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2005-02-03, 11:27 PM
Towards the waning days of Al-Kithrim's adventuring career, he became less and less interested in the rigors of the road. His attention turned towards small comforts, and he began collecting spells that would make his travels more pleasant. When his companions complained that his desire for easy living was starting to intrude upon his usefulness as a powerful wizard, he wove comfort into the very fabric of his possessions, so that no matter where he went, he never lacked for the simple luxuries of home.

Comfortable Coat: This suit of +4 padded armor is spun from the finest silk, and stuffed with down shed from half a dozen celestial eaglets. It allows the wearer to Endure Elements as per the spell when worn. In addition, it allows the wearer to cast Resist Energy on himself only, once per day.
Strong Abjuration, CL 12th, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Endure Elements, Resist Energy, Price: 21155 gp, Cost: 10578 gp, 846 XP

Comfortable Shoes: these sturdy leather shoes allow the wearer to walk all day without feeling any fatigue. The wearer must still rest 8 hours per day to regain spells and hit points, but does not incur any other penalties for fatigue. In addition, he is immune to the fatigue effect of any spell, and is merely fatigued by any spell that would create exhaustion.
Moderate Abjuration, CL 8th, Craft Wondrous Object, Spell Immunity, Price: 32000 gp, Cost: 16000 gp, 1280 XP

Servant's Staff: This staff is curved at the top like a walking cane, and a small silver bell hangs from the curved end. Ringing the bell allows use of the following spells:
Unseen Servant (1 charge)
Charm Person (1 charge)
Mending (1 charge)
Prestidigitation (1 charge)
Geas, Lesser (2 charges)
Strong Enchantment, CL 12th, Craft Staff, Unseen Servant, Charm Person, Mending, Prestidigitation Geas, Lesser, Price: 21375 gp, Cost: 10688 gp, 855 XP

Enchanted Picnic Basket: This wicker basket appears to be always full of sweet and savory treats. Three times per day, it will produce a picnic lunch for eight, including wine and dessert. Anyone who eats from the basket all three times that day will be affected as though they were wearing a ring of sustenance, as long as they continue to eat from the basket. Skipping more than one meal will undo the effect, and the picnicker must eat three meals in a row from the basket to regain it
Faint Conjuration, CL 3rd, Create Wondrous Object, Create Food and Water, Price: 10800 gp, Cost: 5400 gp, 432 XP

Home away from Home: this rectangular piece of silk will hang in mid air when unfurled, resembling nothing more than a flap to an invisible tent. The owner and anyone the owner invites may walk through this flap into a tent-like interdimensional space, as if he had cast Magnificent Mansion. Once inside, he and his guests may stay for 24 hours, after which the tent disappears, and all inside appear where they had entered. Three times per day, the owner may change the location of the tent flap, allowing it to function as if he had cast Greater Teleport.
Strong Conjuration, CL 14th, Create Wondrous Object, Mage's Magnificent Mansion, Teleport Greater, Price: 147000 gp, Cost: 73500 gp, 5880 XP

Lover's Lockets: These matching silver heart shaped lockets are designed to hold a lock of hair from a loved one. Once per day, if both wearers concentrate at the same time, they may each conjure a perfect image of each other, that can be seen, heard, smelled, and touched. Each illusion is an exact reflection of the other at the moment the lockets are used, and mimics the other's actions perfectly. The overall effect is such that each person can see and interact with the other as though they were in the same room, regardless of actual distance. The image is dispelled if it is attacked . The lockets do not provide any information on the other's location or surroundings, but the lovers may communicate that information if they so desire. Any item worn or carried by the other is reflected in the image, and vanishes when it is removed or dropped. This effect lasts for one hour, or until either party loses concentration. Any event that would require a spellcaster to make a concentration check would break the spell. Those with the Concentration skill may make a check to remain in contact.
Moderate Illusion, CL 8th, Create Wondrous Object, Shadow Conjuration, Scrying, Price: 20160 gp, Cost: 10080 gp, 806 XP

Amulet of Cleanliness: This ornately carved soapstone amulet hangs from a thick hemp cord, and keeps the wearer clean all day long. Non magical dirt and odors cannot attach themselves to the wearer, and he receives a +4 disinfectant bonus to save against any spell with an effect of odor, disease or "grime", including stinking cloud, ghoul touch, grease, web, contagion, and unholy blight.
Moderate Abjuration, CL 8th, Create Wondrous Object, Remove Curse, Price: 32000 gp, Cost: 6400 gp, 1280 XP

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Nice items.

Any chance of the magical aura CL etc for them please? ;)

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I have added all the costs and such into the body of the first post...

2006-03-31, 11:57 AM
Clarification: Home Away from Home can only be used once? Or can only be used for a total of 24 hours? Or can only be used for 24 hrs at a time?

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The Vorpal Tribble
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This was a very old thread until you posted here. Some people don't like that.

Vorpal, it's not really threadnomancy...this is linked from the ....From the Playground index thread in Gaming. Not his fault.
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Since the thread has been raised...

The item cost for Home away from Home is based on once per day, for 24 hours, as per Mage's Magnificent Mansion. Technically, the spell has a minimum duration of 28 hours, but I fudged it for effect...