, and some means to increase the distance you push by 1 square, like Gauntlets of the Ram. There's a lot of neat force-moving and such feats for polearms, so if you want to do some battlefield control on the side that may be the way to go.

In case you're curious, the build I eventually came up with involved a dwarf fighter/swordmage-polearm master-immortal defender wielding a polearm, wasn't fully effective at what it did until level 24, managed to push +5, knocked prone whenever he pushed or slid a target more than 2, pushed anyone who provoked an opportunity attack 5 and knocked them prone, wielded a Large weapon (for extra reach) which turned into a Huge one once per day (for MORE extra reach), and threatened every square within his reach. Yeah, in theory, no one could get by that one :smallsmile: